Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not too long ago I wrote about something cool...about this crazy phenomenon of blog friends!

Who would of thought, years ago, that I'd have so many awesome friends I've never even met in person? I certainly didn't! You guys are all so caring and selfless and always so quick to, even though most of us are not close enough to lend a shoulder to lean on, you lend an eye to read our words. Words when we are upset, words when we are sad, words when we are happy. Words about our lives. You are always eager to share an encouraging word, or a quick pep talk, or some much needed advice.

And I love that about each and every one of you!!

Stephanie, at Just the Two of Us, did something incredibly sweet. And helpful! This was in our pile of mail yesterday afternoon.

Did I ever tell you guys just HOW MUCH I love receiving some type of fun mail? After endless bills, junk mail and solicitations in the mailbox day after day, it's so much FUN to get something personal!!! Even Big D's curiosity was piqued! Thank you, so much Stephanie, for the Diabetes cookbook!

Isn't this the cutest stationary card ever?

And damn, girl, you have THE neatest handwriting ever! Daryl was very impressed by that!
And look! Already I've found a recipe I want to try! Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bars? YUMMY!
Here is the grateful Big D. Thank you again for thinking of him (and me!) while you were grocery shopping the other day! You totally made our day, Steph.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday, Moooooooonday.

Yuck. Have I told you before how much I hate Mondays? It started off kind of crappy (considering the weather was GORGEOUS after 3 days of nonstop rain and gloom...kind of like a slap in the face after the horrible weekend weather, right?) and then work was insane and busy and annoying. Phones ringing wildly. I managed, in between it all, to fire off an online application to a job I'm applying for. I'm slowly building up my nerve, this is my second job applied for (have heard nothing at all back from the first so I'm just gonna assume it's a no-go)...I am a girl who hates change, is petrified of it, but once I actually make that scary-seeming change, I'm quite content. So, wish me luck. It's only a part time job, which is not exactly what I was looking for (and not what my wallet is looking for either), however, it is a state job! I'd love to at least get my foot in the door that way and then down the road I can always poke around at the job listings for full time work. And then considering where this job is, there is always the potential I could go back to school (something I've been tossing around here and there) which would lend in me moving up into a job that I feel like is more of a career than just a J-O-B.

Anyway, I just had a massage with a student (one of the perks of my current job but one I'm willing to give up, I'll pay for them in the future if I have to!) and I feel pretty good. (Saw Michele too, who was popping in her for HER massage session.) It was more of a therapeutic, than relaxing, session. She worked on some areas that always need special attention for me: my upper back and shoulders (into the neck), right hip (that is hurting me again...it comes and goes, it's a steady ache and I can't even sleep on my right side anymore becuz of it) and my legs (leg work is my ultimate favorite). After my busy weekend at home of cleaning out our computer room (so Daryl could paint it) and going up and down stairs all day bringing the contents of the computer room upstairs to the spare room, my legs desperately needed some attention. But I'm not complaining, I got so much done this weekend! And so did Big D! He did a fantastic job painting the computer room and it looks so good. We are going to be moving into that room, as our bedroom (it's slightly bigger than our current bedroom) plus when (if? Ugh! procreate, already, damn it!) we have a baby, I want the baby in the back bedroom that is away from the front of the house. All Big D has left is to paint all the trim in the room (I promise I'll post pics for those who are interested in house renovations. Soon!) and then we can start moving our furniture in! I'm guessing we won't be able to move into the room until maybe Sunday, cuz I can't see us starting this project at seven at night during the week and Saturday we have a super busy day (puppy-training class that we have to sit in on, before we can get our foster puppy. Then in the evening I have a Bachelorette Party to attend for my cousin, Jenn, and I think Big D might be going to Jenn's fiance's stag party)...so Sunday is looking like moving-day right now!

On the health front, Big D is going back to his doctor this week, October 1st, for a check-up and I'm sure his doctor will be happy with the progress he is making! Both with his weight loss AND his glucose level coming way down. We are so pleased (not to mention, I'm very relieved!). On my end, I'm biting the bullet, and rejoining Weight Watchers. I'm doing it on my own, too damn po' right now to pay for it, but it's fine cuz I have ALL the materials (I've done ww many, many times before LOL) and I know how it all works. I know it works but I am just one who hates to have "keep track" of what I'm eating. But hey, if I'll lose ten pounds, I'll freakin' suck it up and do it!

Friday, September 26, 2008

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Photostory Friday

I'm back!! I'm back!!

I have not done a Photostory Friday in EONS and I've missed you all and your fabulous photos and stories, so much.

A week ago today I had taken the day off from work and went to a local orchard with Sarah and her sweet little daughter, Julia. It's always so much fun to see things through the eyes of a child. It helps me to feel young again.

