Thursday, June 26, 2008

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Okay, so I realize Photostory Friday is about ONE picture, in most instances, but I'm a total glutton. One picture is sometimes just not enough.

I was going back through old albums when I found mine and Daryl's camping trip to the White Mountains in New Hampshire (I am in love with the White Mountains and try to go every year, if I can).

It was just me, Big D, and our two crazy dogs.

Here is Tucker and Daisy, doing what they do best. Sleeping. Every time we were in the car longer than 20 minutes, they crashed out. (Sorry for the sideways photo!)

Aaahhhh, nature. Camping.
The smell of a toasty campfire burning.
The cool night air fresh and clean in your lungs.
The chirp of your cell phone signaling an important text message.

So romantic. I opened up my bottle of booze (er, juice?) to find this lovely line. (and please, God, excuse my disgusting short and dirty finger nails! I had just ripped off my acrylics 2 days before AND hadn't showered in a day or so.)

And in case you are wondering, was our night "thrilling"? Hell, we didn't even wait for the night.

Our afternoon was thrilling. Heh heh.

This is the site we saw outside our truck window, while driving up Mount Washington. This is probably about the point I almost pissed my pants. Both from insane fear(if you don't like heights, please, please for the love of God, don't go!), and an overly full bladder. (I won't lie, instead of the bumper sticker-- which mind you flew out of my hand at the top and over the side of the mountain--that says "This car climbed Mt. Washington", it should have said "This girl peed on Mt. Washington". Details and picture NOT to follow. Yes, there is a picture.)

This is Big D looking all GQ and Rico Suave-ish standing next to the very, very steep mountainside in freezing cold winds that whipped me around like a twig, but yet seemed to have no effect on the man.

Then there is me. Freakin' freezing in my hoodie, squinting with tears gushing from my eyes due to the winds, smiling nervously and oh-so-aware of the deathly drop behind me, short hair blown crazily back and glasses that, now looking back, seemed strangely too small for my face. Stylish.

Okay, so maybe Big D should have gotten that bumper sticker, too? We were already half way down and there was no absolutely no way he was going to be able to hold it. Shhhh! Don't tell!

The fur-babies loved sitting next to me (or in Daisy's case, on me) by the campfire.

And for the times when my lap was not readily accessible for Her Highness, she would curl up quite content in the chair. And yes, don't poke fun, my dog is wearing a sweater. That little shit shivers like it's fifty below!

Aaahhhh...breathe in, imagine that crisp air and say it with me, "New Haaaaampshire. We love you. We'll be back soon!"

Good times.
Boy, oh boy, am I tired and cranky and irritable today or what???

If people know what's good for them, they'll stay away! Already my boss has been giving me many weird looks this morning. I've been speaking in a gloomy monotone all morning. And I just can't seem to shake it! It's one of those kinda days where you focus on EVERY little negative thing going on in your life right now. A pity party, if you will. I'm trying to fight it but so far the mood is winning.

One good thing...TOMORROW I only work three hours. I have to keep reminding myself of that. And Monday I am off. Of course, that means today that I have a ton more work to get accomplished to make up for that time I won't be here. Bummer. And I really feel like pulling my hair out strand by strand some days when I'm's either crazy or completely boring. No happy medium.

But I can't wait to go visit Carsa, Allen and the boys in Maine! We're leaving around 1:00pm-ish Friday afternoon. The lucky dogs are being watched by their Auntie Lorelei, who they love immensely. She spoils them something fierce while we're gone. And Big D and I can get away from the craziness of life (and work!) for a few days.

We're coming, girl! Tell Allen to have my
margarita ready and waiting!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm feeling so fucking frustrated (please 'scuse my French) today.

My family is driving me to drink, I especially want to run home to that huge lovely bottle of Riesling that sits unopened and lonely in my fridge. Granted, I can't even allow myself to go there (figuratively and literally) till I hit up the gym for some cardio tonight first. I have repeatedly told myself "you must go to the gym at least 3x a week! you must!". So far I have yet to listen to myself. *sigh*

And now my family...WHY are some people so fucking STUPID? And selfish? And lazy? WHY do they continually make life SO MUCH HARDER for others? WHY, WHY, WHY?

I don't really feel like going into details. I don't have the energy, the time or the stomach to rehash certain family members idiocy. I want skittles or peanut butter cups. I know that won't help. So I will be sure to detour FAR, FAR away from the vending machine all day.

GRRRR!! Do you think it would look funny, or slightly crazy, for me to scream my frustrations and irritation into a pillow here at the office? (yes, we have pillows in the building. Come on, guys, I told you this is a massage school!)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I received very, very HAPPY mail today while at work! The wedding photos I ordered came in!! (p.s. the pics in this post are NOT the professional shots that I'm talking about)

It's been a little over a month now and I had finally gotten (or at least I thought) completely out of wedding-mode, but then I tore into the envelope and practically shook with excitement to see the photos in front of me, it brought it all back in a wave. It was like I got to re-enact the day all over again, even sitting here at my desk at work.

There are some moments from my wedding that I will never forget:

1. Walking down the "aisle" with my mom (squeezing her hand so hard I'm surprised I didn't crack a bone or something) with the most nervous smile on my face that I could recall ever having, my eyes frantically searching through the crowd for Daryl's gaze (we didn't get married in a church and it wasn't a typical aisle with seating on each side. We said our vows in a garden, on a small bridge, while the guests were all kind of off to the right of the bridge. So when I walked out, the guests were on my right in sort of a half-moon shape--with parents and grandparents on the left of me in special seating--and my first frantic thought, as flashes from cameras burst like lightning bugs all around me, was "Where is he???". My mom walked me along the path that branched out to the left of the bridge and suddenly there he was, before us. At that moment, I saw no one else. From that moment on (and pretty much throughout the whole night) it was Daryl's face front and center and then everyone else just receded into a blur in the background. I don't know how to describe it other than, if you were MORE than an arm's length away from me, I never really focused on your face (no offense, everyone who was there!). I only had eyes for my husband.

So anyway, there he is at the bottom of the bridge and it was nothing and everything like I had expected that moment to be. It was nothing like I expected, becuz I could not wipe that crazy-silly grin off of my face at the sight of him, and I almost felt on the verge of the giggles. It was nothing like I expected becuz not one tear fell through-out the ceremony. Those that know me best, were most likely shocked. It was nothing like I expected because I don't remember saying our vows as a whole, it all happened so fast (thank goodness we are getting it all on dvd!), but what I do remember vividly was sliding that ring on to Big D's finger (and him to me) and our eyes communicating what we didn't need words for.

