Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Super important question here...I must have all your answers to this or my brain will explode:

How do you
eat your Reese's Peanut Butter cups?

My coworker and I were having quite a serious conversation about Reese's peanut butter cups yesterday...and how insanely tasty they are...which brought us onto the subject of how people eat them. For the original peanut butter cups, I like to nibble off the outside "ring" first. Then from there, I either eat the middle cup that's left OR sometimes I'll bite off the top chocolate layer first and then eat the peanut butter. For the holiday peanut butter cups (eggs, xmas trees, hearts) I used to just chow down on them becuz they're so damn good and much more peanut buttery then the regular. But now I've started to dissect them as well, to make them last longer and enjoy the peanut butter. I bite off the outside chocolate layer of the heart/egg/xmas tree (leaving the bottom intact) and then eat the peanut butter left. Yum!
So, please, be a doll, and tell me how you eat YOUR Reese's Peanut Butter cups.

In other exciting news, Big D and I were watching the telly last night when suddenly a familiar happy tune and a blur of blue flashed on the tv screen.

"Hang on!" I practically shouted, throwing down my fork. "Oh my God, did you hear that?" D looked up from his dinner with mild interest.


"The Smurfs!!" I squealed. "On dvd! I need to have them! I'm so excited!"

A blank look from Daryl.

"Um, yeah, okay."

"Don't you understand? I absolutely loved the Smurfs growing up! They're a classic!" D looked back down at his pasta and practically shrugged.

"Oh, okay."

people. Just. Don't. Get. It.

Oh, wait, one more thing!! Check out this cool cow! On the si
de of a tractor trailer...I saw it on my way in this morning. I was scrambling to get my cell phone to snap a picture, and I didn't get to zoom in. But still, isn't this cow damn cute? LOL


Keri said...

usually...*urrrp*... in two bites ;>

**shudder** i suffer from too much smurf-osity when young...

snowflake said...

Reese's peanut butter cups - only the most divine food on the planet! Yes, I have to say that I have to savor mine. I eat them as slowly as is humanly possible... ok, usually in about three bites. It's torture waiting even that long! PS. Added you to my blog roll, hope you don't mind!

Mommychicky said...

1) Regular sized Reese's get nibbled around in circles until they disappear. Mini Reese's get nibbled around the sids, the top bitten off, and then eaten. 'Nuf said.

2) OMG - the Smurfs on DVD! I saw that in the store the other day. I may have to use my 2-year old as an excuse to buy it...

Anonymous said...

Eat the outside ring, peel off the chocolate, then the peanut butter. Sometimes the chocolate doesn't cooperate and I just eat it normally. But then I don't enjoy it as much.

And how funny about the smurfs! My sister just sent me my new profile pic yesterday, and I made fun of her Smurfette shirt, and she said "Whatever, the smurfs are cool!"

Melissa said...

I eat my RPC in two bites...I dislike the holiday ones, to much PB not enough chocolate.

You do know that the smurf's are on Cartoon Network all the time, right?

And yes, that cow is seriously cute!

Melek said...

i haven't eaten a peanut butter cup in years....but i suppose if i were to get one, i'd nibble off the tips of the outter rim first. then take small savory bites around the edge until all that was left was a peanut butter nugget. then i'd pop that in and eat it too.

as for the smurfs, i loved them too. collected the miniatures from a little gift store in the mall... i dont remember how many i had...not a ton. but loved em.

la la lala la LA, la lala la LAAAA!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Regular & holiday-shaped Reese's get eaten in 1-2-3 bites. I need the peanut butter chocolate to blend to perfection, not be tasted separately. Holiday shapes are the preferred form of Reese's. The mini cups just get popped into my mouth & eaten in one chomp.

Steph said...

I usually eat a reese's in 2 bites but if I am feeling frisky just one! LOL

OHmommy said...

You are so funny. Breath of fresh air.

Dude... Reese's peanut butter cups rock. I let them melt in my mouth and savor each bite. Mmmmm

Flea said...

Squishy heart the cow! *squeal*

Reese? I eat them! Just like that! Two bites and it's GONE. And looking for more. :) The only candy/chocolate I give special treatment to are good dark chocolate bars. They last forever because I only eat a tiny square at a time, savoring it in my mouth, then put the bar away till the next day.

And Smurfs? I don't get. Communists. :D

Robyn said...

I usually just bite into them, I used to poke out the middle and then eat the ring. I loved the smurfs too.

utmomof5 said...

Thanks for the commetn on my blog!!

I eat pb cups in one big bite!!! The whole thing all at once just like a big pig! The seasonal ones are so much better than the standard ones. I am not sure that is possible but somehow they are even better!!

The smurfs on DVD!! I need to buy that now!!! I was such a freak about smurfs when I was a little girl. I had al the action figures. My kids have no idea what they even are!!


Cecily R said...

I just scarf them. I can't nibble. Impossible.

We love the Smurfs around here. They still play them on Boomerang and Gracie and I watch them together. That and Snorks. Remember them? She has the theme song memorized for that one...:)

Grandy said...

Um...this will sound silly. I eat them from the middle out. Poke my finger through and slowly eat my way out. At the end it looks like a tire with no innards. Wierd...I know.