Sunday, February 24, 2008

Martha Stewarts of the World..Unite!!

Yesterday was an uber-productive (and long LOL) day. Thanks all in part to Michele and Keri, my favorite crafty girls. We started our day off at a nice little coffee shop near 'Chele's house where we pored over my wedding magazine clippings of flowers, colors and bouquets and chatted about what I was looking for in flowers for the wedding. Once we had somewhat of a game plan down, we headed to Michaels, one of my favorite craft stores. For about one and a half to two hours straight, the shopping cart brigade made their way through the aisles. Keri in the lead, with Ava busily scribbling in her notebook, me bringing up the middle with a steadily filling cart, and the caboose made up by Michele pushing a sleepy Gavin. I should have taken a picture of us there. LOL

Having a certain idea of what I wanted--a color scheme of browns, blues, and creams with a loose theme of butterflies--made it so much easier to pick out what we liked. As I have no idea how to put together bouquets or boutiniers, for the first 45 minutes or so I depended solely on Keri and Michele's opinion of what looked good together. But then before long I got into my own groove, and started pointing out little butterflies and beads and things that appealed to my eye. Then Keri picked up some wicked cool peacock-looking feathers that the three of us practically swooned over so into the cart they went! After the shopping was complete, about $240 later, we had purchased enough material to make the following: my bridal bouqet, six bridesmaids bouquets, groom's bout, four groomsmen's bouts, 2 kissing balls for the flower girls, 3 (major) parental bouts (my mom, D's dad and D's mom) and 3 minor parental bouts (our parents boy/girl friends and his step dad), 4 bouts for grandparents (3 grandma's and 1 grandpa), 6 small canvas bags (with brown dye) to put the girls attendant gifts in, and to go in their bags 6 small decorative notebooks and 6 small magnetic decorative frames (that I plan on putting in each a pic of me and each girl in the wedding party)--all matching the color scheme of the wedding. We did so good that I was absolutely elated!

Back to Keri's house we went, sleeping kids in tow, and cracked into the (three! ha!) bottles of wine that Michele stopped and picked up on the way. We dug into cheese, crackers and pepperoni, and hummus, and got to work.Keri was the crafting mastermind and Michele and I her crafty minions, taking direction on what needed to be cut (wires, stems) and floral taped and pretty blue jewels separated into piles for
each bouquet/bout, while Keri worked her Martha-Stewart-Mojo on creating my bridal bouquet. Our mini-crafting-helper, Ava, did her part as well! Since time was running out, we only managed to complete my bridal bouquet, one bridesmaid bouquet (which is now the prototype for the others) and one bout. And I was so happy with how they came out!!! Colorful, funky and different...totally me!

And what's flower making and wine drinking without some goofing off thrown in for good measure?? (I have a hilarious one of Keri but I think she will beat me if I post it! LOL Don't worry Keri, your secret is safe with us! lol)
Keri working hard on creating a masterpiece!!

Aaaahhhh so after a long, busy, fruiful, 12-hour day of crafting (yes Daryl, we really were busy the whole time!! LOL), I feel so productive and finally happy about something wedding-related, and not stresesd out!!


Robyn said...

Very, Very, NICE! You bouquets are looking awesome. I was glad I had fake flowers, I still have my bouquet.

Keri said...

flowers everywhere... flowers everywhere...

thanks for the fun day ! Can't wait to finish them all and check off a big chunk of your to do list.

Steph said...

Wow those look great, think of the money you will save!

Amy said...

They look nice! It will be nice to be able to save them.

OHmommy said...

You gals are soooo crafty! Nice work!!!

Melissa said...

It's really weird but before I even read you guys were at Keri's house I was thinking, "Oh, that's Keri's house." Which I find interesting because I've never been to Keri's house. ;) Stalker much?

Your flowers turned out lovely. I can't wait to see a picture of y'all dressed and ready!!

Not long now!!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Oh!! Your bouquets looks *gorgeous*!!