It was asking too much for her to smile mid-chew. The kid was hungry!~

She really loves her apples.

This is a cute little baby apple I find that Julia immediately wanted to eat.

Julia and her mama, Sarah, smiling pretty.

Here is what happened to EVERY apple Julia got her hands on. Bite, bite, munch, then dropped on the ground.

Me and Julia.

Check out the two apples I found fused together. Gotta love nature.
It's the Siamese twins of apples.

The orchard was pretty quiet. Guess becuz it was a weekday?

She was always eager to share!

I had a beautifully sunny and fun-filled Autumn day with a
great friend and her adorable munchkin! What could be better???

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yes, just to quickly answer becuz I know some of you were wondering, I was indeed with my husband at the time and my friend did save the message to play for me at a later date. She's an awesome friend like that. I am kinda mortified to listen to it. Maybe I'll have a couple glasses of wine first to prepare.
But hey, I gotta look at the bright side, maybe there is a job in my future for phone sex operator? Who knows?

Anyway, 'nuff on that. I have good news to report! Big D has been doing tremendously well with his health since his last doctor visit! He's gotten his glucose level down to (ranging) between 140-150. WOO HOO!! I'm super psyched about that. He is feeling better, has more energy, and is not cranky anymore! It's amazing to realize that cranky "funk" I thought he was going through was directly related to his health! I can't wait to hear what his doctor says at his next visit on October 1st!

On the weight loss front, Big D has lost....drum roll please...thirteen pounds!! I am so incredibly proud of his progress! This is just from changing our eating habits and eating healthier!!! We both decided to start walking after dinner, as well, now that the weather is cooler. So tonight will be our first night of that. And you may all be waiting with baited breath to hear how much weight I have lost, correct? So just to recap, Big D has lost THIRTEEN POUNDS...and I? I have lost a grand total of....

.....wait for it....

.....you know you're dying to find out....

....wanna make a guess?

I've lost two freakin' pounds. That's it. I swear. WTF?!?!?!? 13:2!!! What kind of f'ing ratio is that? Men suck! It's way too easy for them to shed the pounds! Every time I hop on the scale, I pray for a miracle and instead, Mother Nature smacks me in the face (or maybe in the fat ass). Meanwhile, my hubby's belly is shrinking and DAMN if he doesn't look good. I have been trying not to jump his bones every time he comes home from work at night!

Down, April, down.


Is it getting warm in here?

Okay, I'm better now.

Anyway, in other news, I've decided (after much deliberation...months and months worth!) that I'm going to get a tattoo!!! Those who know me in real life are probably like, "Are you freakin' kidding me?" It's not something I ever wanted to do. I always flat-out said "No way, tattoos are not for me." I never dated anyone with a tattoo, until Big D came along. (And of course I found his totally sexy.) Mmmm....tattoos.

Uh, but I digress, my point is that I came to the conclusion that I wanted to do something, something small, to memorialize my father. Something that people looking at would be like, "Hmmm, that's cool, what's it mean?" I was stumped. I didn't want to do anything cliche-ish in the world of tattoos.

My friend Lorelei had an idea, an idea that I instantly fell in love with as just the thought of it screamed out to me of my Daddy. For those of you who need the back-story behind my tattoo decision, read this.

Lorelei suggested a penny, with wings to signify that he is in Heaven or an angel, and in the details of the penny, in the print, to put a message. Whether it be just my dad's name, or his name and birthday, or a tiny message from me to him. This tattoo will not be big. I want it a somewhat smaller reasonable size. Since I do office work, I need it in a place that be somewhat covered up, when need be. But also a place that I can display when I feel the urge. This is where you all come in...I need some guidance!

Where do you suggest I put my tattoo? I need opinions people! Where should I put it, and why? I have no idea when I'll be getting it done, yet, cuz my neighbor is a fledgling tattoo artist who is going to be doing it (don't' worry, I've seen his work...he is AMAZING) and I'm on the waiting list (like 12 people ahead of me, Big D included!!) BUT how about this, to make it more fun! Let's turn it into a contest: If I end up USING your suggestion, you will win a prize!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Note to Self:

When having sexual relations on the living room floor, and quite possibly flailing about, be sure that your cell phone is a considerable distance away. And be sure that your foot doesn't slam down on it and accidentally hit the last dialed phone number, thereby calling yours and your husband's friend and depositing a lovely, if personal, message into her voice mail.

Because yes, said friend will indeed listen to the voice mail from start to finish.

Why, me?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I am in a gooooooood mood today. (although that could be somewhat related to my getting laid last night. Ha!)

