Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm so thrilled!

The photographer has posted mine and Big D's wedding photographs and we love each and every single one of them! Please go check them out and let me know what you think! What is your favorite? and then type in: april-daryl (oh and if it DOES ask you for a password, type in the word Tucker)

My next the heck can I narrow it down to ONE favorite print of me and Big D that I will put up in a nice frame in our living room?? :-)

Friday, May 30, 2008

Lots of work and renovations coming up in the 'ol Cashin abode...

Big D and I have big plans for our little house. While I love my cute cape, the size of it is often a tribulation for me. I'm always looking for ways to utilize the (lack of) storage space that we have and make the house altogether more "live-able". I don't like clutter and mess and it drives me insane...yet anyone who has/does lives in a little know that it's almost inevitable!

Project #1 (not necessarily in the order we are doing them): The Kitchen Renovation
We bought a new fridge this past weekend, as Daryl has mentioned in his blog, and while it's been hell with both getting it in the house and then finding out it didn't' work, we are set to have the broken one picked up tomorrow morning and hte new one delivered in it's place. YAY! I'm very excited to have a fridge that not only runs more efficiently but also doesn't freeze food in the refrigerator and let ice cream thaw out in the freezer. Sweet! This weekend we are also going over to D's Uncle Rob's house to pick out and order our new cabinets. If you all recall from a past post, our kitchen needs some serious help. We are going to be replacing all of the cabinets (as well as adding in more cabinets) AND replacing the counter top. Right now we have one slab, against one wall, of counters and a pretty large sink is stuck almost smack-dab in the middle. This equates to no counter top space. Prepping and cooking is a bitch. We either have to lean on the stove top or over the kitchen table to prep food. So we have decided to create a nice L-shaped counter area and put the sink in the corner of the L, coincidentally under the window making me happy that I can stare outside while washing dishes instead of staring at an uneven cabinet. The cabinets we have now are also too low so Uncle Rob will be raising them up...yay! We'll actually be able to fit normal appliances under them, like coffee pots and blenders, instead of having to shove them somewhere else! And cabinet space will multiply thus ending the need to shove extra mixing bowls etc. on a shelf in the basement (great place for them, right?). Uncle Rob will also be installing the used dishwasher he gave us underneath the counter top (where the old sink would have been) thus saving Big D and I from the dreaded argument of "Who is washing the dishes tonight?" Ugh.

Finally, we will be pulling up the horrendously ugly and dirty linoleum flooring and replacing it with either tiles or a pretty floating laminate (i.e. FAKE WOOD) floor like we have done upstairs in the future "Man-Room". And last but not least I will finish tearing down the rest of the dreadful wallpaper (and old wood paneling buried beneath that and paint) and repainting the walls a nice pretty neutral color. I'm thinking of going with a nice mocha latte color. Big D really wants to do wainscoting on the walls but already I am pinching our pennies, in my head, on this project and not sure I'm willing for us to shell out more. (even though Uncle Rob is going to be reno'ing our kitchen for a song and a pays to have handy family members who own their own kitchen renovation businesses!). Also last but not least, I want to buy a smaller kitchen table (one with a leaf) so that our kitchen is not being monopolized by the behemoth that is TABLE (like it currently is).

Project #2: Finishing the Man-Room Upstairs
While this particular project wouldn't normally be at the top of my list, it needs to be done first before the bedroom project (see below) can be started. The flooring is almost done in 3/4 of the upstairs so once it's complete, we can start moving "stuff" up there (i.e. our computer desk, my bookshelf, all my crafting and scrap booking supplies which currently have no home), Daryl's hunting stuff, etc. The upstairs in our house is was formerly an attic (we live in a cape) that was "finished". I use that term loosely as there is no heat up there, just vents in the floor that let the downstairs heat up. Big D (who replaced the old archaic heating system that I had in when I bought the house with a pretty killer, way more efficient vent system) will be running heating vents upstairs as well. So there is the bigger room...then a small hallway...then a teeny tiny room that is currently the cat kitty litter room. I would like to keep the little room as this, becuz it's great not to have to have visible cat litter boxes around when company is over. We recently painted the upstairs but I admit, it's not a very manly color came out way more purple-y then intended. Down the road, if Big D wanted to change the paint color, I wouldn't disagree.

