Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Becuz on this blog it's all about ME, here are 25 more fun and completely random facts about...who else? ME!

And in case you missed out on the first fifty things about yours truly, you can catch up on them here and here.

51. I love to drink water. I pretty much only drink water, except for my morning coffee. I'm not into soda (unless I have it with pizza, once in a blue moon) and I find juice to be too sugar-y tasting. I'll take water any day to quench my thirst!

52. I have only needed stitches once in my life (thankfully). As a child, I was playing "helicopter" in my Nana and Pop-Pop's living room when I fell off balance and split my head open on the foot stool. I vaguely remember my trip to the hospital. Obviously it wasn't too traumatizing.

53. I love strawberries and blueberries mixed together. It's one of my FAVORITE snacks of all times. And now that it's berry-season, all the better! I'm starting to feel the itch to go fresh berry-picking again!

54. My two earliest childhood memories? #1 being bathed in the kitchen sink...yup, I vaguely remember it. And #2 at 18 months old, being potty-trained. In order to get me to actually stay on the potty to do anything, my mom used to sit me down with my favorite cookie (Cameo...they are sorta like Lady Fingers for those of you who don't know) in the living room in front of the Giants game. My dad was a HUUUUUUGE Giants fan. I became a Giants fan by default while sitting on the pot. Heh.

55. I love big, chunky accessories. My newest rage is big necklaces (i.e. not gaudy) like a big silver "o" or I have one cool one one that is round and pearly like a seashell. So pretty! I can be having a bad hair/fat day and slap on some rockin' jewelry and it makes me feel 100% better!

56. I love thunderstorms (as long as I'm not out in them). There is something so exciting and primal about the sky darkening, the raging thunder and the bolts of lightening shooting down. (although after hearing about someone getting struck by lightening, and dying, at a nearby CT beach this past week, I will be sure to respect the lightening even more than I already did! Scary.)

57. I do not love clowns. I blame Poltergeist. And "It". Scary clowns....those are the things of nightmares.

58. At the tender age of 30, I had a colonoscopy. Now that I know Colorectal cancer runs in my family, I will never take chances... and I will get tested as often as need be! Taking that test may be an inconvenience, but it is an inconvenience that could save my life someday. SO get tested at the age of 50, people! (or younger if it runs in your family).

59. I always have cold feet and hands. Poor circulation, perhaps? I have no idea. I use Big D as my own personal foot/hand warmer.

60. I love anything and everything pumpkin-flavored and pumpkin-scented. Pumpkin pie, cake, lattes, muffins, etc. Body lotion, shower gels, candles, room sprays, etc. I think it just stems back to the fact that Autumn is my favorite time of year. Couple more months to go!!!

61. I alphabetize all my dvd's. Not a big deal, right? Or is it anal-retentive? I guess the anal part comes into play when your dogs knock the dvd stand over and you re-alphabetize....only to have them knock it over again a few minutes later! And what did I do? You guessed it, I alphabetized them again!

62. I love to wear tank tops. Every time I go to a clothing store, I find myself straying towards tank tops...even though I have a bazillion of them but not enough nice shirts to wear to work. I'm getting better lately at forcing myself to put the tank top down and walk out of the store. It's a 12-step program.

63. I love photographs and taking pictures. Pictures are memories! I have so many old photo albums and now that everything is so digital I have so many albums on my computer...all chock full of photos! I photograph every holiday, every birthday, every baby, every bride, every cute thing (and not so cute thing) that my dogs and cats do....the list goes on and on...

64. I am obsessed with ghosts and the paranormal. I love ghost stories and movies. I believe 100% in the paranormal and can't get enough! I religiosuly watch Ghosthunters and also love The Haunting and have recently just gotten into Children of the Grave. When it was on tv, I tivoed Crossing Over with John Edward. LOVE that show to pieces.

65. I burp way louder than Big D. Something to be proud of, I know.

66. Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite cookie to bake. AND eat (as long as they are homemade. Yum.).

