Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hi Everyone! I hope you're having a fan-tab-u-lous weekend so far. Big D and I have been so darn productive this weekend, I'm very proud of us both!

Saturday morning we got up pretty early and went out to breakfast, something we had not done in so long. Then afterwards it was on to the travel agent with whom we were booking our Florida honeymoon through. We decided to do 3 nights in Disney staying in a Disney hotel, followed up with the remaining 3 nights at my friend, John's, FLA house (to keep costs down. Don't worry, my friend John actually lives in CT so he won't be on our honeymoon with us! LOL) which is about a 45 minute ride from Clearwater Beach. So we booked a package deal through the TA which includes: non-stop flights landing in Orlando but flying out of Tampa (near John's house), 3 nights stay in Disney's Port Orleans French Quarter resort hotel, a 4-day Park Hopper pass, and a full week of car rental. We didn't really need the car rental till we leave Disney but it would have been more complicated trying to pick it up then when we can just drive from airport with it; plus I like knowing we have the car if we decided we wanted to go anywhere else. So anyway, we put down a deposit on the honeymoon. Then after that, we headed to the jewelers to pick up my ring! I could barely contain my excitement. It's so pretty and I love how it sparkles. Daryl had to roll his eyes a couple of times at how excited I was over the ring. LOL Then we decided to pop into Best Buy to look at printers, and that's basically when we decided for sure that we were going to make our own wedding invitations. We bought a new printer (something we'd been needing for MONTHS now anyway) then headed back home to get ready to go out to dinner with a couple we hadn't seen in ages.

Sunday we got up pretty early again and both of us were very eager to figure out what we'd be doing for invitations so after a quick coffee stop, we ran to Staples. We both decided on a simple white invitation with a thin chocolate brown border with matching response cards, and the envelopes are plain white with a brown flap. Then getting more excited the more we planned it out, we headed to Michael's and purchased two rubber stamps: a butterfly (which is sorta the theme of our wedding) and a phrase, "Love, Honor & Cherish" and two ink pads, one in a pretty blue (the wedding colors are chocolate brown and blue!) and the other a white. I'm going to run back tomorrow probably and get gold as well. Daryl spent a good portion of the afternoon creating the perfect invitations. I was so impressed; he did all the research on the 'net and figured out the wording and made sure I liked it, after he created and printed out a sample. Really, the only part I played in all of it, was just fixing some of the margins and fonts. (The font is a brown in kind of a cursive print.) We're going to stamp (in blue) two butterflies on the actual invitation, the phrase (in either blue or gold) on the return envelopes, and one blue butterfly on the outside of the invite envelopes. It looks freakin' awesome! And I kept teasing D, calling him 'Crafty Jack' all afternoon, but seriously I was so impressed with his (masculine, of course, heh heh!) craftiness! Maybe there is hope I can convert him into a scrapper yet! LOL Anyway, we finished off our errands with some much-needed grocery shopping.

So now here I am finishing out our busy weekend by doing the un-fun stuff: washing dishes, doing laundry, making our meal plan for the week. I just made some lemon-blueberry muffins (don't get TOO was a lemon mix with frozen blueberries LOL) and I'm ready to call it a night and read some of my book in bed. I keep peeking through the slats in the blinds outside praying for's icy cold out there, windy as hell (sounds like a wild beast out there moaning and groaning!), and we've had a few crazy snow squalls this evening. By the time my Mom had gone to leave about an hour and a half ago (after checking out are wedding purchases and having a couple cups of tea with me) her windshield was entirely crusted over with ice! Her fabulous son-in-law walked her down the icy walkway and scrapaed off her windshield for her. God, I love that boy. Anyone who is so good to my mom, wins a place in my heart forever. ;-)

I hope you all have a great rest of the night! I'll be catching up on all your blogs tomorrow! Night Night.


~**Dawn**~ said...

Disney Disney Disney!!!

If anyone is capable of getting you more excited about your honey moon at Disney, it will be me! LOL!!

Keri said...

Sounds fantastic.
I'm so happy you guys did your own invites. Saves big $ and it makes your wedding YOURS...
ps... love the butterfly stamps ! and D doing crafty things. i'm waaaayyyy to anal to let M near any of my crafty ideas. lol

Smitty76 said...

Dawn-I will probably be asking you a bunch of silly questions before our trip! (like, what time should we go to Animal Kingdom to see the animals? Last time we went they were all hiding!!)

Keri-I was getting a little anal about where I wanted to stamp but I was out-numbered on some of my decisions by both my Mom and I figured majority ruled. LOL And besides, they came out great in my opinion!

jessica said...

hi! i came across your blog throug a couple of others that i've been reading... congrats on your upcoming wedding!
my blog

~**Dawn**~ said...

Ask away! I love giving people tips that will help them enjoy Disney as much as I do!! =)