Sunday, July 20, 2008

Well, the weekend is over. Yet, again. While it was somewhat relaxing and enjoyable, it was way too short! Friday night was Girl's Night at Michele's apartment. I made an easy chili dip and Michele had a bunch of other munchies. Keri made delicious turkey empanadas (yum, yum) and brought the ingredients for mojitos. Julie was there and also Melissa, who does not have a blog yet but hopefully will soon! The four of has some good laughs and girl talk, and played with Michele's silly new kitten. I got home around 12:45am and then tried to get to bed at 1:00ish. I say "try" becuz Daisy was having stomach issues obviously and crying from her cage...between one and two I had to get up about four times to let her outside to go to the bathroom. Felt bad for her but was simultaneously getting so annoyed cuz she would catch me JUST as I started drifting off to sleep each time.

Saturday, Big D left for work around 8:00am and I got up an hour later. I couldn't sleep anymore yet at the same time I was freaking exhausted so I laid on the couch in my pj's watching tv for a while. Finally, I felt too lazy and got my ass up, took a shower, made a pot of coffee and then spent a good two hours scrubbing every square inch of my kitchen. Talk about productive! Meanwhile, Big D had gotten home and took a quick nap and then around four we went for an early dinner at The Chowder Pot...we hardly ever go out to dinner anymore cuz we're always trying to be frugal but since he made "extra" money doing side work that day, he felt like we could treat ourselves. I TOTALLY didn't want to go becuz I really don't eat seafood (I don't mind tuna steak, but I was not in the mood for it) and I don't like steak so basically that left me with an option of chicken. Whoopedy-do. So at first, I admit that I was cranky. But, it was nice to get out with Bid D AND I ended up having a freakin' delicious dinner, so then I felt guilty for bitching about going there. Had Crab Rangoon's for an appetizer (I had only recently discovered these and love them!) and bread that they drizzle honey on, then had bbq baby back ribs with a baked potato and Cole slaw. Oh, and can't forget my white chocolate martini. YUM! I thought I was going to pop afterwards. Ha.

Sunday, we ran to Starbucks for some morning java, then headed to the store to get stuff for lunch cuz D's grandparents were stopping over. Made them cheeseburgers and corn on the cob with store-bought macaroni salad. We had a really nice visit with them! D's grandfather gave us an a/c unit for our kitchen. The unit in the living room is often not enough to do the house (we have a unit in the bedroom but I leave it off, with the door closed during the day. We only use it at night when we're actually in there) and then when we're cooking dinner, with the oven or burners going, it's pretty hot and unbearable in the kitchen. Hence the reason we've been saying "screw it" lately and have been eating way too much take-out. LOL After the grandparents left, it was off to BJ's to buy some groceries. We also got THE coolest coffee maker ever (here we go again, with nerdy April getting super excited about adult toys! and no, you pervs, not THOSE kind of adult toys. Heh heh.). It uses what are called K-cups and makes one cup of coffee per serving. I love it. No more wasting coffee in this house! I usually make a pot and drink like 2 cups myself and occasionally Big D will drink one cup. So now I don't have to worry. Just pop that little one-serving cup in for myself and go! Later on after that, my mom came over for dinner. Big D made steaks on the grill (chicken for me, no thank you to steak) and I made salad and steamed zucchini and squash.; We ate DAMN good this weekend! Also watched the movie, I AM LEGEND. We saw it when it came out in the theaters and I really liked it so we decided to watch it w/ Mom who hadn't seen it.

My meal plan for this week is not very exciting. I don't think we'll be trying out any new recipes, I just wanna use what we've got and not have to run back out for any random ingredients.

MONDAY: whole grain pasta with sauce, and steamed veggies

TUESDAY: one of my throw-together meals, almost like a not-quite-Shepard's pie, I just cook some ground beef, stir in a jar of brown gravy and serve it over mashed potatoes with corn.

WEDNESDAY: French bread pizzas with green salads

THURSDAY: Grilled pork chops, whole grain Spanish rice and steamed peas

FRIDAY: meatloaf with mashed potatoes and steamed veggies


Kel said...

Sounds like you had an eventful weekend! YAY! Glad you enjoyed your dinner is always nice to go out and spend some time with the hub outside of the house.

Kori said...

Gotcha a little something. Go check it out.

Stephanie said...

Your weekend sounds so great! I'm still super tired from mine. Next weekend, I am taking a tip from you and taking it easy!

Krystyn said...

Geez! Awesome eating this weekend!

And, the good thing about not getting a BFP, you got to drink those delicious mojitos!!

Julie said...

OH I want one of those coffee makers. My MIL and my brother have one (2 different kinds) can't decide which one to get.....You'll have to tell me about yours...

April in CT said...

As I was reading through this post (came across it on the orgjunkie site) I thought "How neat, we have the same name.." Then I saw mention of the Chowder Pot and thought well isn't that a coincidence there is one not far from us. Then you mentioned BJ's so I had to check and see where you live. LOL Looks like we have location in common too.

Congrats on the new coffee pot!

Robyn said...

I think I'm with you on the french bread pizzas.

Jaina said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Yay for A/C, it's nice to keep cool.