Friday, March 07, 2008

I am a total dumb ass. I had pizza last night, a birthday cupcake and two glasses of (yummy) red wine. And tonight I'm going over Keri's to hang with her and Michele for some wine, chatting and craftiness (and who knows what for goodies!). And I have WEIGHT WATCHERS TOMORROW MORNING! ACK! It's like I'm purposely trying to sabotage myself or something? I don't's bad enough that I eat the crap, but I eat it within 2 days of hopping on the damn scale. Argh.

Anyway, yesterday was good. Even though poor D was in training all day, he still had a good birthday. I gave him his birthday gift in bed (get your mind out of the gutter, people). Got him a new wallet (cuz his last wallet was literally falling apart. It was hanging by a thread!) and a gift card to Cabela's. He was so excited for both gifts! I know he plans on going to Cabela's tonight with his two gift cards and birthday money to get the hunting camera he's been lusting after for months. Anyway, I sent him in to work/training with some cupcakes and at 8:40 a.m. I got a call from him and his two friends that they'd already scarfed them down. His coworkers/buddies were begging for more. LOL Men. Later on after work, Sarah and Julia came over with a birthday card for Big D. And John came over too. They gave him a Dunkin Donuts gift card so now he can get all the coffee he wants. ;-) We had pizza (are you surprised? LOL) and I stuck candles in the cupcakes and tried to sing to Daryl, but no one was paying attention. Well no one but Julia. She blew out a candle herself! All in all, a good day. I told D I'll take him out to dinner this weekend to celebrate since his work schedule wouldn't let us last night!

Oh! And I'm excited...D and I are getting massages tomorrow (by students). I need one bad...there is a huge knot in my shoulder. I'm sure it will only get worse the closer the wedding gets as I stress about all the little details. Sarah is lending me her pretty tiara/headpiece so last night I tried it on and it's perfect! The color and everything! I would post a pic of it but I don't want Daryl to see anything I'm wearing on the wedding day...UNTIL the wedding day. :-) So you'll all just have to wait in suspense. I'm sure you can't go on with your own lives until you hear EVERYTHING about MY wedding. Ha ha! Anyway, not much else new going on. I'll leave you with a pic of little Julia, in her pajamas, exhausted after pizza, cupcakes and a good time. She pronounces my name as "A-ell" and Daryl's name as "Dee-del". It's too freakin' adorable.


Cecily R said...

Julia is adorable.

Birthday cupcake calories don't count, even if it isn't your birthday.

Happy Birthday D!! Sorry I'm late...

Melissa said...

Dee-del!! Hysterical! And Julia sure is a sweet little girl!!

And oh man, cupcakes? Your killing me over here!

Heather said...

good luck with the weigh in. no matter what the scale says do not give up!

Poltzie said...

Everytime you go to eat something yummy think about how you want to look in your wedding dress... Nope it didn't work for me either!
Good luck :)