Saturday, March 15, 2008

Introducing the youngest (and not to mention cutest)
members of our wedding party...

My favorite cousin (with his favorite cousin, yours truly) A.J.

Daryl's sweet cousins, Shayne (3) on the left and Rian (9) on the right

And here is cute little Shayne again...can't get enough of her!

The kids are hilarious. Rian has been in a few weddings already and often practices her "walk" down the aisle; she is also busily contemplating her shoe and jewelry choice. We've got a fashionista on our hands here! Shayne is a shy little peanut, and I am very curious to see if she actually makes it down the aisle.. .maybe with some gentle poking and prodding from her sis. And last but not least, A.J., who is so ecited to be in his first wedding and eager to play his "big and important" role of carrying the ring pillow. He is also psyched to wear a tux and look like Daryl!
So glad our favorite cousins can be such a big part of our special day. It wouldn't be the same without them. :-)


Zoe said...

you are going to have the cutest wedding party!

Cecily R said...

So cute!!!!! The kids are adorable and sound like the perfect choices for your wedding party!!

krissy said...

Adorable! They are going to steal the show!!!

I can't wait to see you as a mommy! You just look too cute with those kiddos!!! :0)