Monday, May 05, 2008

December 6, 1950-May 5, 2002

Six years ago this afternoon Dad, your shining presence faded away, extinguishing your living candle's flame with the quick puff of a gentle breeze. I thought how horrible it was for Mom and Sean and I to have to watch you go, to wonder what your last thoughts were as your eyes bore so intently into your wife's, as your body continued to shut down. But now I am grateful to have spent that last moment with you. It is that gentle, soothing ebb and flow of life. You were there as I came into this world, Daddy, and I was privileged enough to watch you leave it.

And since I will be marrying the love of
my life in two more weeks, I figured it was only fitting to post a picture of you with the love your life.

I leave you with a poem I wrote about a year after you died, Daddy. As I stared at a photo of you I realized that just becuz you were no longer here in body, it didn't mean you were no longer here in spirit. In my memories. In my heart.

By: Me

With warm brown eyes,
he smiles at me.
With strong, comforting arms,
he protects me.
His love,
Soft and muted,
but sure,
Like the sunrise
in the early morning.
His love is
And will always be,
A warm embrace
In my darkest hours.


Chele76 said...


Keri said...

simply... ((hug))

Krystyn said...

What a sweet remembrance of you dad.

Stephanie said...

That poem was so sweet!

Anonymous said...

double ((hug))

Steph said...

I have goose bumps and tears all at the same time.

~**Dawn**~ said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, April! I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to come over and start commenting again. You have been in my thoughts these last few weeks . . . your dad, your grandmother, the wedding . . . I can only imagine the thoughts and emotions swirling around in your head right now. I am wishing you strength and courage in the days and weeks ahead.

(And a huge thank you to you for all of the wonderful thoughts and comments you have left for me - to take the time to do that in the midst of your own 'happenings' really means more to me than I could ever express!)

krissy said...

I'm embracing you sweetheart.

The pain runs deep, I can tell. I had to dry my tears as I couldn't even phathom this pain, although someday I know I will.

Love you sweetheart and big hugs!!

Taj said...

What a lovely poem! And as the other have done....((hug)).

Robyn said...

Very beautiful.

Poltzie said...

That was beautiful April! I bet your dad would of been quite proud of who you've become and who you've choosen to marry.
ps. Two Weeks OMG!!

Rhea said...

What a great looking couple! Your mom's dress is awesome.

What a touching post. I know it must be emotional thinking about your dad. :o(