Sunday, February 17, 2008

I strayed off course quite a bit this week due to unexpected plans after work. But this week I'm getting my butt back on track! In addition to following our plan, I joined weight watchers (for like the sixth time...hehe) on Saturday. I've also been counting the points for D's food even though technically he is not doing ww. But he promised to eat healthier with me...I need all the extra motivation I can get!
To learn more about MPM, check out this site.

Monday: cheese ravioli with sauce and steamed broccoli, reduced fat Pillsbury biscuits
Tuesday: marinated chicken breasts (cut in strips) over salad, steamed mixed veggies on the side, reduced fat Pillsbury biscuits

Wednesday: kielbasa links, baked potatoes, and corn

Thursday: barbecued chicken on wheat rolls, steamed veggies, and maybe some Baked Lays

Friday: Crock pot Shredded Pork (the recipe I linked is actually called Pork Tacos but I think we're going to serve ours on wheat sandwich rolls

Saturday: Possibly take out or pizza...lots of busy stuff going on today. WW weigh-in day also!

Sunday: my favorite, Black Bean Enchiladas served with reduced fat sour cream, tortilla chips and salsa


Melissa said...

Sounds yummy! Good luck with WW!

Trisha said...

Your menu sounds so yummy! The shredded pork and black bean enchiladas look so good, saved the links so I can make them in the upcoming month! Thanks for the comment on my blog and good luck on WW and your upcoming wedding!

Stephanie said...

I love the variety on your menus! I am a little limited with a couple of 4-yr-olds, a very selective hubby, and what I can find in France. I so miss enchilada sauce! :)

Anonymous said...

I think I may want to plan some pork BBQ too . . . .
Thanks too for stopping by.
Amy W

Big D said...

I want a change request form for these stinking menu plans in case I dont like what your thinking of feeding me

Smitty76 said...

Hey D, you brat! What don't you "like"? Everything I'm feeding you is stuff you've had before and never complained about! LOL