I only have five more hours left at work and then I'm DONE-ZO till Tuesday! I took personal days for tomorrow, Friday, and Monday. Tomorrow I'm getting up early and going apple picking (I love Fall!!) with Sarah and cute little Julia. We'll hang out afterwards and I'll probably make something yummy with my apples. Then in the late afternoon/early evening, Big D and I are meeting up with Joe and Erin at the Big E! I haven't been to the Big E in a few years so I'm really looking forward to it. And hanging out with Joe and Erin is always a treat.

Saturday Daryl and I have big plans. We are going to an orientation. I have not mentioned anything yet, cuz it was still in the thinking process, but we are seriously contemplating fostering a Fidelco German Shepard puppy. Fidelco dogs are guide dogs for people with blindness or other disabilities who need some assistance. Daryl and I were both introduced to the world of fostering guide dogs back in June of 2007 when I went to my first Red Sox game. I don't remember the name of the company, but, they had a little stand with information, calendars for sale, and beautiful yellow Lab puppies on their way to learning how to be good guide dogs. I was totally enthralled and Daryl had to literally tear me away to go watch the game. Then just a few weeks ago, while at work, Daryl was doing some jobs at Fidelco in Bloomfield, and his enthusiasm about the place was totally contagious. He would come home and tell me all about the German Shepard's he'd seen being trained, how he'd talked to employees there about fostering, and how great of an opportunity this was to help someone. I fought the idea at first though, selfishly, becuz I could not imagine vesting 14 months of love into this dog and then immediately having to give it back. But the more Big D talked it up, the more he convinced me of how much of a gratifying service we'd be doing for a disabled person who needed this dog to live and feel independent. I could cry when I think about how much joy these dogs bring to people's lives, and how in it's own little way, Daryl and I would be contributing to that joy. We know we are blessed and we both are always talking about how we feel so lucky for having our health (despite his Diabetes) and each other to lean on. We know not everyone is as lucky and this is a way for us to do our small part in helping someone else feel as blessed. I know it will be tough, and I know the emotional part of it all will take a slight toll, but I already feel like my heart has grown just at the mere thought of doing it. So Saturday we are going to go sit in on a Fidelco orientation, and also I'll get an opportunity to see the facility (and puppies!) for the first time. Wish us luck!

Saturday evening it will be off to dinner our friend Jessica's house. She has her daughter Belle (who is 8) this weekend and she'll also be baby-sitting her sweet nephew Logan so I'll get some MORE baby time (and damn it, you KNOW I'll be sniffing that kid all night if this pheromones-shit has even an inkling of truth to it!! LOL) in addition to a yummy dinner.

Sunday will be another busy day. My cousins' shower is at one (I'm a BM in her wedding) and I have to show up earlier to help set up and bring the food I'm supplying. I'm sure I'll be there most of the afternoon. And Monday I plan on vegging out! I'm going to get some laundry accomplished (finally) and clean the bathroom...and for a change, I'll make dinner for Big D who usually always cooks!! I'm looking forward to it....

Anyone else have any fun plans going on???

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I got a little bit of my baby fix this weekend.

Went to a friend's Surprise 30th Birthday party and met her 2-month old little munchkin, Logan, for the first time.

I got to love him and squeeze him up and rub his back a few hundred times while everyone was cleaning up the hall at the end of the party. I was the lucky one who got to inhale that sweet baby scent, and feel his little warm breath on my neck, while everyone else swept and threw away garbage. Suckers.

The big joke was that they were going to put out an "April Alert" as everyone insinuated I would grab Logan and run. Ha.

I think my womb is constricting a little bit. It desperately needs to be filled.

Monday, September 15, 2008

I tried to kill my husband last night.

Accidentally, of course. Geez, people, what kind of a wife do you think I am??

But I'll tell you this. I feel like a total shithead. I have been craving ALL the foods, lately, that we've either cut way back on or stopped eating completely since Daryl was diagnosed with diabetes. And of course there is still so much we don't know yet about what is okay to eat, and in what increments, so it's a constant learning process. We learn as we go.

And last night, all I wanted was mashed potatoes. Carbs. Yummy, homemade, creamy mashed potatoes. I know mashed potatoes is a weakness for both myself and Big D and I thought I didn't make too much. Of course, my eyes are horrible at gauging correct portions when I'm cooking. And I made too much. I was smart though and immediately packed away leftovers in tupperware containers for me to have with lunch during the week at work (I made goulash--with ground turkey, not beef--over mashed potatoes). However I still doled out too much mashed potatoes to Daryl. His "old portion" size before being told to cut way, WAY back on carbohydrates.

And then after dinner, he was still hungry. I had made fruit salad (grapes, watermelon, blueberries and strawberries mixed together) for snacks/dessert for the week, and even though I know there is sugar in fruit, we figured, 'Hey, it's all about portion size.' so I only put it in a small dish, maybe like a cup's worth? And he also had an apple. As he was eating that apple, I started to feel bad. Like, Oh shit, I think we screwed up. But I just attributed it to my knack of over-reacting to things. Hell, it's fruit, and some mashed potatoes, what can it hurt?

