Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Okay, I have been challenged.

Krissy, the self-proclaimed sex-diva, has challenged her bloggy readers to post a sexy picture of themselves on their own blogs.


I don't know why I'm having such a hard time with this.

I didn't think that I had a hard time feeling sexy...although when I'm not altogether happy with my body since I've put on some weight, I guess it makes this challenge a little bit more difficult. And I could easily throw up a shot of me hamming it up, all mock-sexy with cleave, working it. But that's not really sexy to me.

And then while I struggled to figure out what is a sexy picture of myself, I read Kel's super-duper, right-on the mark post about sexiness. It was my light bulb moment. A-ha!

It suddenly became more what is sexy to ME about myself, and not so much what will/does everyone else think is sexy?

For instance, my Big D has always said from the very start that he finds me incredibly attractive and sexy on the days that I don't "try"...when I'm make-up less, hair in a pony tail or stuffed in a baseball cap, casual in a pair of jeans and a tank top, just me. And that is awesome...I love him more for that. But is that what makes me look "sexy"? I think it is more than that.

I personally think sexiness for me comes out so much more in my playfulness. My silly antics. My--often times crazy--laughter. My dark eyes. My infectious smile. Both of which, I believe, are expressive in so many ways.

I can not try to look sexy or I will fail miserably. However, does that mean I lack in sex appeal? I think not, peeps. I guess what I'm trying to say is just this: when I'm happy, geniunely happy, I feel that I look my most sexy.

So I'm going to go home, slap on comedy central, eat Ben and Jerry's with my honey...and rock on with my sexy self!!

P.S. And now I'm challenging any of YOU to post and blog about your sexiness! Come on, you can dooooooooooooooo it!


Melissa said...

Oh sexy mama, I think it's all in the attitude. You can be sexy wearing whatever you want as long as you think your sex.

Krystyn said...

Go on with your bad sexy self! And, sexy is totally what you (and your SO) think it is!

Stephanie said...

Brilliantly said, April! Those are great pictures and great expressions!

Jaina said...

I may take you up on your challenge, we'll see. Great post though. It's all about attitude. ;) said...

Woo hOo! Check you out sista! I especially love the one with the bunny ears. (damn clearly I've been hanging around too many lesbians...hahaha)

I couldn't agree more about your definition of sexy.

Oh and WHY don't you live near me again??? Cause I personally claim right here and now that we would totally be bff's. Seriously. Comedy Central and Ben and Jerry's? Does it get any better????

Kathryn said...

Woohooo! Sexy lady! Glad you took Krissy's challenge. :)

krissy said...

This is what I love....seeing my girls figuring out what sexy is. You got me perfectly. It's all about a feeling of self assurance and I am so proud of you. Now, I have to pick one of those sex pot pictures to add to my next post. You'll be surprised which one I choose because I think you are sexy as hell.

Thanks for understanding this challenge and taking it further by asking your readers to do so. They can visit my blog too so they can see their girl there.

Good job!

angie said...

I really like your epiphany!

Robyn said...

I agree sometimes what the stereotype of what sexy is is just cheese. I think you hit it on the dot. I find it odd that J thinks my cheap short sweat shorts are hot. Everyone is different.

Poltzie said...

Big D really says that to you - GAWD, he is perfect!! Honestly that is every woman's dream.

The Hub tell me I'm sexy when wearing hootchie clothes and high heels and since my heels don't really go with my muffin top anymore I'm failing at the sexy part lately. Luckily I just pushed a child out of my vagina and have sexyness immunity for a bit!

Poltzie said...

ps. You do look sexy in those pics and especially the last one with Big D! I think being in love makes someone sexy personally!

Flea said...

Rock on, sexy rocker! I may post this at some point, but not before next week. If I remember. :( Sorry. LOVED your post, though! You approached it beautifully.

Kel said...

Rock On! You are super sexy - I think "fun" is the best medicine to feel sexy.
~K the bunny ears!! :)

Dan Mega said...

Those pics are quite sexy.

And a picture of me on my blog? Surely you jest.