Monday, April 07, 2008

Cute headbands are a pain in the mean, pain in the head. I try something different and this is the thanks I get! I had a couple people tell me how cute I look, one said to me "Wow, I like your head today! I mean headband." (that one was a guy, obviously)...but I'll probably have to rip the damn thing out of my head in ten minutes. Oh well.

Anyway, my weekend was good. Saturday Daryl and I went to Lowe's with our lovely gift cards and bought three more boxes of the laminate flooring for upstairs...that should finish off the larger of the two rooms up there. D is convinced this will be his "Bar/Man Room". I have a feeling it will more likely be a Bar/Man/Crafting room becuz I need somewhere to store my crafts and scrapbook supplies. Heh. Anyway, I also got a new lamp for the living room so I have two matching lamps on each side of the couch now. SUPER exciting. After that, D whipped out a new cookbook given to me at my shower and used our mixer for the first time, to make a from scratch carrot cake with homemade cream cheese frosting. His first time ever baking from scratch. He then proceeded to tell me he was in love with the mixer, therefore in love with Michele ('Chele, maybe you shouldn't tell that to Daniel! LOL) who bought us that lovely mixer! LOL We brought the cake over to some friend's house in the evening....they made us delicious steaks on the grill, grilled potatoes and onions, corn and salad. And then we had a HUGE-ass bonfire outside that included two Christmas trees and a bunch of tree parts chopped down from his friend, Steve's, yard. It was a massive fire. I loved it!

Yesterday turned out to be a mostly wasted day. I woke up at 6am with a killer head ache (i.e. on the verge of migraine but not quite that extreme...a really bad head ache though for sure) and finally managed to go back to sleep but the head ache woke me back up. I laid down on the couch, ate breakfast that D prepared, then we decided to run to Bed, Bath and Beyond with two duplicate gifts we got from the shower. I desperately wanted new pillows for our couch and we both wanted new pillows for the bed so we made our returns, whipped out our gift cards, and got what we needed. Once home, it was back in my sweats under a blanket on the couch, moaning in pain while D proceeded to take good care of me the rest of the afternoon. He made me a homemade milk shake (yum!), washed my truck till it gleamed, picked up a few things we needed at the grocery store, started a load of laundry, and then made us dinner, a delicious Shepherd's Pie. I am so grateful to him for taking good care of me. :-) He's a good boy.

And now onto the main reason for this meal plan! I've been a slacker the past week (actually possibly two weeks?) and need to get back on track. We've eaten way too much junk food, spent way too much money on fast food...two bad habits considering we both want to lose a few pounds AND be frugal with money with the wedding only about six weeks away!! For more meal plan ideas, check out this site...

Monday: Grilled barbecued chicken, grilled sweet potatoes(I just changed that from side salads becuz D informed me that we have sweet potatoes. Yum!) steamed green beans.

Kielbasa links, baked beans, and steamed broccoli

Apple Chicken Quesadillas with some tortilla chips and salsa on the side

Nana's Ghoulash over mashed potatoes, with some type of steamed veggies on the side.

Frozen French Bread Pizza

Taco Crescent Bake or Sloppy Joe Squares but definitely something using beef

Our friends are taking us out to dinner for pizza and beer as a thank-you for dog-sitting for them a couple weeks ago.


Poltzie said...

Mike had a man room and now it's being cleaned out and turned into the baby room ~ he can have a man basement now (poor guy, he'll be moving out soon).
That big D is so good to you! I wish that I had a husband who would make cakes for me (and a mixer to make it in, I've wanted one of them forever).
Your menu sounds great and much more diverse then my all beef menu this week (still can't handle the chicken) lol.

ALF said...

shoping with gift cards is the BEST.

Melissa said...

Wow, sounds like you did have a great weekend. I hope your headache is feeling better now!

Nancy (aka Blonde 1) said...

Your menu sounds good. Have you removed the headband yet? Nothing worse than a headache.

jimmy said...

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Melissa said...

You've got bling!

Rhea said...

I'm never good about planning out a whole week's menu. Sheesh. My kids are lucky they get fed every night.

We've really tried to cut out all fast food, although it's so damn convenient.

I love going to BB&B. Next time take me with you! And, with gift cards, too fun!

Man room, Dude Room, craft's all the same, right? hehe (Evil grin)

BTW, cute headbands always give me headaches too. I'm glad you didn't get a full on migraine yesterday either.

Canadian Saver said...

Your menu looks great! I'm going to try the apple chicken quesadillas.

Mommychicky said...

SIX WEEKS - Oh my goodness. I've never tried to grill sweet potatoes... interesting.

Law Student Hot Mama said...

One of those unfortunate things about having a hubby in Iraq is that I have to fix everything. Myself. Ugh. I hate fixing stuff like worrying about flooring. I actually have a carpet guy coming tomorrow morning.

Dan Mega said...

Sounds like a good time, ha

Robyn said...

I hate when headbands give me a headache. I just have a hard time wearing them. You'd better stake our that room now, that's what I did, now I have my own crafty heaven that I hardly use, well not so much lately.
Like I said the kitchen aid mixer is the best!!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Headbands are evil. I have never been able to wear them. They always hurt me.