Thursday, May 29, 2008

Busy, busy weeks ahead! (and yay! they have NOTHING to do with bridesmaid dresses, nail appointments, color schemes or limos!! ha!)

I swear, I feel like I'm rolling into birthday-row now. I have at least three (that I can remember) within the next two weeks or so...Keri's daughter Ava's party is June 7th; my Mom's birthday is actually June 10th so I was thinking of either taking her out to dinner OR doing a small party with cake one night at mine and Big D's house; and then little Julia's 2nd birthday party is June 14th. OH! And of course, we can't forget about Michele's upcoming birthday. ;-) (I don't have my calendar open 'Chele but off the top of my head I'm thinking it's either June 2nd or 3rd???? Am I CLOSE?)

I have to say, even though it will busy, I absolutely LOVE birthdays. I love everything about them. The cake, the presents, the happy birthday boy or girl, watching him or her blow out the candles...its like that one day a year when you can 100% say, "Yes it's my day and I'm special." Of course, as we all get older, birthdays do start to take on different meanings. We worry about wrinkles and gray hairs, aches and pains that we never used to have before, and watching that number on our license get higher and higher.

And if you are all anything like me, at each birthday I have moments of "Hmmm...I'm no where near where I wanted to be at this age." or "Have I accomplished enough in my life so far?" I do yearn for the birthdays of years past where it was all about balloons and cupcakes, sleepovers and movies, giggling and fun. That heady anticipation of my birthday on the horizon would have me laying awake at nights, excited and eager. I still try to make them fun now, but it's still so different of course. I wish I could bring back some of that feeling of excitement, for mine and other's birthdays.

So, I think at Ava and Julia's parties (and hey, maybe even Mom's!) I'm going to give myself license to feel like a kid again. No, I'm not going to steal their toys or cry to my mom that the other kids wont play with me, heh, but I will eat lots of frosting and giggle and sing happy birthday the loudest of all. Watch me!

To all you June babies...

(I was perusing through old pictures looking for the PERFECT birthday cake or present shot to post when I came across the kitty litter cake I made for an ex one year. Priceless! Enjoy!)


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday to all your friends. Any time there is a party with a cake I'm like a little girl all over again. Yum, cake!

Amy said...

Every year since I turned 24 (the age my mom was when she had me. . .actually, two months shy of her 24th birthday), I think, "When my mom was my age, I was 4 and my sister was 2. . .I was 6 and my sister 4." In July I'm 33, so now it's, "When my mom was my age, I was 9 and my sister was 7." That makes me feel old, but I try to rationalize by saying my parents had kids way too young!

Krystyn said...

Classic...kitty litter cake! For the ex none-the-less!

What about serving guacamole in a diaper (heard of that, too) for the festivities, or dirt dessert?

Stephanie said...

I always wanted my birthday to be in June. It's in December though. So I got married in June ;) I love birthdays too - I get all giddy and do a countdown to mine when it is close!

Chele76 said...


OK, it's really not my Brithday today... but you brought that out of me. lol

(and yes - it's the 3rd. Ava is the 2nd. lol)

Kel said...

Birthdays are great, you should definitely be a 'kid' again and enjoy the festivities. BTW...loved the cake pic!

jules said...

That cake is so funny...
Do you still have the recipe?
We're having a 'over the hill' party for my aunt this yr and she is a cat lady.LOL- it wouold be funny!!!

Chele-for Sass, what do you think?

Mrs. Kitty said...

Kitty litter cake?! Yuck.... oh I mean Yum! lol. Isn't it nice not having to deal with the stressors of the wedding? I remember LOVING that part.

Chele76 said...

omg jule.... Sas would eat it up! err... no pun intended. lol

Tranny Head said...

I LOVE love love the kitty litter cakes and hope that one day somebody will make one for me. I hope that it will actually BE a cake and not a box of cat crap.

Poltzie said...

I actually Love getting older because every year since I was 21 has brought me something wonderful!
Just think by your birthday next year you could be pregnant!
ps. Love that kitty litter cake :)

Flea said...

Mmm! Kitty Litter! Nothing says Happy Birthday like kitty litter. :)

We have two birthdays plus Father's Day in June. Ugh. Birthdays and I don't get along very well. Glad you like them!

Steph said...

I share your feeling on birthday's I LOVE them! So tell us when is the big day????

~**Dawn**~ said...

It's a busy month for me too!
June 3 - Chele
June 6 - Mom's anniversary
June 7 - Dad's anniversary
June 9 - god daughter's birthday
June 10 - brother's anniversary
June 25 - little brother's birthday

And this was actually pared down! Ex-fiance's father & ex-friend were also June 25, and ex-boyfriend was June 19!

April said...

Let me just clarify...MY birthday is not till December! (Steph, I'm a December baby too!)

I just love celebrating other people's birthdays, as well. ;-)

Rhea said...

kitty litter cake? Ewww!!!