Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My lovely friend, Carsa (bridesmaid), just emailed me a couple more photos from my bridal shower this past weekend. They are cute so I'm sharing them:

Look what those silly girls threw on my head!
(Big D loves for me to look like the crazy girl)

A shot of all my girls in the bridal party (L to R: Crystal, Carsa, Sarah, me, April #2,
Liz, Lorelei and in the front row: Shayne and Rian.)

Deliciously yummy carrot cake-y goodness!


Steph said...

aaww how sweet! You look like a regular Southern Belle in that hat!

Melek said...

boy, that is one sexy hat! :)

Melissa said...

Love the hat! Make sure you bring it to the rehersal!! That cake looks yummy!

Poltzie said...

Ha, I got one of those hats on my shower this weekend too - nice!

krissy said...

You are so stinking cute!!!

And that cake looks so yummy right now!!!

Thank God I don't have cake in the house b/c my diet would be right out the door!!!!!

I'm so excited to see wedding pictures soon!

Rhea said...

CUTE pictures!! The cake looks super yummy. You look so happy!!

Flea said...

The roses on that cake are gorgeous!

ALF said...

I love the name Lorelei - tell your friend for me, k?

Law Student Hot Mama said...

Mmmm - I LOVE carrot cake. It's THE absolute best.

Bridal showers, however . . . less so. I didn't even like my own! I don't know why, but something about groups of women making bridal gowns out of toilet paper always scares me.