Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I received very, very HAPPY mail today while at work! The wedding photos I ordered came in!! (p.s. the pics in this post are NOT the professional shots that I'm talking about)

It's been a little over a month now and I had finally gotten (or at least I thought) completely out of wedding-mode, but then I tore into the envelope and practically shook with excitement to see the photos in front of me, it brought it all back in a wave. It was like I got to re-enact the day all over again, even sitting here at my desk at work.

There are some moments from my wedding that I will never forget:

1. Walking down the "aisle" with my mom (squeezing her hand so hard I'm surprised I didn't crack a bone or something) with the most nervous smile on my face that I could recall ever having, my eyes frantically searching through the crowd for Daryl's gaze (we didn't get married in a church and it wasn't a typical aisle with seating on each side. We said our vows in a garden, on a small bridge, while the guests were all kind of off to the right of the bridge. So when I walked out, the guests were on my right in sort of a half-moon shape--with parents and grandparents on the left of me in special seating--and my first frantic thought, as flashes from cameras burst like lightning bugs all around me, was "Where is he???". My mom walked me along the path that branched out to the left of the bridge and suddenly there he was, before us. At that moment, I saw no one else. From that moment on (and pretty much throughout the whole night) it was Daryl's face front and center and then everyone else just receded into a blur in the background. I don't know how to describe it other than, if you were MORE than an arm's length away from me, I never really focused on your face (no offense, everyone who was there!). I only had eyes for my husband.

So anyway, there he is at the bottom of the bridge and it was nothing and everything like I had expected that moment to be. It was nothing like I expected, becuz I could not wipe that crazy-silly grin off of my face at the sight of him, and I almost felt on the verge of the giggles. It was nothing like I expected becuz not one tear fell through-out the ceremony. Those that know me best, were most likely shocked. It was nothing like I expected because I don't remember saying our vows as a whole, it all happened so fast (thank goodness we are getting it all on dvd!), but what I do remember vividly was sliding that ring on to Big D's finger (and him to me) and our eyes communicating what we didn't need words for.

It was everything like I expected in that it was the most magical moment of my life. It was everything I expected in that Daryl couldn't take his eyes off of me and continually whispered to me how gorgeous I looked. It was everything I expected in that my hands shook as we exchanged rings and afterwards I clasped his hand, out of sight of everyone, and held on with all my might. It was everything that I expected in that I felt completed, fully and wholly, for the first time in my entire life.

2. One of my favorite moments of the entire day is probably not going to sound very traditional nor will it sound romantic. But it was priceless. We had completed the ceremony, and were standing off to the side together, alone but not quite alone. I had my arm around Big D and was whispering in his ear some words that I don't need to share with all of you. Heh. I finally did tear up at that moment, surprisingly, and even said I was surprised I made it through the walk (minus Dad) and the vows with no trace of a tear and yet here I am, standing off to the side with Daryl, done, and crying. He comforted me and we smiled together..

And then Daryl leaned over with a mischivious grin and whispered in my ear, "I totally want to bang you in that dress, later." Before I could reply, we heard a snort from about ten feet away, across the bridge. There stood the wildy-grinning videographer, with his camera in hand, pointing to Daryl's lapel. He laughed and simply said, "Microphone."

And Daryl and I immediately burst out laughing.

"Don't worry, guys," The videographer promised. "I can edit that out of the final cut."

"No, don't!" Daryl shot back. "This is totally us!"

Freakin' Awesome.

3. Our first dance. Believe it or not, I don't think Daryl and I had ever slow-danced before together. We had never been to a wedding or big party together before (weird, I know, huh?) and I wondered how we would fit together. Well it was like puzzle pieces.A perfect fit, a perfect union of bodies and souls. And again, dsepite my earlier nerves at being the "center of attention" in front of a 100 people, I didn't see anyone but my Big D. The song ended way too soon for my liking.

4. The cupcake "cutting". We toasted our cupcakes and promised each other not to smoosh it into the other's face.

"I paid too much for my makeup for that!" I told Big D.

So I gently fed Daryl his bite of cupcake. He, not quite so gently but still not smooshing, stuffed a bite into my mouth. We posed for photos and smiled at each other and kissed. I finished licking off the frosting on our shared cupcake and looked down at the plain yellow cake in my hand. The gears started to turn.

It's just cake, I thought mischiviously. Not messy at all.

And in one swooping graceful arc, I jammed the yellow cake into Big D's face! As yellow crumbs sprinkled down onto his lapel, I giggled at my cleverness. The crowd laughed! The crowd cheered! They watched delightfully as Big D came at me like a spider monkey with a fully-frosted cupcake and an evil glint in his eye.

