Monday, January 07, 2008

Some of the many reasons why I love Daryl...

1. One month into dating Daryl, I had to do the prep, on Super Bowl Sunday no less, for a colonoscopy. Daryl offered to stay and take care of me. "Don't worry about it. Go to a Super Bowl party and have fun!" I told him the day before. But he insisted he wanted to stay with me. Those of you who have had to prep for one of these babies know how incredibly painful, embarrassing and horrible they are! I immediately thought, "Oh my god, my boyfriend of a MONTH is going to hear me crap my ever-lovin' brains out! Not sexy!" The day came and Daryl made me my special breakfast (I could only eat plain toast, no butter, and poached eggs) and then he took me to the store to load up on broth, jello, ginger ale and water since I could eat nothing but liquids all day. Fun. At five p.m., I began to drink the yuckiest stuff (mixed with ginger ale) that I've ever had before. And immediately started gagging. Then from that moment until seven a.m. the next morning when I left for the hospital, I spent running in and out of the bathroom, ridding every drop that resided in my bowels. At first I ran the water in the bathroom faucet so he wouldn't hear anything but after the first few trips I was in so much pain, I said "Screw it!" and then he heard it all. Me sitting on the toilet seat, moaning and crying, or running like crazy from the couch where we were laying. And through-out the whole night through out the game, he had me lay my head in his lap and he stroked my hair while I laid in stomach pain. As crazy as it sounds, I DEFINITELY knew at that point he was a keeper.

2. I think I might have mentioned this other lovely story before. Again it involves crap. TWO months into dating, I called Daryl to tell him that the basin my washing machine sat in was completely filled with murky, yellow-ish water. I had had about an inch or two of water in my basement for days and just assumed it was from the torrential downpours we'd been having (I have a wet basement AND a sump pump). Anyway, even though he was on call all night for his HVAC job in East Hampton (and it was the middle of winter AND I live a good 30 minutes away in Meriden) and knowing he could possibly get a call and that it would DOUBLE his drive time, he told me he'd be right over with another pump. Time: approximately 10:00 p.m. So Daryl sucked all the water out of the basement and ran it into the main sump pump and since he was there, figured he'd check out a problem I was having with water temp. in the shower.

"Go turn the shower on." He said and I obliged. About a minute later, I heard,
"Shut it off! Shut it off!" I went running down into the basement to see Daryl standing with both his bare hands over a gushing pipe, while sewage water spewed into my basement and at his feet. AND he was dry heaving, repeatedly. Torn between giggling and tears, I cried, "Take your hands off it!" He desperately shook his head and said, "Get me something! Anything!" I grabbed a dirty towel and slapped it over thetop and Daryl told me to back away so the disgusting city sewer water wouldn't get on me. Then I ran upstairs to pull out a phone book to try to find a plumber at 11pm on a Friday night. With twenty dollars to my name until payday a week from then.

"Oh my God, Michele," I started to cry to Michele who was my roomie at the time. "My new boyfriend is in the basement with his hands over a shit pipe!"

"Well, just think, he must really like you then!" Michele insisted and it made me laugh. Then I started to cry again and Daryl came up at that moment. "Why are you crying? We'll get it fixed, don't worry!" He insisted. I explained how I had twenty bucks in my checking account and without hesitation Daryl said, "I'll lend you the money." So not only did he put his hands over a shit pipe for me, he paid the $200 bill, AND he helped the plumber out so that I woudn't have to stay down in the stinky basement. Is that love, or what?

3. I know he will make a fantastic father. He's a fun, love-able teddy bear and he has already told me he wants to give his children the best childhood they can have, the childhood he never had. Knowing his tumultuous past and the hell he has been through growing up, it brought tears to my eyes to hear this big, gruff man say how he never wants his children to experience what he went through. He wants them to feel loved.

4. He calls MY mom, "Mom". It makes me smile every time. And I know my mother loves it.

5. We have been honest and forthright with each other from the beginning of our relationship and it always helps to keep the lines of communication open--and I appreciate that from him more than mere words can describe.

6. I love how Daryl teases me--like we're a bunch of big kids--and we constantly have tickle fights.

7. He has the best smile I've ever seen. It lights up the room. And his laugh? I can't help but laugh back, no matter if I'm cranky or having a bad day. It's just so contagious.

8. Daryl makes me feel loved and wanted, all the time. I've never had any doubts or insecurities while with him.

9. He is a fabulous cook! We would starve (or live on take-out) if it wasn't for Daryl's yummy cooking skills. Sometimes I think he should have stuck with his passion, and gone to cooking school.

10. Daryl loves me without makeup. He actually begs me to go without it more often, but I refuse. I don't want to scare people. If I twist my hair up into a ponytail, throw on a big bulky sweatshirt and skip the makeup...he loves it!

11. He is a senstive man. He would never admit this to other people, but he has been known to cry during sad movies. Quietly, of course.

12. He buys me flowers. I know some girls are not into getting flowers from their man...but I'm not one of them. If I got flowers every single day of the week, I'd never complain. Now, it's been quite a while since Daryl has sent me flowers (or brought some home to me) but we are flat-broke and I understand. But someday soon...

There are many more but I really need to get back to work right now...I'll add to the list another day....


Melissa said...

More? Sheesh, isn't that enough? Sounds like a keeper. I'm lucky Joe is the same way, but don't tell him I told you so, I have him trained pretty well ;)

Chele76 said...

awwww :)

Poltzie said...

I've always said that you know it's serious when he farts in front of you but when he farts and then holds your head under the covers you know he loves you. You actually shit on him - you'll be together forever!

Cecily R said...

What a great list!! He sounds like a wonderful, wonderful guy. You two make a great couple!!

P.S. I hope he reads this post!

Zoe said...

awwww. you are lucky!

Heather said...

how very sweet! jason was like that once...then we were married and now almost 8 years later well i do not see that as much but that is ok b/c i have changed too ;)