Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm sure you guys are all wedding picture'd out already from me but hell, I'm going to post a few more. Cuz I'm not tired of them yet! Ha!

These were taken by my mother-in-law and also one of the groomsman (we won't see our professional photos for another week or so).

This is me (nervous, can you tell?) and my mom about to walk down the aisle (with our PIMP limo in the backgrond!!!)

Here is mom handing me off to Big D (with my MOH behind me).

You might have to click on this to see it bigger (since he's far away) but the look on Big D's face, when he sees me for the first time, is priceless!

Here is the bridge we got married on...and what a gorgeous day it was!

Going in for the ceremony smooch!!

We did it!!!

Me crying a little on D's shoulder...AFTER the ceremony was over!

Big D and his new brother-in-law!

The happy couple...ready to party!

Cupake frosting, anyone?

My pretty bridesmaid Carsa and groomsman John.

Awww, too sweet, the mother and son dance.

Now we both have frosting on our faces!

Dancing (and hugging!) with my best friend's father, Ray. This was a bittersweet moment for me...there weren't many dry eyes in the house.

This was fun...see the guy waaaaaay over in the right hand side in the light blue shirt? (my friend Sarah's boyfriend, Lou) He dove, like his life depended on it, and got the garter then proceeded to do the FUNNIEST dance ever around the girl who caught the bouquet, all to the mission impossible theme music!

Boogying with my cousin, Gabby.

Me and some of my girls...love them all!

The flower toss, duh!

And here is Michele, Keri and Sarah shakin' it!!


Stephanie said...

I love weddings and yours looked truly beautiful. I still am in awe of the dress! I'm so happy for you!

Melissa said...

Are ya kidding? The more pictures the better. Bring 'em on!!

You look great and you both look so happy!

Kori said...

I'm with Melissa more pictures please. You guys looked amazing.

Krystyn said...

Thanks for sharing more! Who doesn't like wedding pictures!

I LOVE the back of your dress (especially) all of those ruffles!

Melek said...

how wonderful! you look gorgeous!

kittyconcerto.com said...

Your a picture perfect bride! You look amazing. Again love love love the dress. But most importantly you and your hubby look happy and in love. Can't wait to see more Yay!!!

OH and that sucks about your couch. Oh I would be maaaaaaaaaad. And *lol* no I didn't think you would beat your animals. hahaha. But we sure want to sometimes tho....

Steph said...

Oh I love the look on his face pricesless! Keep sharing babies and wedding photos I can never get enough of.

BTW SWEET dress!!!!

krissy said...

Oh my God you were Gorgous. The dress, the look, the you! Absolutely beautiful.

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!

I'm sorry I've been missing...I haven't been feeling well so I had to take a break from blog world. But my good God, you pictures just made me feel a whole lot better.

Gorgous. And big D wasn't so shabby himself.

Amy said...

I love that he was wearing sunglasses - he had to shield himself from your hotness.

Tranny Head said...

Ooh! I can't wait to see the pro pictures - keep on posting 'em!

tricki_nicki said...

I just cannot get over how beautiful your dress was! And I'm with everyone else, there isn't a woman alive that doesn't like to see happy wedding photos!

By the way, I LOVED Big D's shirt in your last post. I'm totally getting one for my hubby for our trip to D-Land this summer!

Poltzie said...

I could never get sick of those pics! Keep posting them. I love your dress!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Tired of wedding photos?? NO WAY!! I love that look on D's face when he caught sight of you! And that photo of you two with the caption of ready to party? I hope you get a copy of that & frame is because that just totally captures joy & love right there. =)

Dan Mega said...

You look stunning in that dress.

Robyn said...

It looks like you had a gorgeous day and an awesome wedding site. I love photos.

Rhea said...

I love all the wedding pictures you share! It looks like everyone had such a great time, and you look so happy. Your dress is just gorgeous. I said it before and I really meant it! You're beautiful!

Great pictures! What happy memories.

Scott said...

Whew! Are any of those HOT bridesmaids single? Send them to my blog if they are!

Scott said...

Oh, DUH! That was rather rude of me... Congrats on your great wedding! I hope you enjoy the married life!

Cecily R said...

What a BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL wedding!!! You and D are a gorgeous couple April!!

Heather said...

keep posting i want to see more!

Zoe said...

what a beautiful bride!!! oh and d looks good too!