"My makeup! My dress!" I managed to cry before bright blue frosting smeared all over my nose and lips. Mmmmm...frosting. Believe it or not, we managed to clean me up without wiping off all my makeup. AND even better, not one blue speck made it onto my dress. I daintily picked blue frosting from out of my nostrils. Such a lady.

The icing on this cake? At the end of the day, as I said my goodbye's to family and friends, thanking them all for sharing in our special day, my uncle's girlfriend Anna casually mentioned,
"Hey, April, did you know you still have blue frosting up your nose?" Classic.

It was the end of the night, our friends who had been hanging out with us at the house after the wedding and eating pizza and drinking beer had finally left. I was tired, drained, happy. I know it doesn't sound very romantic but I was in my comfy pj's just chilling out in our living room. Daryl was seated on the couch and I was seated on the floor below, leaning against his leg, reading through the special messages that everyone had written for us. (Instead of a sign in book at the reception, we left out small card stock and pens for people to write down favorite wedding advice, memories, quotes, etc. My intention is to put them all in a wedding scrapbook that I plan on making.)

Some people wrote us silly stuff. Some people wrote us simple messages ("Always be kind to each other!"). And some left us age-old marriage advice. And I thought to myself how different (and random!) each message was but how it still fit us as a couple. This amazing path that we were headed down....this is our life from here on in.

Daryl and I share a crazy, silly, passionate, loving, bratty, intense, playful love. We are very different from our friends. We are romantic, even though it's not always something that others see. We are often silly together...our relationship is based a lot on laughter. And when we disagree it can be intense, as we both are strong-willed and stubborn...however, we are always willing to communicate and work things out. We never go to bed angry. We have tickle and wrestling wars often, and I love it. Daryl makes me laugh when nothing/no one else can. He makes me cry cuz I'm so thankful he chose me. He is my teddy bear, my boy, and the father of our future children (god help those future children with these crazy parents!)

And I couldn't dream of ever not having him in my life!!

Love you, husband!!


Anonymous said...

You guys sound only slightly less great than me & David! =)

Krystyn said...

You guys sound so fun! I love what Big D said to you in "private!" I'm sure your mom will love watching the DVD!!! Too much.

Kel said...

awe, how sweet! It sounds like an amazing time for you and your Big D! Congrats again...weddings make me so happy!!!

~**Dawn**~ said...

OMG I just busted out in a huge laugh (yep right here at my desk LOL!) at the "microphone" part. That is hilarious!!

What song did you & Big D dance to for your first dance? (I am a sucker for little wedding details like that.)

Keri said...

It was one of the MOST touching loving weddings i have ever had the honor of attending!
Your vows made me and Chele Bawl!

You guys rock!

Kellan said...

You were a beautful bride and those are fabulous pictures of your special day.

Take care - Kellan

Melissa said...

This post just totally made me cry! I love the second picture...you guys look so totally in love and happy to be there!!

OHmommy said...

Love 2 and 5. I remember having those exact moments.

Yay for getting your pictures in the mail.

Rhea said...

LOVE the photos and memories. You had an amazing wedding that was so special. I'm so happy for you!

Stephanie said...

That is EXACTLY what your wedding day should be. I am very happy for you two. You will relive those memories everytime you look at those pictures.

What I remember from my wedding ceremony - my 5 year old nephew and ring bearer leaving the church to go to the bathroom, then needing help with his tux when he came back in. He stopped by my father, who helped him, then went right back to his place holding our rings. Poor kid was frantic before he left. He didn't know what to do with the rings!

lovelylalo said...

Okay, so this has to be the most intense post I've read in quite some time. I almost felt like I was there *not in a creepy blog stalker way either*. The happiness you two share is something truly special.

PS-I LUV cupcakes! I insist on having that over a cake anyday. LOL

Your wedding seems like it was very beautiful and VERY romantic.

Poltzie said...

You do deserve all this happiness, and I'm glad that you found someone who treats you so well!
Isn't being married the greatest!

Robyn said...

That was an awesome post, I felt like I was there. I love the Bang you part, too funny.

Stephanie said...

That is what love and happiness should be. I'm glad you were able to write and post all these memories. Just so that you can always relive them here. That was beautiful, April!

Steph said...

What great memories you have and just think they will be here in print for your kids to see, pretty cool huh?

Love the "bang" comment that would so have been my hubby!

Anonymous said...

You guys sound so much like Mr. Cat and I it's so funny. Mr. Cat said those kinds of things to me during our first dance, so now ALL of our pics of that have me with my gaping mouth wide open laughing hysterically. I wouldn't have it any other way!

countrymouse said...

seeing your smile makes me feel much better about this wedding ive got in 10 days. You look radiant..and i dont even really know what you normally look like. I hope my love for my fiance shines through like that!