Friday, February 22, 2008

This is not quite how I expected to spend my lovely snowy day off from the mud off my burrowing bratty little dog, Daisy. Every time I let her out this morning, with Tucker to play in the snow, she came back messy, but this last time her entire snout was black with mud! (P.S. my tub was just cleaned which pisses me off even more. Messy dog! And no, that is the color of the grout in my tub up's not mold. LOL)

Anyway, good morning everyone! Daryl and I had a nice night last night on our date out...except for the bitch waitress flirting with my man all night! LOL It started off with the waitress coming over and introducing herself and I remember thinking, "Hmmm...odd. She isn't even looking at me."

Throughout her whole spiel she made eye-contact with me ONCE--and only once--and continued to stare and speak directly to D. She pointed out all the specials on HIS menu only. I struggled to read them upside down from his menu across the table. Finally I thought to myself, screw it, I don't care what the damn specials are! Then when she walked away the first thing out of my mouth, as I casually played with my napkin, was, "I don't like that bitch."

D chuckled and said, "What do you mean?" although I knew by the look on his face, that he knew exactly what I meant. He was smirking.

"She didn't even look at me once. And she was only talking to you, telling you the specials! I don't like that bitch." I grumbled, sticking my head into the menu.

"I did notice that. It's pretty funny." D admitted. I could practically see his head swelling in giant proportion to the table. He might as well had patted himself on the back.

"Whatever. That bitch better watch her step." I need to preface this by saying that I'm not usually the jealous type. You can even ask D...this is only like once of two times where he has seen the jealous crazy lady pop out. Throughout the rest of the meal, Bek (our annoying skinny and blond waitress) continued to make googly eyes at D, and bring extra bread and quick refills of his soda. She never once offered to refill my water. After the meal, when she was coming back to the table with our receipt, she said, "I don't know if you guys like live music but my band is playing tomorrow night. I put our website on your receipt. Have a great night!"

"Hmm, let me see that? That might be cool to go check out." Daryl said. With lightening speed I ripped that receipt right out of his grubby mitt and stuffed it into my purse.

"No thank you. When have you EVER taken me to see live music, other than my birthday? You always bitch and moan about how you hate bars! Screw Bek and her band!"

Laughing, D led me out of the restaurant.

"Don't worry honey. I love you and only you." He insisted. I felt myself relaxing away from the shiny, youthful glow of blondie Bek. We held hands on the ride home. As D pulled into the driveway he started grumbling about his stomach being upset so he needed to use the bathroom. I went into the kitchen while he did his business. While I put the leftovers away, a short bark of laughter escaped me.

"What?" he called from the bathroom.

"That bitch gave us an entire loaf of bread with our leftovers!"

"That was nice of her!"

"Nice? Hmph...this proves it! She was flirting with you all night!" No answer. From the sound of things, D's dinner was not agreeing with him.

I poked my head around the corner where he huddled on the toilet, and giggling I asked him, "So, do you think 'ol Bek would find you sexy now?" Of course D had no snappy comeback for me this time!

Yep, that's love. Even moaning and groaning on a toilet seat, I was happy to think he's all mine. Ha!


Melissa said...

OMG! I read his side of the story last night but your side is SO MUCH BETTER!!

I think in the end you got the last word. ;)

And I wouldn't have liked the bitch either....

Keri said...

I revel in every skinny bitch that flirts with my man... cause i KNOW HE'S MY MAN AND ONLY MY MAN... so have at it skinny waitress... make an 'ass' (sorry D for the punn) out of yourself... cause he only goes home with me :P

But i do enjoy the occasional larger piece of dessert or free beer... ;}

Melek said...

how irritating. do NOT flirt with my man right in front of me...

and here's what i think happened. she thought if she made you sick, that she could get D to the gig on his own. so she put laxatives in your food, but got it mixed up and accidentally put it in D's food...and that's why he ended up on the pot all night. hahaha...that's what he gets for enjoying her flirting ;)

Anonymous said...

That was one damn good waitress.

Cecily R said...

SOme people have NO scruples. At all. At least you got bread out of it!

krissy said...

Oh...what a bitch! Do you want me to come and give her a smack down? I will!

Flea said...

How hideous! He must be a good catch. :)

ALF said...

Ew, what a rude bitch. I also hate her.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I am not a fan of Public Displays of Affection (for me, I mean, other people can do what they want... well, within reason lol) but if it were me, I so would have planted a big kiss right on his mouth & smiled "sweetly" at her.

Robyn said...

I hate when the dog gets all nasty. We can't get him in our tub, we have to fight him outside with the hose.
Too bad about the waitress. I hate when they cater to the man, I will grab the check when they drop it off and get the oops look.

Zoe said...

i hate dirty dogs! i mean your dog...not D for flirting with the waitress!