Out came the blood glucose tester and from the prick of his finger to the actual testing, I didn't have a good feeling. And then when Daryl said, "Uh oh." I knew it wasn't a good reading.


He felt crappy for a bit after that--slight stomach ache and no energy--and he laid down on the couch and fell asleep. I silently kicked myself and berated myself. I should know better! I'm the one who has always "eaten healthier" and tried to get us both to lose weight before and make proper food choices! And now here he has to do it for his HEALTH and I'm giving him crappy options! I know he is his own person,a grownup, and will eat what he wants to eat, but I still felt responsible. Daryl trusts my judgement and I feel like I steered him wrong! I didn't do a very good job of looking out for him last night. :-(

I learned my lesson. And so did he.

Food Nazi is in town. Look out!

And please, for any diabetics out there (or anyone watching their sugar and carb-intake) can you PLEASE give us some ideas? What is good for him to snack on? To have as "dessert"? What can he have for breakfast besides eggs? I'm feeling overwhelmed and confused!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's Happy Saturday!

Way better than Fuck This Friday. Heh heh.

I slept in till about nine thirty this morning (well, after waking up at 4:30 am when Big D got up, and then again at around 6:00 am when the damn dog was crying to go outside and go potty. Anyway, I just had some delicious (Green Mountain) Rain Forest Nut coffee. Yummy. Big D has been gone since about 5:00 am. He headed out with all the other redneck (ha ha, just kidding) guys from his work to go see the races in New Hampshire. They brought a bunch of food to grill up while there and they probably just arrived about a half hour ago at the track.

I'm home, vegging out, and most likely might do some laundry and stuff. Later today, my friend Jess and my neighbor Brian are picking me up to take me to Jess's sister's Surprise 30th Birthday party. Big D will hopefully meet up with us if he gets home from NH early enough...of course who knows after traffic, etc. when he will get here.
Anyway, I gotta figure out what to wear. I'm broke this week otherwise I would have loved to go out and find a cool shirt or outfit. But on a good note, I do have some hot red heels to wear...just gotta figure out what to wear them WITH. LOL What do you think? I contemplated returning them cuz I won't have tons of opportunity to wear them but they're so damn fun that i said 'screw it', I'm keeping 'em! LOL

Anyway, not much else new going on. Tomorrow will be a quiet day of hopefully relaxation...maybe a little bit of cleaning as well. What is everyone else's plans for this weekend???

Friday, September 12, 2008


I am in a mood more foul than the smell of my kitchen garbage, that needs to be emptied and that I have been thus far too lazy to empty, (holy run-on sentence, batman) and I LITERALLY screamed at the top of my lungs at my dogs this morning for daring to get in my way.

I am in a mood today. A not-so-pretty mood. I was too sad/angry to cry, which for me is HUGE. I cry over everything. Instead, on my drive in to work this morning, I cranked the volume of my radio so loud that it punctured my ear drums, and I belted out some incredibly depressing Tool lyrics while pounding the steering wheel in time to the (music) my anger.


And then I read Kitty's blog post today. And smiled for the first time today (oh well, okay, maybe the second time. The first was one a coworker went to Starbucks for me and bought me my Pumpkin Spice Latte). No, I was not smiling at Kitty's misery. I was smiling at the movement she is starting...FUCK THIS FRIDAY. So in jumping onto her incredibly inviting bandwagon (filled with chocolate chip cookies, ice cream and misery) I'm going to vent and rant my rage this day until I've purged it all out and feel somewhat better:

