Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cat owners...please lend me some guidance!!!

I am desperate.

I have a peeing cat. A cat that chooses to pee elsewhere than her litter box. Her pee-spot of choice? On our bed, on our living room couch, on the living room carpet. I am about to scream.

Bailey has already ruined one mattress. My mom recently gave us a new one that she had only used a couple of times so I always keep our bedroom door shut now unless we are actually in there. I hate having closed bedroom doors. It's bad feng shui, baby.

Bailey has already ruined one couch. With only about three years of use, we had to get rid of our living room couch (which I side of it had a chaise lounge type cushion) and Daryl's' mom gave us her couch, again only used less than a year.

I've brought her to the doctor's office and she was given a clean bill of health. No urinary tract issues. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

I have three cats. I originally only had two boxes but bought a third thinking this would appease her. Two are upstairs (in our finished attic which is currently the "cat room" but will eventually be the computer/craft room) and one downstairs. While I hate having litter boxes visible when company is over, I figured if she was having a hard time holding it till she got upstairs, this would make it easier on her having one on the main level. I changed litter brands thinking she didn't like the litter. I have tried tin foil/wax paper on the couch so that she stays off of it. So instead of peeing ON the couch, she now pees UNDER the couch.

Yes, I'm ready to pull my hair out. Not just becuz of her doing this, but becuz Big D and I are constantly fighting about it. He wants to "get rid of the cats". That is not an option I'm willing to consider. They are all my babies. I've had Bailey for about eight years now and she has been with me through some very tough times. I've cried into her fur, when I felt like I had no one else to listen, many many times. She is a lovable kitty to me, her mama. To Daryl? Or anyone else for that matter? Not so much. So that kind of explains why Daryl has no loving feelings for her.

So I beseech you all! Please give me advice! What more can I try that I haven't already mentioned? Short of locking her up all day? And short of Daryl opening up the front door with an "Oops! Bailey escaped!"???? Thoughts, puh-leasssssse????


countrymouse said...

eek. for cats i dont know. when we were training jaco he used to be really good about peeing outside but there was ONE spot he used to pee in on a regular basis. We starting putting his food bowl in the spot, and he stopped peeing there, for obvious reasons. He would never go to the bathroom where he eats.

Other than that I dont know how to advise you and since its your bed that complicates things.

Chele76 said...

Have you tried some of the cleaning agents that are recomended on-line? I've heard that amonia is a no-no because they smell amonia and thik "yea! pea spot" but i've heard that products like Feliway diffuser might help..... also I saw this website... might / might not help.... I just did some google searches on "cats peeing on furnature" and saw what came up.

Good luck... and I love the Bailey-ball too!!!! She's got the BEST attitude. Pure cat :)

Trooper Thorn said...

Can Bailey become an outside cat?

We had one that would sneak under the quilt and take a dump before bed time. We found her another home.

Julie said...

Mission SAVE Bailey!!

Let me think...When the vet checked her did they check her kidneys?? When they get older if they have kidney issues, they may have the urge to pee often. My Grandmother-in-law's cat was doing that. Has she been doing this for a really long time, think of changes that have gone on. Maybe she is stressed (I have one of those-he feels all my stress-and reacts to it) The feliway thing that Chele mentioned, my vet recommended it, they sell it there if you need it, comes in a spray and diffuser. It's like anti-stress meds for cats. OH and my bubbas, has a border line thyroid issue and they attributed that to his urine issues. My other cat had diabetes and peed on the rug alot. I'll keep thinking on that,I hope she stops, I know how frustrating that can be. Maybe we can get all our cats together and have a cat interevntion..... said...

Your bed?!?! That's not good. And this is coming from the self discribed Kitty Whisperer. Once an adult cat has made a habit of poor litter box habits, there isn't much you can do. You tried all the things that I would have tried. I'm having issues with a cat, Ranni, that I adopted when she was one and already had a problem peeing in the shower and/or tub. Frustrating as hell! And of course Mr. Cat wants to get rid of her too. Big fights ensue. The next step would be to change her food. Jen at cubicle's backporch mentioned that it helped with her cat.

Good luck. She looks adorable to me!

Keri said...

There are also products out there to attract cats to the litter box... i think it's something like litterattract... but don't quote me. Did you have a full blood panel run on your kitty while at the vets? make sure they do a t4 or thyroid. Keep trying different litters... maybe a different type like newspaper litter or the pine litter. one different in each box. may keep bailey interested. Treat each spot intensly so there is NO odor left. you may end up keeping her in one room upstairs when your not home just so she doesn't pee on things.
i've got a kitty that will pee or poo elsewhere if he deems his box even the least bit too dirty... drives me crazy!

Kel said...

what did the vet suggest? Don't they have some type of spray to keep them from peeing in certain places?
Sorry I don't know what to say...good luck!

Krystyn said...

I'm not sure.

Could you make her an outside cat? I really don't know anything else to do..we tried the foil with a cat, and they just tried a new location, too!

And, I don't think one of those sprays that is supposed to keep them away would work, either, because she is picking lots of different places.

Could she just be ticked off about the Big D?

Jaina said...

I wish I had suggestions, but I don't know much about dealing with cats. We had one when I was little, and my grandparents had another later, but I've never had experience in training or dealing with them beyond feeding them. Good luck though! I hope you find a solution that works.

Melissa said...

I've got nothing but I'll just send a hug and hope you getthis mystery worked out soon!

Amy said...

Yes, well we never had cats, because my mom is deadly afraid. My husband's family has cats (immediate and extended). Their method of dealing with the cat peeing everywhere is a trip to the vet to see the sleep needle.

April said...

FYI: Bailey can NOT be an outdoors cat, guys. She has no front claws. :-( I don't know how full of a set of tests we did on her last time at the vet so that's a good suggestion...maybe I WILL bring her back. Of course Big D will freak bout me spending the $$$ on that! LOL And I'm going to buy some more feliway. I have used it before and I *think* it worked. Can't remember. *SIGH*

angie said...

Oh advice here, just sympathy.