Project #3: Switching the two Bedrooms
We have two small bedrooms in our house. Our bedroom is currently the room facing the back of the house. The room facing the front we use as a computer/dog room. Big D and I would like to switch that, in anticipation of a future child. First and foremost, there is absolutely no space in our current bedroom for a bassinet...with a tall dresser, a mirror dresser, a night stand and a queen sized bed in there...there is just enough room to walk around the 3 sides of the bed. That's it. While I can't say for certain that the computer room is bigger, it is a slightly different shape. More rectangular than square. I think this will be much more beneficial to fitting in a bassinet. (and before you mom's out there tell me I won't need a bassinet, I am a freak.I know I won't want my baby far from me in the beginning so even if I don't end up using one, I still want to have the option if needed.).

Also, living in the "ghetto", especially in the summertime, is very very loud. With or without windows open, you hear the constant thump-thump-thump of the nearby gangta music (which as you all know I normally wouldn't mind, me being a closet-rapper and all, but half of it is not in English. Eh.) as they speed-way up the racetrack that is my street. It would not be a normal day in the ghetto if you didn't hear loud voices, shouting, your neighbors conversations (yes, our houses are that close together), or the neighborhood children who use our street as their personal 4-wheeling trail. Gotta love it. Anyway, I would much prefer our future child to have the back bedroom which is less noisy, and further away from the street so I don't have to worry about anyone breaking in. (My house was broken into once before...thankfully it was while no one was home! But there is always the chance....). So in order to move, we need to completely empty out the front computer room, sand down the lumpy, bumpy walls, repaint and add some crown molding and then finally move our furniture over. The back bedroom will continue to be the dog bedroom (where we keep their cages) until it is needed as anything else. :-)

Project #4: The Driveway
My driveway is big enough to fit two vehicles one behind the other, and that's IF the first vehicle is pulled all the way in almost touching the vinyl siding. Becuz of this, we use a portion of the yard as a parking spot. It's not pretty. Big D is itching to get some paving quotes so that we can widen our driveway and be able to fit cars side-by-side. And possibly even fit THREE or FOUR vehicles in when we have company. WOO HOO!

Project #5: The Backyard Fence
The fence shared by us and our neighbors on the left hand side currently looks like a dilapidated piece of crap right now that is practically falling into our property. If not for Daryl hammering in some extra nails and a piece of plywood, it would be leaning in at a forty five degree angle. VERY ghetto. We are going to ask our neighbor to go in on it, to replace it. Fingers crossed they agree since technically it is their fence as well.

There is so much more that we want to do but I'm just sticking with listing the major changes, right now. I'm tired just rereading through it! But I know it will all get done. We are determined!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Busy, busy weeks ahead! (and yay! they have NOTHING to do with bridesmaid dresses, nail appointments, color schemes or limos!! ha!)

I swear, I feel like I'm rolling into birthday-row now. I have at least three (that I can remember) within the next two weeks or so...Keri's daughter Ava's party is June 7th; my Mom's birthday is actually June 10th so I was thinking of either taking her out to dinner OR doing a small party with cake one night at mine and Big D's house; and then little Julia's 2nd birthday party is June 14th. OH! And of course, we can't forget about Michele's upcoming birthday. ;-) (I don't have my calendar open 'Chele but off the top of my head I'm thinking it's either June 2nd or 3rd???? Am I CLOSE?)

I have to say, even though it will busy, I absolutely LOVE birthdays. I love everything about them. The cake, the presents, the happy birthday boy or girl, watching him or her blow out the candles...its like that one day a year when you can 100% say, "Yes it's my day and I'm special." Of course, as we all get older, birthdays do start to take on different meanings. We worry about wrinkles and gray hairs, aches and pains that we never used to have before, and watching that number on our license get higher and higher.

And if you are all anything like me, at each birthday I have moments of "Hmmm...I'm no where near where I wanted to be at this age." or "Have I accomplished enough in my life so far?" I do yearn for the birthdays of years past where it was all about balloons and cupcakes, sleepovers and movies, giggling and fun. That heady anticipation of my birthday on the horizon would have me laying awake at nights, excited and eager. I still try to make them fun now, but it's still so different of course. I wish I could bring back some of that feeling of excitement, for mine and other's birthdays.