  • My grandmother's health is declining. Yes, on a good note, the cancer in her throat is gone (after the horrible, draining treatments) but now she seems to be on a downward spiral and I don't know how to react to that.
  • My uncle's dog, Lady, had to be put to sleep yesterday (Kitty, I swear to God! I'm not just making this shit up!!!). My mom called me in tears to say that Lady, who is/was sixteen years old, was dying. My uncle had to make an appt. the next day to put poor Lady down, becuz she could no longer walk, could hardly breathe, and was losing control of herself all over my grandmother's kicthen floor. I remember my Uncle bringing home this excited, happy beautiful puppy when I was only fifteen years old. Rest in Peace, Lady Bug. (maybe THIS is what all those lady bugs were trying to tell me?)
  • I am fucking broke. I was going to say broke this week, but that would be acting like I'm not broke on a regular basis. Which would be a downright lie. I thought I was getting paid this week...sadly, I was wrong, it's NEXT week. Lots of shit is due. THIS week.
  • I hate my job. I cried in absolute frustration the other night on the way home, talked to myself like a crazy woman, asked myself, "Why???? When are you going to get off your ass and DO something about your life, April?"
  • I just finished up another fucking period. My cycle has been crazy the past few months. First 24 days, then 30 days, then 27 days. I have no idea anymore when I ovulate. I have yet to buy the basal thermometer. I'm silently freaking out that becuz of Daryl's diabetes, it will be even harder to get pregnant.
  • I'm starving. Daryl and I have been eating fabulously (i.e. healthy) since last Saturday. Am I happy about this? Yes. Am I hungry? Yes. My body is still adjusting to not stuffing my mouth at any whim that overtook me. Am I still fat after a week of awesome eating? Yes. Did I expect to have lost at the very least a pound this morning when I hopped on the scale? Yes. But did I? Hell, no. And I feel like a selfish bitch for complaining about when I'm doing this by choice, when poor Big D HAS no choice. I'm a horrible, evil wife for feeling this way and wanting a Snickers bar.
  • My house is a total pigsty. I need to spend my entire weekend cleaning it. My entire weekend.
  • I'm applying for a new job. This should be a good thing, right? Right?? I'm silently freaking out.
  • Oh, and did I mention I'm fat???
Okay, this is not a sympathy post...I don't expect to have my hand held or anytihng, but I had to get it all out. If YOU are having a shitty day and and want to join in, welcome to Kitty's created FUCK THIS FRIDAY. (button to come soon).


Thursday, September 11, 2008

TRESemme, TRESemme, ooh la la!

We were getting ready to go out the other night and I wanted Big D's opinion on the shirt I was wearing. He told me he could not see since obviously he was in the shower...so I whipped open the curtain, with no warning, to show him.

There he stood, my big manly man...the one who would never think of wearing a moisturizer, or shopping for fun, or plucking his brows (I tried to get him to pluck a few stray eyebrow hairs one day...he looked at me like I was utterly insane)...the most macho man I know who's idea of dressing up is squirting on some cologne...if we go out, the only way I can get him to throw on a polo shrit is by begging and cajoling and finally whining...

...anyway there he stood with shampoo foam dripping into his eyes, his lips forming a small guilty "o", and holding my bottle of TRESemme shampoo for Brunettes in his beefy, calloused hand. Caught like a child with his hand in the cookie jar.

"What the hell are you doing using my shampoo???" I gasped out, and snorted back the laughter, as I eyed his mostly (salt and) pepper-y colored hair.

"Uh--I just decided to use your Brilliantly Brunette Shampoo today." He stammared a.nd quickly shoved the bottle back onto the shower shelf and continued to lather up his big, round head.

"Just today, huh?" I asked slyly. He smiled wide, sensing an easy out.

"Yup, just today!"

"You're not using Brilliantly Brunette, dumbass!" I cried, pointing a finger accusinglly. "That's TRESemme! I bought it about a week and a half ago cuz it was on sale! We haven't had Brilliantly Brunette in this bathroom for at least two weeks!"


"Aw, crap. I guess I gave myself away by knowing the 'Brilliantly Brunette' name." He snickered and washed the rest of the giveaway out of his guilty brown eyes.

NEVER try to pull a fast one on a woman who knows her shampoo. I hope this doesn't mean he is going to start waxing or tanning now....heh heh...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008



I was locking up the kitchen window last night, spacing out, and once I had slammed it down I looked up to see this disgusting sight (thank goodness on the outside of my kitchen window):

(Sorry for the bright, bleary quality...I took this quick with my cell while I was silently freaking out.) Taking this picture was almost like therapy. I had to creep closer to the window, arm outstretched, to get the shot, all the while wanting to turn and run. The fact that this little buggar, legs and body, was easily the size of a quarter (slightly bigger) made me want to gag in fear. To see that much detail on it's bulbous little body? Puke.

GOD!! WHY are there disgusting, gross, revolting creatures such as this in the world??? I tell Daryl all the time we live in a freakin' spider house. Without fail, I see a spider (or two or three) EVERY SINGLE WEEK. *Shudder* I'm at my wits end! This montster above thank goodness is not the type I usually see...but the little ones are just as bad. The little, black, speedy spiders are my worst enemy. The spiders I'm least afraid of are Daddy Long Legs. Is it the name? Is it the fact that they're so big and thin, and most of the time they are just chillin' in a corner not moving (go see the one living in my bathroom. It's been in the same corner for EIGHT days in a row now. I don't have the heart to kill it. At least until I see it start moving, then it's history.)

Around my front door, outside, there are SERIOUS webs everywhere and my other most unfavorite spiders...the tannish, medium sized, long-legged freaks. They come out at night (the freaks come out at night) and when I went to see my mom out the other night, there were like FOUR OR FIVE of them on the inside of my screen door. OH. THE. HORROR. I apologized to my mom but made her walk herself out, and shut the door behind her. Sorry, Mom!

