Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wedding stuff....wedding stuff...it seems like every day I remember something different/new that I need to do or plan for. I am trying to stay on top of everything but it's so hard! I think I need to update my list and figure out what needs to be done asap.

This week I have done/will do the following:
1. Call my aunt about the make-up lady's prices (she is a hairdresser and knows a make-up lady personally and is handling that end for me.)
2. Coordinate with my MIL about where the rehearsal dinner will be (the MIL and Step-FIL are paying for the rehearsal dinner, those sweet peas!)
3. Get everything together for my first fitting this week (need to bring my new bra, shoes and bringing the tiara/headpiece I'm borrowing from a friend to make sure I like it with my dress)
4. Make appointment for trial hair with my aunt.
5. Go to craft store this week to get chocolate molds. And cards to print on ( in lieu of favors we're donating to the American Cancer Society)
6. MAIL OUT payment to photographer!!!!
7. Order Big D's wedding ring!!! (this has to be done ASAP cuz it might have to be specially ordered, due to size)
8. Call Bill (our JP) to chat about specifics

I'm sure there is more I wanted to do this week, but I just can't remember. My brain is slowly, but surely, turning to mush!!


Melissa said...

ing a list is a good start. Keeping adding stuff as the week goes on. Your getting close now!

Poltzie said...

I totally remember that mushy brain feeling! I would find that someone would remind me of something that I hadn't thought about and then I would stress and think "well if I forgot about that what else am I forgetting about?". I wish I had good tips but honestly I have nothing. I do know that whatever goes wrong that day is what you will laugh about after the fact.
It will all work out and you will look amazing, promise!!
((((BIG HUGS))))

OHmommy said...

So many fun things planned. I loved planning my wedding. You are getting closer and closer to the big day. Yay!

Robyn said...

lists are a good thing, I wish I used them :)

jessica said...

very exciting!

krissy said...

I wish I could come to your wedding! South Dakota is a nice place for a wedding!!!!

Just a thought! :-)

You are doing well with your planning and should be proud since you are practically on your own (observation from previous posts)

Can't wait to see the pretty pics of you in your dress!

Dan Mega said...

Am I going to be your maid of honor?

Poltzie said...

Based on the comment on my blog today you are going to be having LOTS of children after this wedding happens!!