It was everything like I expected in that it was the most magical moment of my life. It was everything I expected in that Daryl couldn't take his eyes off of me and continually whispered to me how gorgeous I looked. It was everything I expected in that my hands shook as we exchanged rings and afterwards I clasped his hand, out of sight of everyone, and held on with all my might. It was everything that I expected in that I felt completed, fully and wholly, for the first time in my entire life.

2. One of my favorite moments of the entire day is probably not going to sound very traditional nor will it sound romantic. But it was priceless. We had completed the ceremony, and were standing off to the side together, alone but not quite alone. I had my arm around Big D and was whispering in his ear some words that I don't need to share with all of you. Heh. I finally did tear up at that moment, surprisingly, and even said I was surprised I made it through the walk (minus Dad) and the vows with no trace of a tear and yet here I am, standing off to the side with Daryl, done, and crying. He comforted me and we smiled together..

And then Daryl leaned over with a mischivious grin and whispered in my ear, "I totally want to bang you in that dress, later." Before I could reply, we heard a snort from about ten feet away, across the bridge. There stood the wildy-grinning videographer, with his camera in hand, pointing to Daryl's lapel. He laughed and simply said, "Microphone."

And Daryl and I immediately burst out laughing.

"Don't worry, guys," The videographer promised. "I can edit that out of the final cut."

"No, don't!" Daryl shot back. "This is totally us!"

Freakin' Awesome.

3. Our first dance. Believe it or not, I don't think Daryl and I had ever slow-danced before together. We had never been to a wedding or big party together before (weird, I know, huh?) and I wondered how we would fit together. Well it was like puzzle pieces.A perfect fit, a perfect union of bodies and souls. And again, dsepite my earlier nerves at being the "center of attention" in front of a 100 people, I didn't see anyone but my Big D. The song ended way too soon for my liking.

4. The cupcake "cutting". We toasted our cupcakes and promised each other not to smoosh it into the other's face.

"I paid too much for my makeup for that!" I told Big D.

So I gently fed Daryl his bite of cupcake. He, not quite so gently but still not smooshing, stuffed a bite into my mouth. We posed for photos and smiled at each other and kissed. I finished licking off the frosting on our shared cupcake and looked down at the plain yellow cake in my hand. The gears started to turn.

It's just cake, I thought mischiviously. Not messy at all.

And in one swooping graceful arc, I jammed the yellow cake into Big D's face! As yellow crumbs sprinkled down onto his lapel, I giggled at my cleverness. The crowd laughed! The crowd cheered! They watched delightfully as Big D came at me like a spider monkey with a fully-frosted cupcake and an evil glint in his eye.

"My makeup! My dress!" I managed to cry before bright blue frosting smeared all over my nose and lips. Mmmmm...frosting. Believe it or not, we managed to clean me up without wiping off all my makeup. AND even better, not one blue speck made it onto my dress. I daintily picked blue frosting from out of my nostrils. Such a lady.

The icing on this cake? At the end of the day, as I said my goodbye's to family and friends, thanking them all for sharing in our special day, my uncle's girlfriend Anna casually mentioned,
"Hey, April, did you know you still have blue frosting up your nose?" Classic.

It was the end of the night, our friends who had been hanging out with us at the house after the wedding and eating pizza and drinking beer had finally left. I was tired, drained, happy. I know it doesn't sound very romantic but I was in my comfy pj's just chilling out in our living room. Daryl was seated on the couch and I was seated on the floor below, leaning against his leg, reading through the special messages that everyone had written for us. (Instead of a sign in book at the reception, we left out small card stock and pens for people to write down favorite wedding advice, memories, quotes, etc. My intention is to put them all in a wedding scrapbook that I plan on making.)

Some people wrote us silly stuff. Some people wrote us simple messages ("Always be kind to each other!"). And some left us age-old marriage advice. And I thought to myself how different (and random!) each message was but how it still fit us as a couple. This amazing path that we were headed down....this is our life from here on in.

Daryl and I share a crazy, silly, passionate, loving, bratty, intense, playful love. We are very different from our friends. We are romantic, even though it's not always something that others see. We are often silly together...our relationship is based a lot on laughter. And when we disagree it can be intense, as we both are strong-willed and stubborn...however, we are always willing to communicate and work things out. We never go to bed angry. We have tickle and wrestling wars often, and I love it. Daryl makes me laugh when nothing/no one else can. He makes me cry cuz I'm so thankful he chose me. He is my teddy bear, my boy, and the father of our future children (god help those future children with these crazy parents!)

And I couldn't dream of ever not having him in my life!!

Love you, husband!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Ugh, Monday mornings suck! I can't believe how hard of a time I had waking up this morning. I'm definitely not a freakin' morning person.

Anyway, had a pretty decent weekend. Friday night Big D and I went to our favorite Mexican place for margaritas and yummy food. We had a fun date together. We need to do those more often! :-) Then Saturday I went over my mom's house to lend her a carpet cleaner and ended up spending a couple of hours hanging out and visiting wit her. And my Grammie popped up at one point and had tea with us. She is not dealing well with the chemo and radiation. She sleeps all the time and has absolutely no energy. Pretty much all she can swallow (her throat is raw from the radiation) is oatmeal...anything else other than soft, bland oatmeal burns and hurts her throat. And what does not help anyting is the fact that she is still trying to do everything the same as before: scrub her kitchen floor, prune her flowers, take my Uncle's dog out--the dog who mind you who is so old that she can barely walk up and down the stairs on her own so that my grandmother used to have to carry (a Sheltie) her but obviously she can't do that anymore. My dumb-ass uncle just kind of abandoned the poor dog at his sick mother's house. Nice, right? Anyway, after visiting, I went home and cleaned and scrubbed every inch of the bathroom. We're going away to Maine to visit Carsa, Allen and the kids, this coming weekend and a friend is house/dog sitting so I want the house to sparkle for her! Sunday Big D and I went strawberry picking...we didn't get much cuz it's the end of the season, but got enough to make strawberry shortcakes for dessert! Then we watched a movie and invited my mom over for dinner, dessert and a movie. That was nice. I love spending time with my mom!

And now here we are again Monday morning...the weekend went by TOO FAST. Anyway don't think I'll be creating a Menu Plan this week. I didn't get a chance to go food shopping this weekend so now even sure what we have in the house. It's not much though. We'll be eating a lot of pasta this week, I think until we leave on Friday!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Crap, who the hell told me to watch an episode of Extreme Home Makeover??? I swear each family tears at my heart.