I've begged Daryl to let me call an exterminator to spray and he even agreed once before but something is holding me back. Could it be becuz I know that these dastardly spiders are keeping all the other disgusting bugs at bay? The beetles that sneak in with the mail, the moths who swoop in towards the light, the mosquitos that suck our blood...do I want all those back?

*SIGH* The answer is 'no'. I have to co-exist with the spiders, I realize that. Even though I want to run and hide, shrieking like a little girl, every time I spot one.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

What a difference a day (and doctor) makes!

I got into work yesterday morning and immediately hopped on the phone to call this new doctor recommended to us by family friends. I was calling at about 9:40 am and after explaining the situation to the receptionist he said, "Can your husband come in at ten?" I stuttered out a, "Uh, uh, no, he can't get there that quick. Anything later?" So he said 11:15 am. SOLD!

I called Daryl and told him the good news and off he went to the new doctor's office.
He snuck in a quick text message to me while waiting to be seen, saying pretty much how he already liked the atmosphere better at the new dr. office, and BONUS the receptionist who was having him fill out paperwork was showing lots of cleave! Nice.

So after a complete and thorough check-up by Dr. Mike ("call me Dr. Mike" he said) diagnosed him with Type 2 Diabetes. He laid out a plan for Daryl of medication (daily diabetes and blood pressure meds, and one baby aspirin daily), healthy diet (no sugar, more fish, pork and chicken, limited red meat, and little, if any, carbs) and monitoring his blood glucose level every day and keeping a diary of each reading. Another doctor's appointment is already scheduled for October 1st. He laid out how he plans on lowering Daryl's sugar levels in two stages. He was very precise, very informative, very friendly. Daryl really liked him. I haven't even met him and I like him! Like Daryl said last night, "It's nice to have a doctor actually care about my health."

So things are looking up. I know Big D is pretty bummed about what he can't drink (beer! at least for now) and eat (candy! He's a sugar-fiend!) but it's not a death-sentence and it's not the end. If anything, I view this as a wake-up call for him, for us, to pay better attention to our health. You only get one body so take care of it while you've got it. We want to grow old and wrinkly together , enjoying our marriage and each other for many, many years to come. And obviously, we want to start a family and both of us want to be healthy and be able to enjoy it! So things can only get better from here...

Monday, September 08, 2008

Had kind of a crazy weekend...not all in a good way though. Daryl has not been feeling well for over a week and it started off with stomach pain and pain in his manly bits (doesn't have quite the same ring as girly bits, huh? LOL) so he went to the doctor on Wednesday. The doctor told him he most likely had a kidney stone and gave him a prescription for the pain and not a lot of information to go along with it. By Friday that pain had receded but there were new symptoms in its place: dizziness, loss of appetite, fatigue, light headed,and like he told me, "I just don't feel right. I know my body and something is wrong."

Daryl called his doctor around 2:30pm on Friday and asked what were the results of his urine test, becuz he was not feeling good, and knew something was off with his body. The answer his doctor gave him? "Oh yeah, we were going to call you. We think you are diabetic. The sugar level we tested in your urine was 1000. Normal sugars range from 80-120. And there was some slight blood in your urine. We mailed out a form for you to go have your blood drawn. Stay away from sugar and go to the emergency room if you feel worse. See you at your next scheduled appointment, September 16th."

Uh, thanks?

I am so, so angry at this doctor. How freakin' blase can you be about some one's health? I was almost firey with anger on Friday, after getting over the initial shock of Big D possibly having diabetes, and I immediately told him we're finding him a new doctor. And both D's mom and Grandpa (adopted) have diabetes and told him that his sugar level, at 1000...NOT good. His mom encouraged us to go get a blood glucose tester becuz she tests her sugar every day. And she wondered about how Daryl was feeling Friday night, saying we should probably go to the emergency room. Friday morning he had eaten (before knowing all this) a cheese Danish at his company meeting, and two Arizona iced teas, and also cranberry juice which is what we figured caused him to feel so horrible on Friday. Daryl immediately stopped all sugar-intake and started drinking water. Once we had dinner Friday night, he was feeling better so we decided a visit to the ER was not in order. Saturday morning we woke up, unsure of whether we'd be going to the ER or to his company picnic at Olde Sturbridge Village in Mass. Again, he felt fine, so we decided to go and spent a few hours in Mass. Once we headed home, Big D was pretty tired but we wanted to stop first and grab the blood glucose testing kit. We've tested him three times: Saturday late afternoon/evening it was 216 (not good at all, but better than 1000), Sunday morning it was 326 (ugh! higher!) , and this morning it was 276.

