Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Thoughts, opinions????

(CARSA, IF YOU ARE READING THIS please AVERT YOUR EYES...MOVE IT ALONG, MOVE IT ALONG and don't read this post as it pertains to bridesmaid gifts! LOL)...

....anyway, I'm thinking about the bridal party gifts. The sands of the wedding-hourglass just seems to be SPEEDILY falling. This stresses me out. So far, I got each girl a pair of chocolate brown flip flops from Old Navy (to match the dresses) so that way if their feet hurt at the reception they can slip these babies on.

I got myself a COOL gold-ish colored pair that I'm very excited about. (they'll be perfect at the reception when MY feet get tired of heels...as well as on the beaches of Florida, that's for sure!). Did I ever mention that I'm a flip flop-whore? I can never have ENOUGH pairs, in ENOUGH colors. I have lost count of how many I have. Although I do have to retire some this year...they're getting VERY worn. But with how cheap they are at Old Navy, I can re-stock. And since I pretty much LIVE in them all summer, it's money well-spent.

But I digress....

...My other thought was to maybe get the girls a pair of earrings to wear on the wedding day (BUT making sure that they are earrings that they can also wear after the wedding as well). My friend Sarah got her girls (I was one of them) really pretty red danglers to wear in her wedding and I love, love, love them...I wear them often and get many compliments on them. They are made by a company called 1928 Jewelry. I love their style...kind of funky, vintage-y...TOTALLY me! I checked with all the girls (trying to be sneaky of course so they didn't know WHY I was asking) to be sure they all had pierced ears, cuz I know my MOH, April, does not. She will occasionally wear clip-ons. So now I want some opinions...I don't want anything too flashy/glitzy cuz I want them to be able to wear these earrings AGAIN someday.

For my MOH, I'm thinking these...the color will match PERFECTLY the shade of blue that I want the flowers to be (doing blue, chocolate brown and cream colored flowers. Keri and Michele so graciously offered to help me make them and I'm very excited and thankful!!) not only are they clip-ons, but I don't mind getting her pair slightly different, cuz her dress is the same as the bridesmaids, and there is really no other way she stands out as the MOH.

For the rest of the girls, I'm still trying to figure out which I like the best. One of my choices are these little beauties to the left, cuz I think they would tie in both the brown AND the blue color scheme I'm going for.

However, I also like these dangling earrings below...they are all blue and a slightly different shade than the MOH's but oh-so-pretty in my opinion! I am so not sure. Oh! And here's another (below to the right) pair that has both the blue and the brown in them....I'm so confused! LOL

Any opinions are appreciated. And does this sound okay? Earrings and the sandals? I'm not really able to afford much more--I really wish I could. And now I have no idea what we should dor for the groomsmen. I keep asking D what he thinks and he is offering NOTHING, LOL. What's a good gift for a groomsman?????


Anonymous said...

I think those are good ideas (as long as you don't get upset if they don't wear the earring on the actual day!). Personally, I like the ones that look like flowers, I think the first pair. They look more like they could be everybody's style, and go with more things.

Groomsmen gifts. . .my husband got his nothing (although he only had one, his sister!) For the multitude he was a groomsman for, he got a putter, a DVD player, a Nike watch with heart rate monitor, a money clip, a silver plated business card holder and one I can't remember (that wedding maybe he got nothing, because they paid for the bridal party's accommodations at the fancy castle they got married at). Did I mention all his friends are rich? So that was probably no help at all. ITunes gift cards if they all have Ipods?

Melissa said...

Earrings are a good idea, that's what my sil did. I don't wear them but that's because I very rarely wear any earring.

My ex bil (a whole other story) gave the groomsmen beer mugs with their initials sandblasted on them. Cheap but nice looking.

Melissa said...

Oh and btw, OhMommy wants your email address she's having a hard time getting to your blog.

krissy said...

I love the clip on's and I must add....blue and dark chocolate are my favorite, I repeat favorite, colors together. I painted my bathroom these colors1

Okay, I think the flip flops are a wise decisiona and I adored the second pair of earrings for them! They will love them.

Flasks at "Things Remembered" for the groomsmen. You can even get them with NFL football teams, which is way cool!!! Check it out!!!

OHmommy said...

Dear Smitty76,

I have tried, and tried, and tried to read your blog for the last couple of days. Somehow, everything shows up except for the posts. So, I can;t even comment. I just left a comment on Hope for Hopless site regarding this. I CAN:T COMMENT BACK TO YOU and it is driving me crazy.

I am at the library with my kids and can finally catch up.

How is THAT for a dedicated reader?

Earings are a PERFECT choice for a gift and the sandals are a nice touch. Very classy, girlfriend!

Keri said...

I love the sandals idea ! and the earings are beautiful. I like the smaller of the pair, i look better in shorter earings and maybe so do some of your girls.
I made little fancy purses for my gals, and each got a necklace and earring set from those little crammed tight faux jewerly places in the mall... they all loved em and wore them to my wedding. and the purses they used to put all their neccessities for the day.
I once made large tote bags for a client for her wedding... you could find a canvas tote and iron on their initials for a beach tote instead of earrings... might cost about $10 and mean more cause you did the effort... tie a pretty hair ribbon on the handle in your color scheme and you got a great gift.
M & I did gift cards to his mens fav. stores. M has two glass mugs , a flask , and a german stein with his initials on it from the weddings he's been in. they are all on the shelf collecting dust monsters.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I really like the smaller pair of earrings too. They look like they can dress up or dress down a little for later use. As for the guys, I think Keri's suggestion of a gift card is great. I don't think guys care that much about details anyway, so they aren't likely to care that it's "just" a gift card. Heck, I would be happy with a gift card! LOL