Thursday, April 03, 2008

Sorry for the TMI, people but if you don't want to read it, go away now. (It's not that bad though.)

I just got my period today...a freaking WEEK late...I feel like I've been in PMS-mode for the past TWO AND A HALF weeks though (ask D, he can vouch. Ha!). I know it's probably becuz of (1) being off the pill for a full month now, and that my body is adjusting and (2) I feel mildly stressed out and sometimes stress affects when I get my period.

I'm telling you though I feel like utter and total crap! For one thing, I forgot just how badly cramps can hurt when you're off the pill. It feels kind of like this, only doubled, with thorny spikes poking out. Like one of those weapons that looks like a spiked ball on a chain. Yup, that's what my cramps feel like. And on top of that, I'm just SO. TIRED. I can't seem to perk up for some reason. And I have decided to "steal" my coworker's peanut butter cup right off his desk and gobble it up, since he is gone for the day and that peanut buttery goodness should not just sit there staring me down point blank. (don't worry, we're friends, I wouldn't normally take things off other people's desks w/out asking!)

Anyway, was there another point to this post other than to talk about my cramps and my chocolate-cravings? Yes. Can I remember what it is (becuz I've been interrupted like five times already)? No.

No freakin' idea. Eh, it'll come back to me.

Peace out.

3:22 pm Addition!!! I just remembered one thing I wanted to blog about. I was thinking to myself that my bridal party and my do I say this...I think we all have stripper names! Come on....Crystal, April, Lorelei, Carsa (you know I couldn't leave you out girl, LOL)...maybe I should start an escort service or something. Or at the very least throw up a pole in my bedroom. I'm sure Daryl wouldn't mind....


Steph said...

I am with ya sista !!! seriously I am in the same boat I have been popping Advil all freaking day long, and last night I was an utter bitch to my husband, I did aplogize this morning but man I was readyt o rip someones head off.
hang in there it can only get better right?

Sarah said...

Sorry to hear about the cramps! But thanks for stopping by my blog! Can't wait to see your boobs! LOL Okay -- for those wondering what the heck that is all about -- you'll have to come on over and read about it. LOL

Don said...

Glad that your "friend" finally arrived.

April said...

HA HA HA HA!! I didn't know April was a stripper name tho! Crystal for sure (sorry, Crystal, I'm sure you're a nice gal). I think that cramps are always worse when you 're late anyways. Hang in there and take some Aleve - best stuff under the sun.

Poltzie said...

going off of the pill was rough on my body for about three months. After the three months though I felt great, way better than on the pill.
ps. When Mike and I were TTC I found to be really helpful. I signed up for the couse and found out that making a baby isn't as easy as one would think (don't tell anyone in high school that though haha)!
pps. If I was there I would be fighting you for that peanut butter cup!

Dan Mega said...

Just don't take it out on the BF.

"Men- its not our fault!"


Rhea said...

LOL I'm sure your friends love knowing they have stripper names.

Sorry you're having a rough time of cramps and all. That's the worst, and it is much, much more intense when you go off the pill.

Cecily R said...

Ugh. Period cramps and hormone headaches are a raspberry seed in my wisdom tooth for sure! I'm sure being late made things even worse!!

I love the stripper pole idea. You already have the awesome name, so why not?

Robyn said...

going off the pill can do that. sucks.

Chele76 said...

ugh - I hope you are feeling better!!!!

Keri said...

I wanna stripper name

And now welcome to the lovely world of Women Without Pills :)

That's why M should've listened to my BIL and built himself a little house outback to live in once a month.