I AM NOT HAPPY. We have no idea if this is dangerous or not; the doctor told Daryl practically nothing. Any information we've gleaned we've gotten from the internet and from Daryl's Grandpa and Mom. So today I'm going to call a doctor, recommended to me by a friend and her family, and see if he is accepting new patients. If so, I am going to tell him the whole story and try to get Daryl in for an appointment as soon as possible. He still has to go get his blood drawn as well, which will hopefully shed a little more light on all of this.

Meanwhile, I'm worried about Big D's health. I don't like to see him sick. And even when he IS usually sick, he never complains, but he has either been moaning in pain from the presumed kidney stone, or laying down due to the dizziness and telling me how crappy he feels. We went out yesterday and bought some fish, chicken and vegetables, and fruit. Daryl is not really big on drinking plain water so we also got him some seltzer and I picked up some lemon he can put in his water.
So wish us luck that this new doctor can squeeze Daryl in soon! I don't like not knowing what is going on with his health...I want some answers and I WANT them now.
Oh, and here are some pics from Sturbridge Village. I had forgotten our camera so I had to take them with my cell phone. This first and second one? HILARIOUS! One of the ox (oxen?) got loose and the security guard was trying to lure him back to the pen with apples.
Here is Daryl (cooling off) relaxing in the Meetinghouse.
These baby cows were just chilling in the heat...I couldn't resist snapping a picture of their cuteness. Immediately the brown one mooed at me; obviously he doesn't like the paparazzi.
This is me, all melty and flat hair, (WHO said the weather was gonna be 72 and cool WHICH is why I wore jeans? STUPID weatherman!) sucking down water like it's my job.

Here is Big D, smiling pretty, outside the Meetinghouse.
This pig was too cute, in my opinion (despite his stinky "perfume"). He was trying to stay cool, and I'm assuming that's why his ears were covering half his face?

Friday, September 05, 2008

Wanna talk about weird????

Last night I was sitting in my living room watching tv. Big D was already in bed (not feeling well...damn that kidney stone!) and half of the animals were surrounding me, two dogs on the floor chilling, and one lovey cat half on my lap/half on the arm of the couch. All of a sudden we hear this strange fluttering/chittering noise...it kinda reminded me of a cricket but not a full-blown chirp. The dogs ears were perked, my head was cocked, when all of a sudden a bug flew out from under the lamp shade beside us and Bailey, the fasteset kitty alive (in my head I'm hearing that line from SuperBad that Seth Rogen manages to gasp out after a foot chase, "He's the fastest kid alive...fastest kid alive!" Ha ha!!), swiped her paw so quickly through the air I barely saw her move. She knocked the bug down, got it in her mouth, spit it out, and then sat on it. Sweet. My cats are awesome.

Anyway, I made her move her furry little behind, ready with a tissue to kill what I thought was a beetle (ugh we get them all the time, espeically in our mailbox so we end up unknowingly bringing them in with the mail) and there she is sitting on the arm rest of the couch, a beautiful little lady bug.

Lady bugs are the ONLY bug I will willingly touch. There is just something so sweet and innocent and child-like about them to me. Maybe it's the fact that they bring me back to childhood? I don't know exactly. After finding this one, I immediately shooed the cat away so she wouldn't eat it and slid a piece of paper under it, hoping it was still alive. The little thing started to crawl across the paper. I smiled and hurriedly rushed out the backdoor where I blew it off the paper and watched the little spotted buggie fly away.

Ten minutes later I get a picture text from Michele showing me the lady bugs painted on her big toes from her pedi the other day. Coincidence? (P.S. 'Chele, love the pedi!!)

Then this morning I finally started to catch up on reading blogs and go to Seven Clown Circus and read today's PhotoStory Friday which is about....what? Yup, you guessed it...LADY BUGS!

Holy crap! What does this MEAN? Could Lady Luck, in the form of a Lady Bug, possibly be smiling down upon me? Is it just a silly, strange coincidence? Is someone or something try to tell me something?

Whatever it is, I will take it. :-)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Hey Everyone...guilt is eating away at me like raging fire ants biting at my flesh. I'm so sorry I haven't been by your blogs lately. It's been hard enough just keeping up with writing my own random twice a week (approximately?) posts. I know, I know what a horrible excuse for a blogger, Iam! I really do apologize.