67. I love the smell of warm clothes fresh out of the dryer (as long as they were dryed with a dryer sheet!).

68. My middle name is Lynn. In case you all were wondering.

69. I don't particularly like heights...I won't say I'm "scared" of them but I definitely get a little bit uncomfortable being up really high (this includes airplane rides). I won't even go on ferris wheels anymore. I think I'm turning into my mother.

70. When I was about 9-ish years old, I went on that ride at carnivals and theme parks...you know the one that spins dizzingly and you "stick" to the wall? Anyway, I went on it with two of my uncles and...slowly I started to fall! I remember freaking out and crying as I inch by inch slid down the wall and each one of my uncles grabbed a piece of me and held on. I've never been on that damn ride since.

71. I want to move out of state. I think.

72. I love sateen (not satin!) sheets and they are the only sheets I now put on my bed. A nice high thread count. Aaaahhhh....heaven.

73. I've lived in New England my entire life and had never seen a deer up close and personal ( I usually have only seen a blur of one out of the corner of my eyes after someone shouting out "Look a deer!" and yet a few weeks ago in FLORIDA, while horse back riding, I saw about SEVEN. Seven deer. In Florida.

74. I have a pet name for Big D. No, it's not 'honey' or 'sweetie' or 'lover' or 'babe'. It's actually a cartoon character name from Mtv back in the 90's. Can anyone guess what it is????

75. I can't believe I'm admitting this to the internet world, but, in my early twenties...I saw 'N Sync in concert with two of my friends. Two girls in their early twenties, a girl in her late twenties and a hella lot of 12 year old screaming girls. Heh. Bye, bye, bye!!


photogirl218 said...

Wow! You want to move. Did big D convince you to move to maine, LOL!

Kel said...

Fresh, warm clothes from the drier...especially sheets...yep, one of my favorite things!!

~**Dawn**~ said...

51. Me too! Except in the morning I have a glass of straight unsweetened cranberry juice. I am prone to bladder infections so it's a preventative measure. I can't drink regular cranberry juice anymore. It's so sweet in comparison that it tastes like Koolaid to me. Also? Don't drink it after brushing your teeth. Blech.

59. My hands & feet are always cold too!

63. You know how I feel about photos!!

68. We have the same middle name!

73. We have tons of wildlife down here. On WDW property, I see deer & rabbits & armadillos & ducks all over the place. I also have cranes & herons near where I live. And once I saw a bobcat!

Chele76 said...

for #51 don't forget the wine and martnis :)

I can't belive you've never seen deer. Daniel and I had them around our place all the time. One day I had to put the Jeep in park and wait for them to walk by.

Chele76 said...

oh... and you should try the laundry detergent I posted about a couple weeks ago, along with the lavender dryer sheets - I just wanted to roll around in the clean laundry! lol

jules said...

#59 hands & Toes- burrrr- me too!!
#63 LOVE LOVE LOVE taking pics, I wanna take classes
I was so excited about #64 I too love all things paranormal and I even like cryptozoology- I love the unexplainable!!
#71 I too want to move out of state
ME/NH- I love northern New England
Midwest- seems so nice sometimes, so american
Seattle/oregon- when I want to get away from my family and closer to bigfoot LOL
I guess I will settle for moving to the litchfield hills.......Your welcome to come up and look for deer when I move..I see them all the time there, even during the daytime!!

Cool reading about you!!!!

Kellan said...

I love thunderstorms and tank tops too and I've never had stitches yet in my life.

Nice to meet you - I'm Kellan. Have a good day!

Keri said...

I'm a cold footed, pumpkin lovin, ghost believin, middle named Lynn, fresh out of the dryer sateen sheet loving gal!!
hoot hoot!!

Tranny Head said...

I also hate HATE hate soft drinks and drink only water and coffee. Though I stopped drinkng the coffee when I got pregnant with my son and never started again just because it was so awful to quit cold-turkey the first time and I didn't want to have to quit again. I love me some coffee.

Oh, and booze, too.

OHmommy said...

My most fav thing in the world is warm sheets.

kittyconcerto.com said...

I love love love sateen sheets. The best. Oh and in my early 20's I saw TWO n'sync concerts. Those young'ns were InsAnE!!

Taj said...

Yay, someone else who has no Clown love. For real, they just aren't right.