So, I think at Ava and Julia's parties (and hey, maybe even Mom's!) I'm going to give myself license to feel like a kid again. No, I'm not going to steal their toys or cry to my mom that the other kids wont play with me, heh, but I will eat lots of frosting and giggle and sing happy birthday the loudest of all. Watch me!

To all you June babies...

(I was perusing through old pictures looking for the PERFECT birthday cake or present shot to post when I came across the kitty litter cake I made for an ex one year. Priceless! Enjoy!)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Blog friends.


I came into this whole bloggin' expeience not really sure what to expect. For about a year of it, the only person who read my blog (that I know of, heh) was 'Chele who I am friends with in real life...and who turned me onto the bloggin' world. (Thanks,girl! You've created a monster! LOL)

Then I slowly got over that grade school feeling--the thing holding me back from commenting on other people's blogs, you know "oh god, what if they don't like me?"--and the turning point came after reading Keri's blog about her sweet little dog, Ozzie's, passing. The way she seemed to lay her soul on the blog for all to read and relate to, it just touched a chord in me...I could relate and I was so in awe of her ability to share. I had to comment. And that started me on my way....(and then actually meeting Keri in person was fun, strange and one of the coolest feelings's like having someone "know" YOU before they ever MEET YOU! Loved it! And love the fact that I have a great new friend!)

And now I've "met" so many great people online through their blogs, reading about little bits and pieces of each and every one of their lives. The good and the bad. I know their husbands quirky traits, their children's nicknames and funny experiences, and each blogger's personality just seems to leap off the page at me.

You guys make me laugh. You make me cry. You make me appreciate my own life, and how lucky I am, a little bit more each and every day. You make me stop and SMELL the roses. And admire their beauty and how each petal feels beneath my fingertips. I thank you all for that. It may sound incredibly sappy (hey, I'm a big 'ol sap, I won't lie) but it's true!

AND THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR KIND WORDS AND COMPLIMENTS regarding the wedding. It is so sweet and appreciated. My only wish is that I'd have a chance to meet you ALL in person!

And on that note...thank you, thank you, thank you Steph (over at the Daily Grind) for bringing a smile to my face when I walked through the door after work today and saw a package laying on the coffee table.

"Daryl we got a package!" I squealed.

"Duh. Who do you think brought it in the house?" He teased.

Stephanie you are so crafty and sweet! We both love the frame so, so much and can't wait to print out the perfect picture to go into it! And the bracelet is perfect and *SO* me! And even the cute little box it was in...I love it! You are awesome!! I promise to post pictures as soon as I can find my camera...we're still not fully "back" yet from the still looks like a bomb exploded in our house. ;-) But I couldn't not post my appreication to you for your thoughtfulness! and to all my bloggy-buddies for your daily kind words...I'm a comment-whore and I look forward to reading them every day!!!
I'm sure you guys are all wedding picture'd out already from me but hell, I'm going to post a few more. Cuz I'm not tired of them yet! Ha!

These were taken by my mother-in-law and also one of the groomsman (we won't see our professional photos for another week or so).

This is me (nervous, can you tell?) and my mom about to walk down the aisle (with our PIMP limo in the backgrond!!!)

Here is mom handing me off to Big D (with my MOH behind me).

You might have to click on this to see it bigger (since he's far away) but the look on Big D's face, when he sees me for the first time, is priceless!

Here is the bridge we got married on...and what a gorgeous day it was!

Going in for the ceremony smooch!!

We did it!!!

Me crying a little on D's shoulder...AFTER the ceremony was over!

Big D and his new brother-in-law!

The happy couple...ready to party!

Cupake frosting, anyone?

My pretty bridesmaid Carsa and groomsman John.

Awww, too sweet, the mother and son dance.

Now we both have frosting on our faces!

Dancing (and hugging!) with my best friend's father, Ray. This was a bittersweet moment for me...there weren't many dry eyes in the house.

