Friday, April 18, 2008

29 days till the wedding.

Holy crap, I can now say less than a month to go! Things are definitely starting to come together.

Big D and I are getting excited, that's for sure. And his Grandma offered to give us $1,000 towards our remaining $$$ balance which will help a bit with the money stress...what a sweet lady!

Keri gave me the candle holders she used for the centerpieces for her own wedding and I'm thrilled about that! I love them! They are both brown and there is a tall cylindrical shape and this other pretty shape with the slightly mottled glass on the left. I still have to dig out the old melted candles she used for her wedding but I'll probably tackle that next weekend. Anyone have suggestions for getting out old candle wax?

So I'll put one of each candle holder on each table, plus i bought cute little butterflies to scatter around on the table (the butterflies are varying shades of brown and tan. Very sweet.) That will tie in the loose butterfly theme I have going.

Keri also finished the bridesmaids bouquets and they came out beautiful! I'm so impressed and i love them! I don't have a picture of them yet cuz they are sequestered in my bedroom, away from prying kitty cat mouths and claws. Now all she has left at her house are the bout's she's finishing up which are always turning out fabulous. Thanks, Keri!

I also got a super cute purse last night for the wedding. I will need somewhere to keep my lipstick and Daryl's glasses (in case he gets a headache) and car keys and I saw this last night at a store in the mall and fell in love. And the price tag also snagged my attention...on sale for $8.00! It's slightly hard to see in the picture but it's like a burnt-gold color. I love it so much I plan on using it again after the wedding, maybe on a night out or something.

What else? I have to put together the kiddy goody bags I plan on making...I will now have a total of seven kids at the wedding. Six were planned on but my cousin from Maine asked if children were invited and I said he could bring his son, Paul, who is eight since they are coming from out of town and I know it will be hard to find a sitter since the rest of the family will be at the wedding! And it will be nice to have another little boy there for my cousin AJ to play with, since the rest of the kids there will be little girls. I can't wait to see them all dressed up!

Still gotta get the gifts for the groomsmen yet...has anyone ever done gift certificates? I'm thinking of doing that and just personalizing it by making each one to a store that we know that particular guy likes. I hate to buy them the "typical" type of groomsmen gift if they will never use it, ya know?

Just paid off the remaining balance of our Florida honeymoon yesterday...I'm super psyched about that and can't wait to have a vacation. I think the anticipation is killing us both!

Anyway, there is more left to do but my brain is shot right now. Thank GOD it's Friday.


Chele76 said...

boy that sure went by FAST!!!!

Keri said...

Whew... i'm sooo glad you guys like the bouquets... When you put so much thought and effort into them for such a personal item, you are sooo relieved when that person likes them.
They are defionately not your average bouquet... but then again you guys arent' your average couple ;>
I told ya it'd feel good to check off a few more things from your list...
Now get to packing girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

Put the candle holders in the freezer to help loosen the wax - that always works for me!

I am so glad that things are coming together so nicely. I missed the gifts for the groomsmen discussion . . . we gave watches, and my best friend gave 1/2 of a ticket to a sporting event (that way each of them got to go with the groom for some male bonding time.) I would think gift certificates would be appreciated, and don't find them to be impersonal at all. Have a blast in Newport!

April said...

Keri-Daryl loves them too!! He said if you weren't already married and he wasn't marrying ME, LOL, he'd marry YOU! Ha ha!

Melissa said...

I second the freezer idea they should pop right out.

If that doesn't work for some reason, hot water should melt the wax a bit!

Good luck!

~**Dawn**~ said...

I think personalized gift cards are a great idea. Useful and they will be toughtful because you put the effort into choosing the right place for each guy.

I am also recommending the freezer idea. I asked at Yankee Candle once because it's so hard to get the remains of a votive out if it doesn't burn all the way down. They told me to pop the whole thing in the freezer for several hours (I usually do mine overnight) and the wax gets very brittle & shrinks just a bit and it pops right out.

VBF! said...

I am SO Excited for you!!! I would love to do the wedding thing again!

I use to sell candles in a gift shop! We'd have 'tester' ones on display which we'd use. When we were finished with them we would replace the candle! I would just scoop it out and for the left over, I'd use eucalyptus oil! Comes right off! :-)

But the freezer idea sounds cool too!

Hey... what color are your Bridesmaid dresses? xx

April said...

VBF: My bridesmaids dresses are a chocolate brown. And their bouquets are cream, brown with blue accents. It's very pretty. I can't wait to post some pics after the wedding! :-)

ALF said...

I think gift cards are a fine idea for a groomsman gift. I say go for it!

Rhea said...

Cute purse, can't beat the price! Love the candle holders your borrowing. You're so sweet to make kiddy bags. UGH, I'm having flashbacks to my own wedding craziness...I may have to avoid your blog for the next month...just kidding!!!

Robyn said...

I think the gift cards would be great. Esp if you personalize them to their stores.

Grandy said...

I think gift certificates for the guys is fine. What does D think?

Oh boy...I'm getting excited about this wedding with you!! ;)

OHmommy said...


29 days to go and I still have not gotten my invite. Is it lost?


:) OHmommy