Thursday, March 27, 2008

I am impatiently awaiting Friday, people!

I'm working only a half day tomorrow (9:00am to 2:00pm) so I'm super psyched about that. ANY day I don't have to be here till SIX is a great day! Then afterwards I'm going to get my nails done...a little pampering. I have to make brownies tomorrow as well, if I don't get to it tonight, cuz I'm going to a sex toy party and I offered to bring a yummy snack. Anyway, the party tomorrow is at 6:45pm and I'm sure there will be wine and silly times. Saturday morning I'm supposed to be going to weight watchers, however, I'm not sure if that is going to happen. I know that's bad of me, but in my defense, my bridal shower is Saturday at one. Woo hoo!!! So I'll be running around doing some last minute errands before that. Sunday I plan on getting a jump start on the thank-you cards for our shower gifts. And Monday I took the day off from work!! SO glad I did that. I'm going with MOm to my aunt's salon to do a trial run of my wedding day hair. Then after that it's out to help Mom shop for her dress and maybe we'll do lunch too. It's going to be a fun weekend!

What are YOUR plans for this weekend??????? (becuz after all, I know it is NOT just about me. Heh.)


Steph said...

Ok I want to hear about the party next week, I have heard of those parties but I have never been to one. Also be sure to take lots of pictures of your shower. Have a great weekend, sounds like you have it all planned out!

Keri said...

ummmm... actually my weekend is ALL about

Between flowers and showers... ;}

Chele76 said...

mmmm.... weekend... oh wait. We don't EAT weekends, do we? lol

Thursday: picking up a lil sumptin' at BB&B :)
Friday: NOTHING - and proud!
Saturday: You :)
Saturday evening: dinner w Mom & Dad
Sunday: Dinner w/ Daniel's Dad and step-Mother

here is a random fact... My Dad and Daniel's Dad share a birthday.... and so do our maternal Grandmothers. kinda fraky, huh????

Rhea said...

sex toy party, sounds like fun!!

My weekend sounds pretty boring, but I'll enjoy it. Baseball practices for the kids, lots of playing outside, cleaning up the house, etc. Wow, that sounds lame!

~**Dawn**~ said...

After all my running around this past weekend, I am going to be boring & do NOTHING. Heather & family arrive on Tuesday & I will be back & forth to the parks a lot so I will spend the weekend resting up for that!

Flea said...

oh, it is too all about you. :) I plan to garden.

Robyn said...

Have a great shower. I did my cards right away too.
I have no major plans but hanging out and watching the Badgers Fri nite.

krissy said...

What???? You know I am the Sex toy party girl! I sell sex toys remember???

I so want to live by you! We would become fast friends.

Ever consider moving to South Dakota??? Just asking!

Melek said...

my plans for this weekend are to sit patiently by my computer to wait for you to post about YOUR weekend ;)

Big D said...

Krissy-If you wanna come host a party in CT...I'm all over it! LOL Granted, you'd spend WAY more on traveling than you'd make in commission...LOL

April said...

And of course, my dumb ass hubby forgot to log off the computer so that LAST message above is actually from ME!

Melissa said...

I so wish I could be a fly on the wall at your shower! You have to tell us all what you get!