Friday, February 01, 2008

Hoooooleeeeee criz-AP!

I just saw that I'm THISCLOSE to being in the double digits on my wedding countdown...breathe, breathe, April...time to pull out that TO-DO List (you procrastinator, you) and get crack-a-lackin'!

How in the hell do you get organized when you are one of the least organized people in Connecticut?? (If you came over to my house, you'd understand. I move things to a safe place so that I won't lose them....and then I end up LOSING THEM ANYWAY cuz I have no idea where I've moved them to. Just ask's one of his pet peeves. LOL I make piles of stuff when I have no idea where to put it.)

Okay, the bigger wedding-related talks I need to start so far are:

1. Figure out how I'm going to make my invitations. Buy a new printer (cuz mine is broken) and make them myself? Make them on my computer and then go to Kinko's to print out? Buy them off a site I found on the internet? Cry until someone does it for me?

2. I need to purchase and start putting together the bouquets and boutinniers (however the hell you spell that). 'Chele? Keri? When should we start?

3. Need to finish my invite list and get the last few addresses that I don't have.

4. Choose the guys tuxes. (and no D, no top-hats OR Loony Tunes, allowed!)

5. Buy a bra/bustier thingie for my big 'ol rack. (might wait till closer to my dress-fittings, in case I happen to lose a little bit of poundage from the girls before then). And along those lines, I also need to get something to wear in my hair, and jewelry.

6. Find a place for Rehearsal Dinner and let future MIL know the details (cuz she is paying. Love that woman!)

7. Need to get my Mom motivated and ready to dress-shop. She's as picky as me so I know she needs as much time as possible to find something!

8. Get the bridal party gifts...I don't want to wait till last minute becuz that would be

I'm sure there are a ton of items I forgot but for now, isn't this enough? *SIGH*


Melissa said...

See but you just made yourself a great list. Your more organized than you think or give yourself credit for.

Go out and buy yourself a wedding folder and everything wedding goes in that...then you just need to remember where you put the folder. :)

Good luck I can wait until the time gets closer.

Keri said...

EXACTLy melissa ! She is right on the money... you need a big ole binder or folder... EVERYTHING wedding goes in it.
Next weekend i think i'm free... check with Chele and we can get together and do a little scouting.
Kinkos might be your best bet... check out how much they charge to just print them if you buy the blanks at like walmart or ac moore... they have such nice ones now.
ps... ac moore might have some nice girls gifts... you could always make ear rings... means more and less expensive... just put em together while watching the tube one night.
and as far as the 'girls' your on your own with that one.. i had to put 'cookies' in to fill out my gown. lol

Anonymous said...

I saw buy the invitations, or go to Kinko's. Don't try printing them yourself, you'll likely get annoyed at how they're not printing out perfectly and waste more time. I spent the two nights before the wedding making place cards, which involved hand cutting strips of paper and using some bone thing to crease. They were supposed to be in the shape of chairs. Lots were off balance. So annoyed.

OHmommy said...

My BF got her invites on ebay from a SAHM and she did a wonderful job. Cheap too. They were beautiful!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Take a deeeep breath, April. Just start with the thing that *must* be done first & do that. Then move to the next most time-sensitive item. One by one, they will all get done. Just don't try to tackle them all at once, because (take it from someone who is wicked organized) that is the quickest way to find yourself overwhelmed & frustrated.

Steph said...

The folder is a great idea I also did a lot of my stuff online specifically I used a spreadsheet with task cost and people taking care of it. Also I found that if you include you bridesmaids (if they live close by) that you can knock out an item at a time and still have some fun doing it, like go look at flowers then go have lunch after. Good Luck and let us know if there is anything your blog buddies can do to help.

krissy said...

Sweetie, it will all work out! I promise! I understand your pain as I am not an organizer either. I have way to many junk drawers and everything goes into them!

But I made it through our wedding and everything was fine! Yours will be too!!!!!

Zoe said...

you need to get yourself a 3 ring binder and start making lists. if you wait till the end you will be me!

Cecily R said...

I echo the list sentiment but other than that I have no good advice other than to remember to enjoy this time and your big day.

It's all going to work out and be fabuolous. More than fabulous, it'll be amazing.

Mommychicky said...

If you decide you want to make the invites yourself and print them at home, let me suggest Crane & Co. Printable Invitations... I did that for Hubby's 30th bday and everyone was impressed... Also, about the bra... wait until your fitting, because the bra I brought to my alteration appointment ended up not being the best bra I had to get for the dress and then I had to shell out money for another one...

Chele76 said...

Daniel and I will be in Vermont this weekend, then the following weekend we have lots of plans. How about 2/23?