Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I am about to admit, much to everyone's surprise I'm sure, that I am a dork.

While I'm sure I've made it known in the past how much I absolutely love, adore and crave reading books, I probably haven't gone into much detail about what I enjoy reading the most.

Vampires. Witches. The Supernatural. Anything out of the realm of ordinary (however I don't do sci-fi).

It all began as a 5th grader, when my teacher created his reading chart. For every book you read, you got a sticker next to your name on the chart. I was inspired. I wanted those stickers. I ran to the libray and took out the first book that caught my eye. I read it and then immediately informed my teacher so I could get my sticker. He eyed the book and said, "While I will still give you your sticker for reading this, it is not a fifth grade level book. I need you to choose better next time." Which I did, and I didn't look back. Billions of books later, as an early teen I was turned on to R.L. Stine (this is way before the Goosebumps series for all you youngin's out there! I'm talking about when he was writing for the early teenage crowd, not ten or twelve year olds), Christopher Pike (who I have to say was my FAVORITE...his writing was so intense. I think my favorite of his was Remember Me.) and L.J. (now goes by L.Jane) Smith (whose books always have a faint romance behind the supernatural theme, but not in a cheesy way. And her female lead characters were always learning so much about themselves as people and growing through the process, so I always found it very empowering) to name a few of my favorite young adult authors.

Then as I got older, into my early twenties, I dove headfirst into more of the Dean Koontz and Stephen King genre and stayed there for quite a few years. I have read so many different types of books, branching out to whatever piqued my interest as the years continued. In my late twenties and in my early thirties now, I read a lot of different authors, finding one of my new favorites, Jodi Picoult, whose unique, twisting-turning plots and heart-wrenchingly honest characters seem to suck me in from page one and hold me tight with clenched fists till the very last page of each of her books (so far i've read: The Tenth Circle, My Sister's Keeper, Harvesting the Heart, Nineteen Minutes, Vanishing Acts, Plain Truth, Keeping Faith, Mercy, and The Pact. I'm still in the process of "catching up"...there are a couple of her older books that I still have left to read, and I can hardly wait).

In the meantime, I've become VERY attached to a new book series that actually I first heard about after reading about it on other blogger's pages. If you haven't already guessed it, from my love of vampire stories, it's the Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer. I am truly obsessed and became so, while reading the first book in the series. I'm currently reading the third book, Eclipse (at a crazily-fast rate due to the fact that the fourth book in the series comes out in TWO DAYS! Mind you, I've read almost the entire series (3 out of 4) in a matter of less than two weeks. I'm obsessed.) and also highly anticipating the movie, Twilight, which comes out on MY birthday, 12/12/08. I plan on dragging Big D's butt to the theater with me (cuz I don't know anyone IRL that is reading any of the Twilight series . Although Mrs. Kitty, if you wanna fly down to meet me in CT for the weekend, we could have a kick-ass birhtday celebration for yours truly, starting with the movie viewing! LOL I know, I know, no booze involved of course. *wink, wink*). So, now here I am, in love with a vampire (shhhh...don't tell Big D) and eagerly awaiting the next book AND the movie like a love-sick teenager.

Anyway, this vampire-worship (and witch and supernatural, etc.) could not have been made possible if it wasn't for that fifth grade reading chart and my ever-growing love for books. I will always, always encourage any children I know (including my future children!) to read. I can't explain in mere words how much it's broadened my awareness of the world around me, expanded my vocabulary as a learning child and most importantly turned me on to my other love, writing fiction of my own. I have not had anything published yet (my dream goal/aspiration/call it what you will is to have published a YA thriller novel of my own some day...) but I have so many short stories and stories started that it's insane. And sometime in high school, after being forced to do it for a creative writing class, I delved into the world of poetry. While I do not love poetry nearly as much as writing stories, it does satisfy my creative itch some days, in a snap. I am a woman with many crazy, important, creative thoughts swirling about in my eager brain and I owe it all to reading.

Eternal Kiss
Written By: Me (I wrote this years and years ago, it's not some of my better stuff, but hey, you get the idea of how much and for how long I've loved vampire stories! if you wanna read any of my other short stories or poetry, go here.)

His skin is leathery,

Pale and white as a dove’s wing,

but not so lovely.

When it brushes

against my own,

I shudder.

His eyes are dark and black

like oily pools

leading into

a damned existence.

His teeth, oh God, his teeth

are curved to twin jagged peaks

with a pearly opaque beauty

that makes me cringe.

He is wicked,

like a foul breeze

blowing into my

being and I can't help

but breathe him in.

I can’t expel him.

I crave his kiss

yet, I abhor it.

While smooth, cool teeth sink

into warm, inviting flesh,

Fever rages

throughout my body.

I am dying,

And I’ve never felt so



jen @ The Cubicle's Backporch said...

While I've never been into the vampire books and whatnot, I do LOVE to read. My perfect day is spent at the lake house reading a book on the back deck of our lake house.

I have read a book of Jodi's though... but I can't recall which one right now. I'll have to see if I can find it again.

countrymouse said...