Someone get me a freakin' tissue...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I got my period this morning.

Obviously, I'm completely bummed.

It's not like I thought I was pregnant or anything, but I bet each month until my period comes, I'll go through this whole crazy cycle every 28 days.

Last night, on a whim, I went to CVS to look at ovulation testing kits. I stood there reading the backs of all the boxes, looking at price tags, contemplating. I text messaged Sarah for her opinion and she suggested I wait on buying one since they are kinda pricey, and since I am just starting out, it's only been one to two months of trying. So I slowly put the box back down, but at this rate, I couldn't walk out empty-handed so I grabbed a 3-pack of EPT pregnancy tests, figuring even if I don't need it this month, I'll now have it on hand for when I do. Oh and I grabbed a gigantic bag 'o Skittles, too. Yep, I definitely was PMS'ing.

Anyway, I woke up this morning with the most insane cramps ever and in a cranky-ass bad mood. I told Daryl that I knew I was getting my period so he tried to joke around to make me feel better.

"Don't worry honey. We'll have fun trying again this month. I'll work extra hard so you can hop on that pregnancy-train." He said with a smile, before leaving for work. (We know a couple of people now that are pregnant.)

Anyway, here I sit on the couch under a blanket this morning, stuffing my face with Skittles, and reading blogs, trying to cheer myself up. I pulled open one of my favorite new blogs, Kitty Concerto, and lo and behold Mrs. Kitty's post is ALL about ovulation testing kits (she, like me, is trying to conceive). So at that moment I decided I'm going to run back to the store, either today or tomorrow, and pick one up after all. I'm going to trust my gut. I've been analyzing different web sites inputting my information and figuring out my most fertile days but of course there is some difference in the information. I'm figuring the kits will hopefully be a little more clearer for me to understand.

But for now, I'm going to continue to eat Skittles.

Friday, June 20, 2008

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My PhotoStory Friday for this week is about Life.

There is nothing I love more than sweet little baby feet. And staring at these feet the last time they visited my house, made me so thankful. My friend Crystal was told long ago that she would never have children due to some medical issues. These little toes actually belong to her second child, Gabriella. This picture makes me so thankful that Crystal was blessed to become a mother, twice over, because she was certainly born for it.

And this second picture of little Gabby is a bonus! How can anyone not look at a baby...and smile??? Something in their innocent eyes, their sweet chubby cheeks, that just makes me feel good...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Okay, sorry for the crappy pictures (I took them with my cell phone...duh...sorry) but here is my before and after!! I will try to have Big D take a better shot for me tonight and hopefully you will be able to see it better. The side pieces are still long enough to touch my shoulders, however, the back is short and funky and layered and I LOVE it! And oh my GOSH, my hair seemed to have so much height this morning! Believe me, this excites me, as someone with pancake straight hair and the longer it gets, the flatter it usually lays.



Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Say GOODBYE to my long(ish) hair!!!

In an hour I'll be heading to my lovely aunt's salon to get my hair chopped.

I just can't take the long locks takes forever to dry, and my hair is so fine and staight that all it does is HANG. I want something shorter, cuter and easier to maintain. Does that make me sound like an old lady? LOL "Easier to maintain???"

I promise to post an 'after' shot either later or tomorrow! Wish me luck!
Well I'm trying to figure out ways to de-stress and relax. After the year and a half of nonstop wedding planning stress, mixed in with financial worries and a dash of family I've added into the mix the anxiousness I feel about trying to conceive.

And when I'm stressed out, I get horrible stomach aches. That's how my body deals. Best friends with the bathroom. Ugh. Nice, huh? So after my day-long stomach ache yesterday (from the moment I woke up to when I went to sleep) I had HAD enough. So my new focus is going to be on relaxing my mind and body, eating better (and maybe that will help diminish the stomach aches) and getting myself in shape and prime-baby-making condition (and less worry about the actual process right now).

Monday after work, I joined the gym! Got a coupon in the mail for past members that said to rejoin for $15/month. You can't beat that with a stick! So I changed my clothes at work and off I went. When I was signing up for my membership the woman was like, "Using this coupon/rate, you need to sign a 6-month contract." I didn't even bat an eye lash, just smiled and nodded and signed my name on the dotted line. I also signed up online for which is only $9/month. I love this's an awesome calorie counter among other things. Hopefully between the two, there is hope to get my ass in gear!!

I had planned on going to the gym again last night (cuz Wednesday night I have a hair appointment) but my day-long stomach ache made that idea not very appealing. So once home, I popped in a yoga DVD that I have not done in years and started breathing and stretching my way to relaxation. Fifteen or twenty minutes into it, just as I was thinking, "Damn I feel good!", the freakin' DVD froze and wouldn't work again. Bummer. But now I'm convinced I want to keep up with some type of yoga or pilates work out on a regular basis (I used to do Pilate's years ago and my body was SO strong at that time!) so off I'll go my lunch break to Target to buy one (maybe two?) DVDS to do at home in conjunction with my gym-going. And if it makes me feel that good mentally every time I do it? That's all the more reason for me to keep up with it!!

I've decided not to focus so much on my weight and what I "should" lose and instead focus more on getting myself into shape, fitting better in my clothes and just generally feeling GOOD about myself and in my skin!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So do you all remember, way back when, when I invited you to ask me any questions you wanted? Okay, so I guess it was only about three months ago, but it feels like forever-ago. I'm finally ready to answer your questions!

1. The very first question was asked by OHMommy and she wanted to know:
What is the most embarassing thing that has happened to you, that you are willing to share?

Boy, how do I narrow it down to THE most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to me? I've embarrassed myself so many, many times through-out my life. One childhood embarrasment that sticks out is I was playing outside the school and one of my friends knocked me over. I was dressed in a skirt, nylons...and NO UNDIES that day. Yep, you guessed it, my skirt flew up and all my bits were exposed for the middle school population to see. Moritifcation.
Another time, I was about sixteen and working at Filene's (which is now called Macy's but before Filene's was G. Fox, how confusing!) and some lady wanted help getting a shirt down. I led her across the aisle and was walking so fast that I tripped and almost fell on my face in front of her. As I swung around quickly, my face flaming, to make a witty mockery of myself, my holey (hey, it was the early ninety's, what do you want!) shirt hooked onto a nearby clothing rack and I almost dragged the shirt rack down to the ground with me. I felt like a total idiot.

2. Rhea at Word Tangle asked me:
What's the most disgusting thing you've ever eaten? answer for this is not very interesting becuz I'm sure a lot of you love these foods but I absolutely loathe: shrimp, mushrooms, olives, and really fishy-tasting seafood. I hate the consistency of it all in my mouth and when it comes to fishy fish, ugh, I can't even swallow it down.

3. Scott asked me a question about my wedding, and I'm embarrassed that I'm answering it now, after the wedding:
What are you most excited about for your wedding? What are you most stressed about?
I have to say that I was most excited about slow-dancing with Big D. We have only really had a chance to do it once (I swear, can ONE of you unmarried friends of mine get married? I feel like I haven't been to any weddings, other than my own, in years!) and staring into each other's eyes. And it was even better than I expected, I didn't see anyone, anyone at all even when the rest of the bridal party came out on the floor, but Big D and his beautiful brown eyes. And what stressed me out the most? PAYING for it all! Thank gawd that part is over! LOL

4. I think Dan Mega's question was my favorite:
Could you take chele in a fight?
I'd like to think I can hold my own in a fight...believe it or not, I've never once been in a physcal fight with anyone (other than my brother growing up, heh heh). Since I've met Big D, I think I've gotten tougher in that department. We wrestle a lot (get your minds out of the gutter, people! Our clothes are ON! LOL) and even though Big D's bicep is bigger than my head, I've gotten better at getting out of holds, etc. Now that 'Chele is beefing up her own biceps, I think there is the chance she could kick my ass, however, I would like to think it would be a pretty even fight! LOL I can be one tough biatch if I want to be.

5. Robyn asked me a good question, indeed:
What is your favorite thing, besides Big D?
While I have a hard time narrowing it down to one item, I know exactly what those couple items are. I could not live without my: cell phone (my lifeline to everyone I love), my computer (I use it for everything), coffee (mmm...might be a problem when I get preggo though!) and my kitties and doggies (they give me unconditional love, and laughter, almost every single day and I'm grateful for them!).

6. Another wedding-related question. Alf asked me:
How much do you love your wedding registries???
Honestly? When we first created it, I LOVED it. But then afterwards I realized how much more I love cash. Ha! You said you wanted honesty. ;-)

7. Heather over at My Happy Place asked me:
In one word how would you describe me? (See how I made that all about me, sorry it is an only child thing to do)
Heather, I would describe you as: SILLY!!! I liked your question.

8. Snowflake's question is:
How did you meet your husband?
Yes, Big D and I were online personal daters. And I wouldn't have it any other way. We chatted online for about 2 months, then on the phone for about 2 weeks, then finally met in person, couldn't get enough of each other and haven't looked back since! In the infamous words of my Big D, "I had to kiss a lot of toads to find my perfect girl." :-)

9. Next up is Lilah's question:
I want to know what you actually do at work and what your educational background is?
Well, Lilah, I work at a massage school and have been here for 4 years now. My job title is Clinic Coordinator and I set up, book and handle all of our student clinic massage appointments. It sounds a lot more exciting than it really is. I deal with bitchy, whiny clients on a daily basis ("Whaaa, how come I didn't get a massage? I mailed out the form the exact day I received it!" Yeah, lady, you and 400 other people.) as well as students with every excuse in the book about why they can't come in and work on the already scheduled clients ("There is one snowflake coming down. I can't make it to class tonight."). After graduating from high school, I began one year of college but I never finished the year. Lots of family drama going on, and a bout with depression, and I withdrew. I always wanted to become a teacher but now I'm so not into the idea of all the schooling involved. I'm 31 years old...I'm done with school.

10. Steph at the Daily Grind asked me:
How did you a big D meet, how long did you date before he proposed?
For your first question, Steph, read number 8. After three months of dating, Big D moved into my house. After almost quite a year of dating, he proposed. About two and a half, almost three, years of dating later, we married.

11. Grandy had an interesting question:
If you could be on any game show, which show do you think your talents would take you to?
Wow, I think I might be stumped on this one. I don't think I'd survive on ANY game show! I can't take the pressure! LOL

12. Keri had a good one here:
Have you ever stolen anything?? On purpose or accidentally?? The most expensive thing?? The one you regret the most??
On purpose, yes, I stole candy when I was 12-ish, from Stop and Shop. I totally gave in to peer pressure from my supposed "friend" (she was a total clepto, growing up!) and even though my heart and head told me "no", I was afraid of disappointing her. So I did it, we got caught, I almost passed out on the spot. LOL Accidentally? Why yes, a couple of different times! LOL I put laundry detergent under my cart one time and forgot to pull it out to pay. Another time it was a small jar of basil leaves that had fallen into the back of the cart. Did I go back in? Nope.

13. Zoe had two questions to ask:
Boxers or briefs? democrat or republican?
I LOVE boxer-briefs! Sexy, sexy!
And I'm not much of a political person...I can't say that I'm a democrat OR republican.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pictures from the weekend!

These first two are from Julia's party....

And these next few are from Magic Wings....

The butterflies were so amazingly colorful!

I'll post a few more at another time....

Busy, busy weekend, as usual lately! As I sit here now at the tail end of it, with my glass of wine, my thought is "Where the heck did all the time go??" Friday night Big D and I hit up the Greek Festival with Sarah and the fam, John, and Michele. Holy CRAP, did I eat a lot of delicious Greek food or WHAT? LOL I had a yummy beef gyro, spanikopita (sp?), dolmades, and a dessert that was kind of like a little fried dough donut...forgot what it is called. Oh, and yeah, lots of Greek wine. Sarah was dancing it up like a champ during all the Greek dances. Yesterday we helped Sarah do something in the morning while she was crazily getting ready for Julia's second birthday party. Then I ran out and got wine and picked up the birthday cake while Big D did some work on a friend's furnace. Then off we headed to the party.

It was so much fun and I can't believe how big little Julia has gotten in the past two's been SO fun to watch her grow into the cutie-pie she is today. :-) Today was fun, just me and Big D. We headed off to Deerfield, Mass. first to a butterfly conservatory called Magic Wings. SO awesome! If you are looking for something fun to do with you and your family (with OR without kids! Big D and I were the kids. LOL) I highly recommend you take a ride THERE! A butterfly landed on my nose at one point. It must have thought my big honker was a landing pad. Another one landed on Big D's goatee and was holding on for dear life. It was hilarious to see. Of course I have pics, just not of those two funny moments. After that, we went to Yankee Candle (Dawn, you're favorite place! I thought of you while we were there!) and I took a coupla pics, and also bought a new tart burner and some delicious-smelling tarts. Chocolate cupcake, Autumn gold, Autumn wreath among others. Mmmmm....

And now I can't believe another week has gone by! For the most part I stuck to my meal plan pretty decently last week. There WILL be a carry-over cuz I missed one of the chicken meals last week. For more on MPM, check out this site.

Monday: Whole grain pasta with sauce and chicken.

Tuesday: Pastrami, cheese and onion on rolls and Big D's homemade german potato salad.

Wednesday: Cheeseburgs on the grill, grilled sweet potatoes, and steamed corn.

Thursday: I want to make enchiladas (I'm craving Mexican!!) today but I need to find which recipe I want to use. There are so many yummy-sounding recipes out there in the blog world. Does anyone have a suggestion? I'll also serve a green salad on the side.

Friday: Grilled pork chops, steamed broccoli and Spanish whole grain rice.
Father's Day

Written By: April L. Cashin

It is Father's Day.

A hushed day where the sunshine feels warm and comforting across her back and shoulder blades, bare beneath the thin fabric of her tank top, like reassuring hands soothing away a quiet ache. The sun is her personal Massage Therapist as it kneads and spreads relief to the tightened, clenched muscles of her age-worn grief.

The grass is a bristly carpet beneath her as she sits cross-legged, contemplative. With a trembling hand, long graceful fingers (“piano fingers” he used to call them) brush away the recent grass cuttings and dirt that are peppered across the face of the bronzed footstone that displays his name. She curiously watches the tiny ants that scamper away from her moving hand, watches the miniature life that is going on beneath her feet every day.

Those ants, they are amazing to her, even as they march resolutely across her father’s grave.

She studies the growth of grass across the surface of his grave, the new blades that support and create the bedding she now sits upon. For years, that grass was sparse, showing through to the patchy bald earth below. For years, she prayed for it to grow. Now she levels her hands gently across the tips of the blades, careful not to bend or crush them. Marvels at the spring in each blade that works together to form such a wonderfully lush layer.

She feels the tears in her eyes, bubbling tremulously beneath the lids, before she realizes she is crying. Silent tears rock her body and she self-consciously lowers her face so that her hair falls, like a curtain.

Another hand, larger and stronger, gently drapes across her shoulder. Protective. Nurturing. She looks up at him, a million silent ‘thank-you’s’ dance through the shiny brown of her eyes.

Thank you for being here with me.

Thank you for understanding how important this ritual is to me.

Thank you for loving me.

She finds herself smiling softly at him, tucks the curtain of hair back behind her ears.

She feels lightness in her heart, as if that squeezing, tight arm has loosened its hold. She slowly brushes the tears away, and her eyes bright like lucky pennies, seem to catch and refract the golden sunshine.

“Happy Father’s Day, Richie.” He murmurs, his eyes glancing across the tombstone before them. Her love, for them both, is so all consuming at that moment that she can barely breathe. She gets to her feet and lays a hand atop the tombstone, a brief goodbye, wishing she could actually feel the warmth of her father’s skin and not the sun-warmed roughness of the stone.

“Happy Father’s Day, Daddy.” She murmurs.

Beneath the healing hands of the early afternoon sun, they link hands and amble peacefully away.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

In honor of Father's Day in a couple of days, this next Photostory Friday picture of mine is appropriately Daddy. And since there is no way I can narrow it down to just are some of my favorites and a brief description of each:

My handsome father served his country and made his parents and family (and country) proud.

Here he is March 6, 1976 (coincidentally the day my Big D was BORN) after marrying the love of his life, my mom.

I was a total Daddy's Girl, from the very start. My mom tells me how excited and eager my Dad was to be a father. Each Christmas Eve, he would stay up till the wee hours putting together mine (and my brother's) gifts that required assembly. And Christmas morning, he was like a big kid himself. I remember each Christmas, Dad would start his coffee, and Mom's tea, and we weren't allowed to get out of bed until Mom (the later riser) was up. By this point, my brother had hopped into my bed and we lay giggling and eager in the darkness (cuz it was always like 5 or 6am!), listening to Dad rustle around until we heard him bellow, "April! Sean! It's Christmas!" and out we'd race in our pajama-stocking-ed feet where Dad waited, camera in hand.

Below on the left is my father on his 30th birthday, and on the right is me on my 30th. I wanted to somewhat recreate his picture with each of our chocolate cakes, "3-0" candles and our big Smith-smiles and dark brown eyes.

My Dad was a character all right. He was friendly and outgoing, loved to talk, could recite random facts like an encyclopedia (we always said he should have tried out for Jeopardy!), he loved to make elaborate weekend breakfasts with eggs, home fries and toast--cooking was a passion of his, he always took us kite-flying on breezy spring days, and hiking at Sleeping Giant in the balmy summer months, helped us create forts in our playroom made out of sheets and pillows, built us a kick-ass tree house, was the comforting hand on the back of my bicycle as I learned how to ride it, sang his heart out to Queen, Meatloaf and the Beatles, made us a roomful of helium balloons one day in the living room and danced through the strings with us, took us trick-or-treating every single year until we were too old (my last year was when I was 12 or 13 and none of my friends would go so my mom and Dad walked with me!), religiously video-taped and photographed every dance recital of mine and little league game of my brother's, showed me how to laugh and be polite, taught me to "respect my elders"and "don't talk back to your mother", watched me learn how to drive (although I'm sure it scared the crap outta him!) and receive my high school diploma and dropped me off at my college dorm, his full grown daughter. Dad taught me how to live.

With his favorite bird, Cinnamon, who we had to find a new home for once her bird dander was too much for his cancer-filled lungs.

Daddy and his firstborn, his Chicky-Babe.

One of the last pictures ever taken of my Daddy. About seven months later, his body would leave us and his soul would fly.

Happy Father's Dad! You will always be (as you survive in my memories) the perfect example of what the word "father" truly means!! I love you!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Our first date.

Two hours alone in the truck, you driving, me sneaking sideways glances at you, both on the way to the Norman Rockwell Museum and back. You talked and talked and I thought, “Man, I love the sound of his voice.” You smiled at me and it made me break out in fleshy goosebumps, dancing like little ballerinas along my skin. We got out of the truck and started across the icy parking lot and you held out your arm for me, so that I wouldn’t slip and fall. “A gentleman.” I thought, pleased. Inside, I gazed intently at the paintings and out of the corner of my eye, saw you gazing just as intently at me. My heart fluttered like butterfly wings. We ate dinner and I devoured my entire cheeseburger in front of you, not even thinking as I normally did on first dates, “Am I eating too much? Do I look like a pig?” I batted my eyes at you and felt more beautiful than I ever had felt before. Sitting beside you on the stool in front of the waterfall bar, listing to the sound of the water crashing down, the melodic roar of voices all around us, and feeling like we were completely alone in our own cocoon. Just you and I. Pretending I didn’t see you studying me, smiling, I people-watched a bit and laughed softly in my head. “You have beautiful eyes.” You told me and I swear, I almost melted off the barstool into a sloppy puddle at your feet. No one had ever told me that before. On the ride back home, as night tickled the sky with its black-tipped paint brush, you gently grabbed my hand. Your big callused thumb stroked, feather-soft and light as a child’s touch, against the inside of my palm and my heart started to thump a mad dance of delight in my chest. Back home, your lips on mine, I thought, “I could get lost in his kiss.” Your arms around me, I never wanted to let go.

Almost three years later, I can still get lost in that kiss.

Thank you for loving me the way you do.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Becuz on this blog it's all about ME, here are 25 more fun and completely random facts about...who else? ME!

And in case you missed out on the first fifty things about yours truly, you can catch up on them here and here.

51. I love to drink water. I pretty much only drink water, except for my morning coffee. I'm not into soda (unless I have it with pizza, once in a blue moon) and I find juice to be too sugar-y tasting. I'll take water any day to quench my thirst!

52. I have only needed stitches once in my life (thankfully). As a child, I was playing "helicopter" in my Nana and Pop-Pop's living room when I fell off balance and split my head open on the foot stool. I vaguely remember my trip to the hospital. Obviously it wasn't too traumatizing.

53. I love strawberries and blueberries mixed together. It's one of my FAVORITE snacks of all times. And now that it's berry-season, all the better! I'm starting to feel the itch to go fresh berry-picking again!

54. My two earliest childhood memories? #1 being bathed in the kitchen sink...yup, I vaguely remember it. And #2 at 18 months old, being potty-trained. In order to get me to actually stay on the potty to do anything, my mom used to sit me down with my favorite cookie (Cameo...they are sorta like Lady Fingers for those of you who don't know) in the living room in front of the Giants game. My dad was a HUUUUUUGE Giants fan. I became a Giants fan by default while sitting on the pot. Heh.

55. I love big, chunky accessories. My newest rage is big necklaces (i.e. not gaudy) like a big silver "o" or I have one cool one one that is round and pearly like a seashell. So pretty! I can be having a bad hair/fat day and slap on some rockin' jewelry and it makes me feel 100% better!

56. I love thunderstorms (as long as I'm not out in them). There is something so exciting and primal about the sky darkening, the raging thunder and the bolts of lightening shooting down. (although after hearing about someone getting struck by lightening, and dying, at a nearby CT beach this past week, I will be sure to respect the lightening even more than I already did! Scary.)

57. I do not love clowns. I blame Poltergeist. And "It". Scary clowns....those are the things of nightmares.

58. At the tender age of 30, I had a colonoscopy. Now that I know Colorectal cancer runs in my family, I will never take chances... and I will get tested as often as need be! Taking that test may be an inconvenience, but it is an inconvenience that could save my life someday. SO get tested at the age of 50, people! (or younger if it runs in your family).

59. I always have cold feet and hands. Poor circulation, perhaps? I have no idea. I use Big D as my own personal foot/hand warmer.

60. I love anything and everything pumpkin-flavored and pumpkin-scented. Pumpkin pie, cake, lattes, muffins, etc. Body lotion, shower gels, candles, room sprays, etc. I think it just stems back to the fact that Autumn is my favorite time of year. Couple more months to go!!!

61. I alphabetize all my dvd's. Not a big deal, right? Or is it anal-retentive? I guess the anal part comes into play when your dogs knock the dvd stand over and you re-alphabetize....only to have them knock it over again a few minutes later! And what did I do? You guessed it, I alphabetized them again!

62. I love to wear tank tops. Every time I go to a clothing store, I find myself straying towards tank tops...even though I have a bazillion of them but not enough nice shirts to wear to work. I'm getting better lately at forcing myself to put the tank top down and walk out of the store. It's a 12-step program.

63. I love photographs and taking pictures. Pictures are memories! I have so many old photo albums and now that everything is so digital I have so many albums on my computer...all chock full of photos! I photograph every holiday, every birthday, every baby, every bride, every cute thing (and not so cute thing) that my dogs and cats do....the list goes on and on...

64. I am obsessed with ghosts and the paranormal. I love ghost stories and movies. I believe 100% in the paranormal and can't get enough! I religiosuly watch Ghosthunters and also love The Haunting and have recently just gotten into Children of the Grave. When it was on tv, I tivoed Crossing Over with John Edward. LOVE that show to pieces.

65. I burp way louder than Big D. Something to be proud of, I know.

66. Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite cookie to bake. AND eat (as long as they are homemade. Yum.).

67. I love the smell of warm clothes fresh out of the dryer (as long as they were dryed with a dryer sheet!).

68. My middle name is Lynn. In case you all were wondering.

69. I don't particularly like heights...I won't say I'm "scared" of them but I definitely get a little bit uncomfortable being up really high (this includes airplane rides). I won't even go on ferris wheels anymore. I think I'm turning into my mother.

70. When I was about 9-ish years old, I went on that ride at carnivals and theme know the one that spins dizzingly and you "stick" to the wall? Anyway, I went on it with two of my uncles and...slowly I started to fall! I remember freaking out and crying as I inch by inch slid down the wall and each one of my uncles grabbed a piece of me and held on. I've never been on that damn ride since.

71. I want to move out of state. I think.

72. I love sateen (not satin!) sheets and they are the only sheets I now put on my bed. A nice high thread count. Aaaahhhh....heaven.

73. I've lived in New England my entire life and had never seen a deer up close and personal ( I usually have only seen a blur of one out of the corner of my eyes after someone shouting out "Look a deer!" and yet a few weeks ago in FLORIDA, while horse back riding, I saw about SEVEN. Seven deer. In Florida.

74. I have a pet name for Big D. No, it's not 'honey' or 'sweetie' or 'lover' or 'babe'. It's actually a cartoon character name from Mtv back in the 90's. Can anyone guess what it is????

75. I can't believe I'm admitting this to the internet world, but, in my early twenties...I saw 'N Sync in concert with two of my friends. Two girls in their early twenties, a girl in her late twenties and a hella lot of 12 year old screaming girls. Heh. Bye, bye, bye!!

Hi Everyone!
Please, please go visit my good friend, Sarah, at her brand new blog: Sarah's World! She is a blogging-virgin and new to the whole experience so any words of wisdom or even a "hello" will be appreciated!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Babies, babies, babies.....*SIGH*. The craziness has begun already.

I know I said I wasn't going to post about Big D and I trying to conceive (cuz I'm afraid of jinxing myself, not becuz I don't want to share my feelings with you guys or anything!) but I need you all to give me a kick in the pants already and tell me to STOP OBSESSING.

I think about getting preggo EVERY. SECOND. OF. THE. DAY. And it doesn't help that everyone who really knows me, knows how badly I want it, and every day at least one person asks me "So, are you pregnant yet?" ARGH! It almost feels like there is this pressure on me to conceive immediately! Too much pressure!

I've learned way more about ovulation and fertility than I ever wanted to know before. And now, so has Daryl. Heh. I don't want to stress out about something that is a GOOD thing. I know I should just have that mentality, "When it happens, it happens." But how do you not let yourself be consumed by the process? This is only the beginning...I realize it could take a long time for me to get how do I convince myself to just sorta go with the flow? Yes, I'm still going to monitor my cycle and all that jazz, but I want to not feel like a warden to my prisoner of sex ,(ha!) Big D..."Open up your cell door, it's time!" It's only been one month and already I feel like Big D is stressed out by my calendars and temperatures and egg and sperm talk!

And please don't tell me to that we have all the time in the world, don't worry about it...I am a 31 year old (and in six months more time a 32 year old) woman who is so ready for motherhood! I always scoffed at that whole "biological clock" thing that everyone (mostly men) teases about, but I've tried to convey it to's almost like this need in me, or an ache that needs to be nurtured back to health. I feel like a part of me is missing and every day that goes by, that feeling worsens, that "hole" grows bigger and bigger. I know this might sound melodramatic to some of you, but that's how I feel. I can't help that. What I can help, though, is trying to stay de-stressed. I need to remember to take care of ME and be good to myself. Get my pedicure. Read a chapter or two in my book when time permits. Bake. Spend a slow-moving, relaxing weekend day with Big D doing nothing of importance. Whatever makes me happy. I'm sure once I manage to do this, my body will start the process on it's own. I don't need to push and prod and poke it into submission. (Right now I have a visual of me holding a cattle prod or something, shouting, "Procreate, damn it! Procreate!")

I just need to be.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

It's going to be a hot one today!

I just watched the weather and the temps are going to be about 99 degrees but with the humidity it will feel like 110!! It's days like this that I worry about Big D, who works outside in the elements. He brought four bottles of water with him today but I'm betting he'll have to stop for more later on today. Hope everyone keeps hydrated and stays in the a/c if they are able to...and I hope people don't forget about their pets in this heat...just like humans, this heat and humidity will be unbearable for our furry friends!

Anyway, after many, many weeks off (due to crazed wedding planning obviously) I am now getting back on track with Menu Plan Monday. Big D and I have gotten back into the bad habit of spending WAY too much money on take out, and junk food, cuz we had nothiNg in the house and no idea of what to make. I went out shopping today and loaded up on everything we needed so now, no excuses! Without further adiu, here is MPM:

Monday: Nana's Ghoulash with mashed potatoes

Tuesday: Jack and Chicken quesadillas with salsa and tortilla chips and maybe a green salad

Wednesday: Grilled marinated pork chops with steamed broccoli, and grilled sweet potatoes

Thursday: Chicken with Black Bean salsa (from the Cooking Light cookbook) with steamed green beans and corn

Friday: Pizza Night

Saturday: Going to Julia's 2nd birthday party so I'm assuming hamburgs and hot dogs

Sunday: Father's Day...Going over to Father-in-Law's for a cook-out

Friday, June 06, 2008

Photostory Friday

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

I decided to play along after reading about Photostory Friday on Cecily's page.
Hopefully I remember to do it every week. :-)

This is a picture of my favorite little cousin, eight and a half year old A.J. I was privileged enough to have been my aunt's labor coach so I got to be in the hospital room when A.J. was brought into the world. I'll never be able to explain the feeling I had watching him being born...I remember calling my mother, bawling, and she immediately thought something was wrong. But I was just so overcome by emotion and love that all I could do was cry. I have always wanted to be a Mommy but from that moment on, A.J. has brought out even more intense mothering instinct in me. I've hosted sleepovers ever since he was a one year old. I've watched him grow, watched him evolve into the "grown-up", sensitive, selfless little boy he is today. I can't wait to see the day when I have a child of my own, and little A.J. gets to hold him or her in his arms. :-)
Love you, A.J.!!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Thank you guys for all your well-wishes yesterday...I appreciate it! Thankfully, today is a new day. I refuse to let work put me into that type of mood again.

Anyway, I'm glad it's almost Friday. I have a bunch of things to do this weekend...including celebrating my Mom's birthday! Her 54th b-day is actually Tuesday, June 10th, but we are having her over this Sunday for dinner and cake. Daryl is making yummy steaks on the grill and I will be baking her a homemade carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Plus I'm thinking of maybe taking her out before dinner (if the place is open) to get a pedicure. She got one for the first time ever before my wedding and is still raving about it! If they aren't going to be open on Sunday, I'll get her a gift certificate to go on her own. I know she'll appreciate it!

Big D and I have to finish our gardening this weekend. We started last weekend by purchasing a ton of vegetable plants and flowers. The flowers are now planted in our back yard (we need to do more research before I know what I can plant in front. It's in the shade almost the entire day. And I don't want just greenery, I really think we need some color out front. I'm SO not a green thumb though so I have no clue yet what to get! Any gardeners out there have a suggestion?).The flowers we purchased for the backyard (I can't remember some of the names...I told you I'm not a green thumb. I remember the common stuff like black eyed susans--my fav--and dahlias but we also got some beautiful red, blue, purple and yellow flowers) are supposed to be butterfly attracters...I scoffed at butterflies in my neighborhood but two days ago, I saw a butterfly in my backyard! I wanted to run in and grab my camera but it was too late and it swooped off. Big D still has to till his garden (I say "his" becuz that garden is his BABY in the summertime) and plant the vegetable plants as well. So far we have tomato plants (a couple different kinds), butternut squash, red peppers, eggplant, I think we grabbed some zucchini as well...oh and trying something new this year...we're planting watermelon and cantaloupe!! We still need to get my favorite yet, cucumbers, broccoli and some summer squash. I can't believe it's the beginning of June already! Where the heck is the time going???