This was fun...see the guy waaaaaay over in the right hand side in the light blue shirt? (my friend Sarah's boyfriend, Lou) He dove, like his life depended on it, and got the garter then proceeded to do the FUNNIEST dance ever around the girl who caught the bouquet, all to the mission impossible theme music!

Boogying with my cousin, Gabby.

Me and some of my them all!

The flower toss, duh!

And here is Michele, Keri and Sarah shakin' it!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

More pictures for your viewing pleasure from mine and Big D's honeymoon:

Right after I hopped on Domino, for our one hour horse ride.

This is Achilles, the big boy Daryl rode on. Him and Domino were good buddies. We were told not to let our horses eat anything off the trail since they are well fed...out of the seven horses or so which two do you think tried snacking on greenery? Yup, you guessed it, Domino and Achilles.

"Does this thing have a steering wheel???"

A pretty butterfly from Minnie's butterfly garden in EPCOT.

Big D loves this pic that he took. Pretty flowers!

Walt Disney Getting ready for our dinner out at a restaurant in "Germany" in Epcot. Had a fabulous time!! Ticki Tocki, Ticki Tocki!
Daryl's friend asks, "Does my nose look big?"
No, I'm not hitch hiking.

Well we are back from the honeymoon in Florida. I can't believe the week is over! We arrived back in CT today around 3pm to beautiful sunshine and mild temperatures which was a pleasant surprise since apparently the whole week we were gone the weather was cold and crappy. I'm sad to see everythind end but I'm not going to lie...both Big D and I are really looking forward to life getting back to "normal" now. We are both so done with the hectic pace.

How the heck are you all doing? I feel like I've missed so much on everyone else's blogs even though I know it's only been about ten to twelve days. I promise to get back into the swing of reading and commenting soon!

Tomorrow is Memorial Day...I hope you all have beautiful weather, and grill dinner, and have a fun and relaxing day!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our romantic horse drawn carriage ride last night. Go, Big D!!

This is the cute pin they gave each of us when we checked in at the hotel.

Daryl at Ecpot (Minnie's butterfly garden).

Me and Big D outside our hotel room, by the river.

My favorite little wizard.

Yeah I'm Goofy, what's your point?

Okay guys, I'm posting a quick hello blog since Daryl got internet for our laptop today. I just wanted to say we're having an awesome honeymoon...I'm loving every minute of it!! I'll just post a couple of pictures (even though I think Daryl may have already posted these on his blog) and then it's off to bed! We are getting up pretty early tomorrow to go to Circle D Ranch (Disney) to go horse back riding!! My Big D made reservations...he has been surprising the hell out of me with fun stuff to do (including the very romantic night time horse drawn carriage ride by the river. i loved every minute of it!)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Big D and I had the MOST fantastic wedding day. EVER. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of time to blog cuz still running instead of wedding planning it's getting ready for the honeymoon (we leave tomorrow!). I'm going to share a couple of pictures that were taken with mine and Daryl's little point and click (but with the good camera for some of the rehearsal shots). So not the greatest quality, but you get the idea. And I PROMISE to update you all on everything as soon as I have the time!!! Hope everyone is well!

So, first are some pictures from our fun rehearsal and dinner...

The whole gang at dinner, after rehearsal.
Big D and I at rehearsal.
Big D posing with his mom.

And then with our ring bearer, AJ.

Me posing with the girls at the rehearsal.

Concentrating with the JP and the venue coordinator while Big D and the guys goofed off.

Smiling on the bridge (where we would be saying our vows).

The entire (gigantic) bridal party.

Me and one of my beautiful flower girls, Rian.

Here is me and my matron of honor riding in our freakin' PIMP limo!

Big D ready to cut loose.

Our pretty cupcake cake...we LOVED it.

My beautiful dress. It kicked ass.

Getting a little love from the ladies.

I have more pictures (on this camera) of Big D with the ladies, then I do with the BRIDE. LOL

Me and Auggie (groomsman) hamming it up.

Shakin' our money-makers.

I won't lie. I danced the ENTIRE. DAY.

Daryl and his boys (one of which is a groomsman).

My silly drunk MOH April and bridesmaid Carsa.

Big D, my Mom (with her eyes closed), our ring bearer AJ and moi.
Big D and his mama.

Dancing at the end of the day, tired but happy....

Love him.