Tuesday, July 22, 2008

AWESOME news. :-)

My cousin, Jenn, asked me to be a part of her wedding! I'm totally honored, of course. She also asked for some help in the 'ol planning department. As long as it's not my wedding to plan, I think this is going to be fun!

Jenn and I have known each other since about the time I was approximately ten or eleven years old. She is technically my second cousin (is that the right term? her mother and my mother are first cousins, I believe). I value our friendship immensely becuz despite our dysfunctional respective families, and the lack of communication between each member, her and I have chosen to remain in contact. And chosen to remain friends. (I have no communication anymore with two of my three adult cousins...their choice, not mine. So I do appreciate people that choose be a part of my life.)

I remember it like it was yesterday--living about four doors down from Jenn and her family, when we were children. That's when we first met. Our mothers had not really remained in contact, never being close throughout their own lives, and it was just purely coincidence that we moved down the street from them. I remember humid summer evenings spent with my brother, Jenn and her siblings, with barely a cooling breeze but not a care in the world for any of us... and the sound of children squealing and shouting out to each other. Playing childhood games, like Red Rover; Red Light, Green Light; Freeze tag (one of my personal favs!) and Hide 'n Go Seek. The tinkle of the ice cream man truck's bell as he circled onto our street and we all ran inside to beg Mom and Dad for a dollar to get some ice cream.

A few years later my family moved away and Jenn and I lost touch...until my freshman year of high school. My family moved around a lot growing up and my town is large so there are two "sides" of town...two high schools, two middle schools and a whole bunch of elementary schools. I bopped from side to side and only had one or two close friends. When I came to high school, it was to go to school with kids I hadn't seen since elementary school. BIG difference. I came into a world where kids who I remembered were not the popsicle-gripping, bicycle-riding, friendly and smiling face I'd gone to elementary school with. For a couple of weeks, I sat by myself at lunch time, miserable and lonely and sad. And then one day, as I sat there eating my grapes, head down and eyes forlornly on my lunch, I heard, "Hey April! Come sit with me!" There was Jenn, a junior at that point, motioning me over. Even though it had been years since we last had seen each other, she extended that friendly hand to me and invited me to sit with her and her friends and we started where we left off.

Time passed again, and after Jenn left high school, again we lost touch. But, thankfully, years later, at random in a store parking lot, we reconnected. :-) And we haven't looked back since! We don't see each other often or talk on a weekly basis...it could be months before we chat again maybe over a drink at happy hour, but we always manage to pick up where we left off, as if no time has passed, she asking how my mom is doing, me asking how her daughter Kaitlyn is or the new baby.. and exchanging stories of our brothers who we always wished would "grow up" and now we chat happily over the fact that they have.

I love that about mine and Jenn's relationship. Time does nothing to dull our friendship.

P.S. Speaking of friends! Go check out the nice post that one of my favorite bloggy-friends wrote about me...(would LOVE to meet this chick in person! she's a hoot and I know we'd get along BRILLIANTLY!) It's so sweet of her! Thanks, Krissy!!!


the cubicle's backporch said...

Awww... congratulations!!

And I love your wedding dress. (I don't think I've noticed it before this pic)

Stephanie said...

I know what you mean about being okay with other people's wedding plans. Your own is just too stressful! I hear that!

Congrats!! What a special honor :)

kittyconcerto.com said...

Yay for weddings!!! I love weddings. Even my own--even thru out all the fights and crap. "I did it my way", sing on Frankie.

What a sweet tribute to your second cousin (?). I'm sure you two will have so much fun planning.

Now I'm off to read what other people are saying about YOU!

Chele76 said...

yea! Happy fun weddings!

Julie said...

That is so nice,I know how nice it is to have a cousin your close with!!!

Those are true friendships/relationships, when you can go a month or so and hang out like no time has gone by.

Poltzie said...

My cousins and I played the same games all summer, some of my best childhood memories!
Family is so important, good for you two for keeping in touch despite all the family drama!

Jaina said...

I'm glad you are keeping in touch despite everything else. Family is important. And congrats to Jenn on her upcoming wedding! How exciting!

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

You had an absolutely BEAUTIFUL wedding dress. Seriously. AMAZING.

countrymouse said...

ooh fun! I also got roped into helping a friend plan her fall wedding...which is probably a good thing...ive spent so much time on wedding stuff it would be a shame to just never do any of it again.

you are gonna have a blast. you seem like the kind of person every bride needs around...one that can laugh!

lovelylalo said...

I know who to call if/when my special day ever occurs! LOL I truly can NOT say that I'd be able to plan anyone's wedding..I am too big of a procrastinator and I lose everything of importance.

ASK stephanie! :-P

You will be a ton of help and it'll be fun I am sure.

PS~Another fun treat for you on my page...and the UNDER CONSTRUCTION post is for something you asked me to do a couple weeks ago. I will be picking my brain this evening so I can have that up tomorrow! *wink*

Stephanie left a comment for it "????"

The suspense really is killing her! Poor thing.

GoteeMan said...

how awesome! Just keep reminding her that no matter what happens that day, at the end of the day, she will be married to the guy she loves... and who loves her...



OHmommy said...


You did such a beautiful job at your own wedding.... of course she would ask you to help on the side. You had put on one class act.

Robyn said...

That great to have a friendship like that.