Monday, March 31, 2008

My purse is cooler than yours.


OhMommy so graciously tagged me to do a totally fun meme! It just made me realize how utterly predictable I am. Without futher ado, I introduce you all to the mostly boring contents purse...

Unlike OhMommy's fabulous LV or Melissa's totally cute Coach knock-off, I am currently sporting the newest $25.00 look from Kohl's. Fashion police, please don't hurt me.

And below we have a chewed up bottle of anxiety medication (and no, I didn't chew it myself. That was from good 'ol Tuck on night), a beat up package of CVS brand tissues, one lonely regular Kotex tampon, a couple packs of Advil that I stole--uh--I mean "borrowed" from work, and last but not least, my prenatal vitamins (oh shit, only two more? Gotta get my ass to the pharmacy asap)!

The next stop on this fantastic purse voyage brings you, dear readers, to my weakness: lists. I write them for everything. We have a large work list for a big mailing I had to get to the printers last week; beside that on the small yellow post is the name of a baker and his phone number (you didn't think I'd have NO wedding-related items in my bag, did you?); and the third is a list of key facts about the elusive wedding ring we ordered for D's big sausage finger. He is a hard man to buy a ring for. Then you have my work key chain above; and my small steno pad filled with (I can't believe I'm admitting this) possible baby names!!! I keep a list of baby names so when a new one hits me and I think it could be a contender, I immediately write it down.

Now, here, this picture above would lead you all to believe that I am a make-up whore, or at least a make-up fanatic. And one who doesn't discriminate as we have Clinique, Mac and Origins on hand. However, Clinique pretty much leads the pack as I wear the same blush (the green compact) and lipstick (one of the silver tubes) with the same eye shadow almost every single day. I try to vary the eye shadow colors here and there but I'm so creature of habit.

On the miscellaneous front, above I have my red wallet, a travel size bottle of Bath and Bodyworks cucumber melon hand sanitizer, my awesome Walmart sunglasses, a pedometer with a dead battery, an actual double AA battery that I have no idea why I'm carrying, a splenda packet I obviously pocketed from a restaurant, some loose change, two of my favorite glidey pens, and a random sharpie. Oh, and like Melissa said in her purse post, NO the kitty was not in my purse. That, my friends, is Bailey...she of the exceptionally long whiskers. And cute white-booty feet.

And last but not least, a BONUS! The messy innards of my wallet! You'll see a check book stuffed with receipts, an appointment card, a Starbucks card wtih nineteen cents left on it, my weight watchers weight chart followed by my Cold Stone Creamery valued customer card (heh heh...isn't that ironic? Don't ya think?), tons MORE receipts spilling forth and a few bucks...oh and yes that's my Stop and Shop card peeking out, as well.

And now you have all stepped briefly into my life (or at least my purse) so I'm choosing to pass on the fun and see what YOU all have stuffed into your cute designer handbags or diaper bags.

I tag the following chickies:


And since we can't forget about the boys in bloggy-ville, I dare the following guys to bare the insides of their wallets!! (ooh la la!)

Dan Mega
Big D


Poltzie said...

I loved this Meme,
Doing it will be rough though as my purse is big and full!
ps. Can you please share your baby name list??

OHmommy said...

LOL... I was going to tag some men too.

You beat me to it.

Thanks for taking the challenge. You have WAY more makeup in your purse than I do in my house. :)

Rhea said...

Oh, I love the chewed up bottle of anxiety medicine, that's a hilarious sight (not making fun of anxiety, just the condition of the bottle). Also, the WW card next to the ice cream card, just fabulously funny.

I also have lots of lists in my purse. and pens...and tampons...

fun post, thanks for sharing!!

Big D said...

whats the sharpie for tagging the bathroom stalls at restaurants and work??

snowflake said...

Looks like a fun meme. I had a great time reading it! I'd be embarrassed to show my purse innards... :(

Melek said...

fun! thanks for sharing. it's just SLIGHTLY more than i have in my purse ;)

Chele76 said...

this looks like fun! Thank GOODNESS I just cleaned out my purse! lol

Steph said...

Thanks for tha TAG I will be sure to post later this week!

Melissa said...

Haha! I have finally found someone who carries more stuff than I do. It's the makeup...I don't carry any, or my purse would be seriously full!

Robyn said...

I like kohls purses, so you can call the fashion police on me. I just don't have the cash for a designer one.

Flea said...

I saw Burt's in there! And I'm still sporting my $10 fashion purse from Ross from last summer. But it's the perfect purse and I can't bring myself to get a new one! I think I did this meme in early March and it was fun!

~**Dawn**~ said...

I just wanted to tell you I do plan to get to this, but Heather is still on vacation down here til tomorrow. Soon though, I promise!

April said...

I'm holding you to it, Dawn! lol

~**Dawn**~ said...

I played! I played! Woohoo!