Anyway, we're getting ready to begin work on our kitchen! We'll be ordering the cabinets this weekend and then we have to start picking out flooring, wall colors, etc. I'm very pumped. Our kitchen is so tiny that Uncle Rob said he can have it (cabinets, counter top, etc) finished in a day (once the cabinets are in) so I'm excited that we won't have to be without a kitchen for too long! Even if it took a whole weekend...I could totally deal with that. One of Daryl's coworkers used to be a plumber and said he can help us with the moving of the sink so that is another thing we'll have to coordinate. But OMG I'm getting so eager to have a nice kitchen!!! Our new fridge is great...I'm sure most of you are like, big whoopedy-do a new fridge, but it's a big deal to me and D. I guess that's what happens when you become grown-ups. You get excited about appliances and vacuums and fences. Ha! The fridge is's large and is a side-by-side, with the PUR filtered water and ice cube maker in the door...for crazy water drinkers like us (I only drink water all day long...except for some coffee in the morning. No juice, no soda.) it makes life so much easier. We don't need to have fifty million water bottles crammed into the fridge nor do we have to buy two cases of water every five days or so like we were doing (our town water is DISGUSTING with a capital D). We love it! Anyway, I'm feeling antsy. I wish I could go home and start peeling down wallpaper from the kitchen walls...

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I'm on the verge of tears.

I've been out of work sick the past one and a half days and I come into WWIII.

WHY can no one back me up on vacation/sick days without issues? ANY time I'm out sick?

WHY can I not even make it through one task without being interrupted by the next person, problem, phone call, whatever? When I'm already behind and trying to catch up?

WHY do I let this place get to me so much?

WHEN am I going to do something about it?

*holding back the tears*

Monday, June 02, 2008

So I left work early today (due to a horrendous stomach ache) and got home around one p.m. I decided since I was home, it was a good time to get some laundry done. It looks like a clothing landfill in my basement. Literally, I stand at the top of the stairs and pitch handfuls of laundry into the the air to land haphazardly at the bottom of the steps in our unfinished basement. If Big D would just build me a laundry chute in the hall closet, my laziness wouldn't matter.

But, anyway, back to the subject at hand. I went down into the basement and immediately smelled something.
"Oh, crap." I said out loud, remembering that i had started a load of laundry the day before and forgotten to switch it over so it had been sitting in the washing room all night. Without taking any of the clothing out, I threw more detergent in and started it up to re-wash. An hour later, I headed back down into the basement, wrinkling my nose at the same smell from earlier. I opened up the washing machine lid and began to take each item out one at a time, sticking each wet garment against my face to smell it. most of the stuff smelled okay, but one pair of pants smelled exceptionally...musky, for lack of a better word.
"Weird, I washed it again." I thought ot myself and shrugged and continued throwing everything into teh dryer (except for a couple of items that I hung up to dry on my clothes-rack-thingy...otherwise known as clothes-horse.l Heh. That was for you, 'Chele.) Anyway, out of the corner of my eye, I saw one more small dark-colored shape left in the washer. Thinking it was a pair of undies or a black sock, I started to quickly reach in to scoop it out. Something registered with my brain that the object was not undies or a sock.



Are you curious, yet???

Keep scrolling....

Just as my fingers were about to curl around the object, a sudden dawning wave of revulsion washed over my me and I jumped back with a surprised cry.

"No, it can't be. it's probably just a cat toy." I tried to rationalize to myself. I crept the few steps back to the washing machine and hesitantly peeked over the open lid....

That was no freakin' cat toy.

That, my friends, was a now very clean (two cycles-clean!)and very dead field mouse who had hitched a suicidal ride into my washing machine by way of a pile of clothes laying on the basement floor. As I thought about how close I came to scooping that little furry vermin into my clean little fingers, I let out a disgusted noise and took one final peek.

Needless to say, the laundry waited till Big D got home from work. Mouse-busters to the rescue!!!
Note: We can't figure out where these bastards are coming in!! Time for some mouse-hunting....
Well our weekend was good. Friday night Big D stayed home and one of his good, long-time friends came over for beers, while I went straight from work over to 'Chele's apartment for a girls night. It was me, 'Chele, Julie and Sarah hanging with numerous bottles of wine and lots of yummy snacks. Not to mention (early) birthday cupcakes for Michele! I didn't get to bed till 2am. Sweet! (Michele, WHERE are those pics? LOL Send them to me!)

Saturday was a super lazy day...the gloomy-ish weather probably helped with that. I stayed in my pajamas until...4:30pm!!! And the only reason I finally got OUT of my pj's was cuz the fridge delivery guys (finally) showed up. I hopped in the shower and then afterwards we went to the movies to see The Strangers with Liv Tyler. Mine and Daryl's opinion? While I found the movie very freakin' spooky (LOVE that) and I did jump a few times (and at one point everyone in the audience jumped and screamed...I actually half shouted out "Jesus!" LOL and then was immediately totally embarrassed)....I felt like the movie itself left a LOT unexplained. And I am one of those people that really need things spelled out to me. I need to know why things happened.

Anyway, Sunday was nice. Went out to breakfast, then bought lots 'o vegetable plants and flowers for our garden and backyard. Daryl wants to kick his vegetable garden into gear and I'm eager to bring a little bit of color into our predominantly GREEN backyard. Wish us luck! (I'm not exactly Mrs. Green Thumb. Daryl is MUCH better at this kind of thing). Even the doggies tried to do their part. Daisy loves to dig and she pulls up roots in her mouth...and Tucker, well Tucker just likes to pee on everything. Brand new beautiful flowers, included. Nice. After that we helped Lorelei move a washer/dryer and dresser to her new, very cute, apartment. Then the four of us went out for margaritas and Mexican food. Yummy!

Well, now it's Monday morning and my stomach is in bad shape (and no, it's not the Mexican. I only had half a burrito, which is what I ALWAYS have and it never does this to me). I have spent almost the entire morning in the bathroom. And anyone who works in an office (and who needs phone coverage every single time you leave your desk) knows how embarrassing and irritating this can be. And the worst part of all? My stomach only gets like this at work, causing me to think it's just my body's way of reminding me that I don't want to be here. I think it's time to start exploring my options....