Monday, March 03, 2008

Happy Monday! My weekend was great, although it felt way too short. I didn't get my spa-day like I'd planned but that's okay cuz I got a lot accomplished! Saturday I went to Weight Watchers with a heavy heart, ready for a gain (or at the very least, to maintain). But was I surprised when I found out I lost .8!!! Almost a whole pound!! So that was encouraging. If that's how I did on a bad week, then of course I can do a whole hell of a lot better this week! After WW, I ran to the mall to order Big D's wedding ring but there was an issue with the ring he wants (they don't make it in his big, manly size) so I have to go back again when he is with me so we can figure out Plan B. He worked all day Saturday (not to mention late into Friday night) and made us some OT so he was not available to go with me. But in regards to OT...Woo hoo! Anyway, while at the mall I went to Victoria's Secret and got a strapless bra to wear under the wedding dress. Can I just say--I hate strapless bras!!! For any of you girls with big boobies, like me, you totally know what I mean. They are just not flattering for us. I felt like the girls were hanging so low and unsupported! Certainly NOT attractive. Thank goodness my strapless dress has a built in corset cuz I'll have that sucker squeezing me in and up. Heh. Anyway since I also had a thirty dollar gift certificate I bought a totally cute Bride tank top (that I normally would not have spent the money on in VS, cuz I'm cheap. Or is it responsible?). Isn't it cute???

Anyway, after VS, I ran to Bath and Bodyworks...again cuz I've been trying to be responsible with money, I can't even remember the last time I went in this store, and it's one of my favorites! I went in on a get a sugar scrub. I love how soft they make my skin feel. The employee accosted me as I walked in to show me that the body butters were buy one, get one free. SCORE! Now Big D won't be able to keep his hands off my super-soft skin. Ha! As if I wasn't feeling productive enough, I went home and completely cleaned my bedroom closet (it was horrible. No pictures, just take my word for it) and I organized every single wedding item that was slowly over-taking my room.

Sunday, again I got some more stuff accomplished. D and I ran to Staples in the morning to get more invitations (our stupid printer started running out of colored ink so instead of the words coming out brown like they were supposed to, match our wedding colors, they came out red. So we wasted like 50 invites. Bummer!) . We also ran to Home Depot to grab a bucket so I could dye the canvas bags I told you about for the bridesmaids gifts. They look AWESOME! A deep, chocolate brown. (well all except two, which have to be re-dyed.) BigD was Mister Martha Stewart again for me--I cant take the credit for dying the bags! He is the best! Anyway the invitation and response cards are all printed out, stamped with my butterfly stamp, and all that is left is putting on postage, putting on the address labels and stuffing it all together. Then popping them into the mailbox, of course!

Now onto the main reason for this post, my Menu Plan! LOL I asked D for his input cuz he's always busting my chops that I don't, and he just said, "Oh, whatever you want is fine, Honey." Alrighty then! (Don't forget to check out Laura's site to find out more about Menu Plan Monday.)

Monday: Wheat pasta with sauce and a side salad

Tuesday: Barbecued chicken on the grill, Annie's Curly Fettuccine White Cheddar & Broccoli Sauce (haven't tried this flavor yet but it sounds so yummy!), and peas

Wednesday: Shepard's Pie and if I have time, I'll make some biscuits with reduced fat Bisquick to go with.

Pizza Night! It's Big D's 32nd birthday today! What sucks is that we found out he has a training class after work so he probably won't be home till almost eight. I was going to make him a nice meal (or even take him out) but he told me not to go crazy since it will be later. So we'll do pizza and he can open his gift. And maybe I'll make him some cupcakes or something I can stick a candle into. I gotta be able to sing to him of course. :-)

Either meatloaf or homemade burgers with steamed broccoli, and might try this recipe for Yellow Squash Casserole but I'd have to try to make it lower in fat. Especially considering this is the day before my weigh-in!

Saturday: Going over a friend's house for dinner to belatedly celebrate D's and her hubby's birthday. I think we're having pork chops. And I'm making a cake. Maybe Red Velvet? Any good recipes you'd like to share??

Sunday: Who knows?? I won't know till Sunday.


Keri said...

oooooo.... i scored a great red velvet recipe that i made into cupcakes for v day... i send it to you.... drooling just thinking of them.

April said...

Thanks Keri! I'm excited and can't wait to make it. Yummy!!

Julia & Tyler said...

If the pasta turns out well I'll post it on my blog this week, it's from one of my WW cookbooks and those recipes have been a bit hit or miss so far!

Melissa said...

You covered it all in this post. Love the tank top. The invites turned out beautiful.

I've never had red velvet cake, I'm intrigued. Happy early bday to Daryl.

And your menu sounds yummy!!

Sonshine said...

Sounds like you are keeping busy!

You have a yummy week planned too!

Enjoy your week! Thanks for stopping by this morning! :)

Mommychicky said...

I think the Bride tank top is cute, not tacky like some of them I've seen. I'm sure D will have a lovely birthday no matter what because you'll be there :)

krissy said...

Oh, your invitations are so pretty! You know those are my fav colors right???

And that tank top was sweeettt! and yeah, big boobies suck with strapless bras! Totally suck!

Robyn said...

Does BigD know you call him Martha?:) You got a lot accomplished. I on the other hand did nothing this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Strapless bras provide no support for the medium-chested, either. Don't get too jealous.

Poltzie said...

Hey that's the happy April I know and love (not that I don't love the down in the dumps Aril either, I'm just happy to see you happy again)!
It sounds like you are nesting too, and taking D along for the ride as well haha!
Your week sounds YUMMY and I'm wishing I could have dinner at your house. I have a GREAT low fat shep pie recipe but you have to have a food processor. If you've got one let me know and I will email it to you.
Speaking of red velvet cake. My mom made one for my sister the other day and it was the first time I had ever tried it. I didn't like it but I'm thinking it was the recipe. It tasted like a spice cake without the spice, or a carrot cake without the carrot. Does that sound right to you?
ps. I LOVE your invitations, your wedding is going to be beautiful - I wish I could be there!

Steph said...

Love the Bride tank top!