I took a class in my junoir year of college that was the literature of horror. You would have LOVED it. We read everything on vampires from bram stoker to ancient romanian legends about the origins of the vampire. (And now i am officially out of the dork closet as well). We also spent a good deal of time reading E.A.Poe, your poetry reminds me of him, great vocab use.

here is a random used to read dean koontz, did you read odd thomas? I read it YEARS ago and didnt like it..but it has been stuck in my head since then.

It was interesting to say the least!

countrymouse said...

oh, and we are both december babies...actually you and my stepdad have the same bday!

angie said...

Wow! You're a poet, too. I resisted the Twilight series until now. I just started Twilight yesterday and only have a few pages to go. Love it.

April in CT said...

I love to read as well, but I'll have to say my hubby reads WAY more than I do. I go through phases and I think it's because if I get into a good book I'll stay up all night to finish it. Not a good habit to do very often! Dean Koontz is one of my favorites and the new Odd Thomas book is out so I can't wait to read it!

Have you been to the Book Barn in Niantic? It's a book lovers heaven on earth.

Natalie said...

Followed you from Mrs. Kitty. I adore the Twilight series and can't wait for the next one! Did you read "The Host" yet? Different, but good. I'm a little nervous about the movie, the first preview I saw showed some pretty subpar acting, but it could be just because it isn't completely edited yet. said...

I'm impressed with your poetry lady! Very nice. You know in high school my best friend had some of her poetry actually published. I wonder if you could do the same?? Just a thought.

And unfortunately I have to agree with Natalie here. I'm a little apprehensive about the movie. They better not spoil it!! But I'm thinking YOU should come out HERE and we can watch it with my cousin in law who is the chick that got me hooked. She loves it too!!!

Julie said...

Your not a dork. I too LOVE vampires and anything out of the ordinary.

I also read about Twilight on someone's blog and want to read it. I just haven't gone to get the books-but now that you've raved about it I need to get them!!!

If Big D isn't into it, I'll go for sure!!!

Chele76 said...

you should talk with my Mom! She's SO into vampires and vampire books that you'd thinks she would try to become one. lol

Robyn said...

I haven't read the series, but my interest has been peaked by the media assault lately. I love my Buffy the Vampire Slayer and do not know if I have room for more.
I have the hardest time reading Koontz and king. I don't know why.

Poltzie said...

I LOVE most of those authors I just never could get into the whole vampire thing.

Kellan said...

I knew you were talking about Twilight! I haven't read them, but my twins have and love them. They just came in my room last night and made me watch the trailers for the upcoming movie - they can't wait and I want to see it too!

Take care - Kellan

Kellan said...

I knew you were talking about Twilight! I haven't read them, but my twins have and love them. They just came in my room last night and made me watch the trailers for the upcoming movie - they can't wait and I want to see it too!

Take care - Kellan

krissy said...

I like Vampires too. But I do not like Stephan King cuz the man is just freaky.

But I am a dork just remember how much us dorks are loved! :-)

tricki_nicki said...

Girlfriend, you and me both. I cannot WAIT until this weekend. My hubs knows that I'm going to be at the bookstore getting my pre-ordered copy as soon as they open! I'm going to need a Diet Coke IV and a catheter, because I'm NOT leaving my room this weekend!

April in CT said...

Stephenie Meyer is on Good Morning America right now. I'd never heard of this before your post and even though I've never read a vampire story, I'm interested now! I'll have to add her to my list of books to check out. Thanks for mentioning her.

Keri said...

Boy! i knew there was a reason we clicked so well together.... big fan..big fan!

Jaina said...

Seriously, I will get around to reading Twilight soon. Just have to go pick them up.
So, I have to ask, do you like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel? I will be SOOOOO excited if you say yes. :)

April said...

Countrymouse-December babies rock!!

Robyn and Jaina-I ADORE Buffy the Vampire SLAYER!!! I own six of the seven seasons on DVD...I FREAKIN' LOVE BUFFY.

Jaina said...

OMG April, that makes me SO happy. My friend introduced me to Buffy sophomore year of college...we watched all 7 seasons of Buffy and all 5 seasons on Angel by the day we went home for the summer. (yes, I'm crazy, but I LOVE IT!) I currently own Seasons 1-4 of Angel, and 1-3 of Buffy. (Seasons 2 & 3 courtesy of a whim of the bf when we were at Costco one day...isn't he wonderful?) My friend, B, lives across the street now, and owns complete sets of both shows. My Angel collection progressed faster because she didn't own Season 4 when we got to it, and I had more money at the time so I bought it. Angel was on sale junior year as I got my roomie into it, so I bought season 3 since that was next, and I got season 2 (one of my faves) for $19.99 at the beginning of last summer. Haha, but I'm working on completing both Buffy and Angel. I'll need a new dvd shelf when I do! Haha. :) Didn't you just REALLY want to know my whole Joss-verse history? I'm sure that just made your day ;) I could go on about Firefly, Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse....