Sunday, June 08, 2008

It's going to be a hot one today!

I just watched the weather and the temps are going to be about 99 degrees but with the humidity it will feel like 110!! It's days like this that I worry about Big D, who works outside in the elements. He brought four bottles of water with him today but I'm betting he'll have to stop for more later on today. Hope everyone keeps hydrated and stays in the a/c if they are able to...and I hope people don't forget about their pets in this heat...just like humans, this heat and humidity will be unbearable for our furry friends!

Anyway, after many, many weeks off (due to crazed wedding planning obviously) I am now getting back on track with Menu Plan Monday. Big D and I have gotten back into the bad habit of spending WAY too much money on take out, and junk food, cuz we had nothiNg in the house and no idea of what to make. I went out shopping today and loaded up on everything we needed so now, no excuses! Without further adiu, here is MPM:

Monday: Nana's Ghoulash with mashed potatoes

Tuesday: Jack and Chicken quesadillas with salsa and tortilla chips and maybe a green salad

Wednesday: Grilled marinated pork chops with steamed broccoli, and grilled sweet potatoes

Thursday: Chicken with Black Bean salsa (from the Cooking Light cookbook) with steamed green beans and corn

Friday: Pizza Night

Saturday: Going to Julia's 2nd birthday party so I'm assuming hamburgs and hot dogs

Sunday: Father's Day...Going over to Father-in-Law's for a cook-out


Stephanie said...

Glad to have you back. I have missed your menus. They are always so yummy sounding! We've got just the opposite weather. Today is the first time in weeks that I am NOT wearing a sweatshirt.

~**Dawn**~ said...

You know, April, I would feel bad for you with your hot weather but... ;-) LOL! I was up this past weeked for Heather's daughter's birthday (my god daughter) and I was hoping to freeze my butt off like I usually do but NOOOO. It was exactly like I left behind me in Florida. =P

Also something for Big D to keep in mind: The guys that work in our shops have to worry about heat too since they work with chemicals & require lots of venthilation so we cannot air condition the shops. Not only that but we use giant ovens that throw off even more heat. We recommend drinking lots of water but also consuming some Gatorade too because when you sweat like that, it's very very important to replace your electrolytes!

Kel said...

Yum, tuesday's dinner sounds good!

April said...

Dawn-After I typed that this morning I was thinking thinking about Gatorade myself...I'm gonna remind him!

Alicia said...

We have pizza every Friday night! Well, we did until just the smell of it baking started giving me heartburn. :)

This menu is great! I'll have to keep checking back for ideas when I make mine up every other week.

Mommychicky said...

Enjoy your pork chops. I had forgotten how much I loved them until recently. Then, pork was on sale and it was like a light went off. Off to wash my reusable water bottles...

Sarah said...

You won a prize at the Boob-A-Thon! Need your snail mail so I can get it to ya!! said...

can I come over on Tues? sounds delicious. hahaha.