Thursday, January 24, 2008

This morning I played "Mommy".

My friend, Crystal, just had her baby by C-section this week...Tuesday at 12:56pm! A beautiful baby girl, named Gabriella Catherine, who weighed 6.11 lbs and is 18 1/2 inches long.

Knowing ahead of time when she was going to have the baby, Crystal asked me last week if I would PLEASE, PLEASE do her a huge favor. She has two other kids at home: her eight year old daughter, Madison and her nine year old step-son Jacob. Her hubby has to leave for work at 6:30am every morning and Crystal's mom was already taking care of the kids the other days while Crystal is in the hospital (she comes home Saturday) but absolutely could NOT do today. SO she asked me if I would. Being the good friend I am, I agreed. :-)

I had to get up early (5:00am UGH!) so that I'd have enough time to get ready myself since I have to be in work for 9:15am. I stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a coffee and a bagel and showed up on their doorstep around 6:10am. Crys's hubby left at 6:30am and I had about fifteen blissful minutes of peaceful reading before I had to start getting the kids up.

It was hilarious cuz Crystal left me a list and one of the top things it said was that Madison had to be woken up at 6:45am (even though Jacob not till 7am) because she takes SO LONG to get up and start getting ready. She dilly-dallies! Big time! I had to feed them, have them make beds, get dressed and ready (had to do Madison's ponytail for her) and have them read for 20 minutes. They were actually VERY good and only had to be steered back on course once or twice. I know the disruption in their schedules is probably a pain in the hiney...but all in all it went well.

Now I'm ready for a nap! That coffee did NOTHING to wake me up! I feel like the day should be at least half over...and it's only ten of ten in the morning. lol


krissy said...

What a sweet baby girl. My first Cabbage Patch Kid was named Gabby and I love the name.

What a nice friend you are. The kids seem like they are extremely well behaved so at least you had that going for you!

Add a shot of liquer with your coffee....see if that works!:-)

Melissa said...

Blech! I'm tired just reading this!! You are a great friend!!

~**Dawn**~ said...

That is a beautiful name. But I think it might be bigger than she is. =) She is itty bitty.

Cecily R said...

YOU are an awesome friend!! Now, can you come get my kids to school? I didn't just have a baby but I could think of a reason or two for you to come...:)

Keri said...

Welcome to our world. lol.
What an awesome friend. Can you come over to entertain Ava and Gav so i could sleep till 7??

Smitty76 said...

Okay so I'm thinking I might hire myself out...gotta figure out what a good going rate is to go to houses so Mom's can sleep in in the morning while I take care of their kids...this MIGHT be a little tricky for you out-of-staters, but I'm sure i can work it into the price. ;-)