Thursday, April 17, 2008

Two more work days...two more work days...I can do this.

Two more days of work until...NEWPORT!!

I'm starting to feel more excited and to let some of this funk I'm feeling just melt away. I'm still worried about my grandmother, stressed about money, and ready to have my dang wedding already (in 30 days, people!) but now I'm feeling like I can let it all go a little bit this weekend and just have some fun.

And breathe.
And drink some wine.
And girl talk.
And sight-see some beautiful mansions.
And wear my cute BRIDE tank top.
And giggle.
And have a chance to miss my Big D, a little bit, since this will be the first time (since he moved in with me two years ago) that we will spend the night apart (other than when he's worked all night for work overtime). :-)

I can't wait! Bring on the fun!!!!


Chele76 said...

and so we shall....

Poltzie said...

Oh yes, you go now and have fun, you deserve it!!
Wear that tank top with pride and get really drunk!!
Will be thinking about you lots :)
Oh and WOOHOO, 30 days left!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish I lived in CT and actually knew you so I could go along! You guys make me wish I had friends!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Girl, you totally deserve a fun & relaxing time!

Rhea said...

You're almost there!! Sounds like your weekend will be a blast. I'm jealous.

VBF! said...

Oh you must be so excited!!! I sure am excited for you!! :-) xx

Zoe said...

Yeah! Hope you have a wonderful time!!!

Dan Mega said...

Bring on the fun? You should have said BRING ON THE PAIN

Robyn said...

It sucks having to wait. Have a great time.