Life has been crazy, both in work and out. In work, I'm lucky I get five minutes to BREATHE, the past few weeks. I literally told my boss today "I'm taking five. See ya." and off I went to satisfy my pms-craving for salty and sweet with some peanut m-n-m's. Then I ambled to my friend's office where we were able to shoot the shit for a bit and I managed to breathe in MULTIPLE much-needed gasps of air. And life on the home front has been crazy as well. Even though summer is drawing to a close, our social life sure isn't! Geez...I'm thinking of taking a hiatus from insane-weekend plans. After this weekend, of course, since we have tons of totally fun things planned. Ack. On one hand, I love having such freakin' kick-ass friends that we can hang out with on a regular basis (and also fun company functions since this weekend is Daryl's work picnic at Sturbridge Village) but at the same time, it's not till both Big D and I start to feel overwhelmed that I realize I shoudl curtail it back. And to think, the holiday season is around the corner?? SCARY. And then poor Big D went to the doctor's office today cuz he's been having some issues and come to find out it's most likely that he has to pass a kidney stone. Ugh! I feel bad for him. I hope it goes as quickly and painlessly as is possible!

Oh and me trying to get to the gym lately? Shit, yeah, that's a joke. I went yesterday for the first time in AGES and was so stinkin' proud of myself...until five minutes into my walk I thought frantically to myself, "Did I lock the truck?" Considering my purse was in there as well as important personal documents, and add the fact that we do after all live (and work out!) in the ghetto, I started to sweat. And not from the walking. I left the treadmill running, hopped off keys in hand, and ran to the nearest window to hit the clicker that locks my doors. My headlights did not flash as usual so I figured I was too far away for it to work. I hopped back on the treadmill, hastily trying to convince myself that all was fine and most likely I had in fact locked the doors--but another five minutes later ended up ripping off my earphones in frustration. "Did I lock it? Why can't I remember? Is someone stealing my purse? Or the truck?" Yes, you may call it paranoia, but for someone who has now had a home AND vehicle broken into in the past 3 years, I felt I had a valid fear. So twenty minutes into my walk, as I re-read the same paragraph for about the zillionth time in my newest Jodi Picoult book, I gave up and left the gym. Twenty freakin' minutes into my work out. *SIGH*

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Happy belated Labor Day!

I enjoyed my weekend. Saturday we decided, despite the wet gloominess outside and the threat of rain, to go for a hike in the Portland state forest and Big D wanted to put up at least one of his hunting cameras. We picked up Lorelei on the way and headed out. After we put up his camera, it started to get even muggier and the rain started to spritz so we had to cut our hike short. Later on, I ran out to Target to get a few things, and a few things led into almost an hour and a half of browsing. Big D finally called me at five, to ask where the heck I was, considering we had evening plans and he knows how I am about having enough time to get ready. So I threw my purchases in the truck and headed home to hop into the shower. I got ready and contemplated putting on the hot, red heels I had just purchased at Target but then guilt took over, that I spent money on shoes when we're pretty broke this week, so I put them back in the bag. *SIGH* I still having decided ifI will return them yet.

Anyway, Jessica came at seven and we headed over to my neighbor Brian's immediately afterwards for a couple of drinks. Then our next stop was MaxFish in Glastonbury, which is hilarious since I don't eat seafood. But I took one for the team, since the other three did. I picked the ONE non-seafood item off the menu...a cheeseburger. Good thing I love cheeseburgers! Anyway, more wine, dinner, and then we were off to the comedy club, City Steam, in Hartford. It was my first time going there and I had a blast! Maybe it had something to do with the booze, but I giggled my ass off! When the show was over at midnight, we went to the bar upstairs and spent another hour or so there. I was sufficiently buzzed (okay, maybe a tad more than buzzed) at this point, so we headed back to Brian's. It was now three in the morning and we were hungry, so Brian made the four of us breakfast. Finally, at three thirty a.m. we stumbled home (literally, we walked home from Brian's who lives like four houses away). After trying to rape Daryl at four in the morning, and him telling my drunk ass to go to sleep, I nodded off to dreamland.

Sunday I slept wicked late for the first time in YEARS. Eleven thirty a.m.! I guess that's what happens when you go to bed at four in the morning! I swear, my body is not used to partying like a rock star anymore. It took quite a few hours of vegetating on the couch, downing endless glasses of water, until finally I started to feel more myself. Showered at three thirty, woke Daryl up from his nap, and of we went to Joe and Erin's where we had plans for dinner. We brought steaks and Erin made a ton of food to go with it. We always eat well at Joe and Erin's! ;-) After eating dinner on their gorgeous deck, watching the wild turkeys and their babies take flight into the trees to roost for the night,, Joe lit his chimenea and we roasted marshmallows for smores... I was so full I only managed to eat two, but they were awesome! About nine forty five we called it a night, cuz we had at least a forty five minute ride ahead of us.

Monday was the one day we blessedly didn't have ANYTHING planned. We ran to Lowes to grab something, and I cleaned the bathroom and we had a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon while having lunch. We lounged around, visited with Daryl's grandparents who stopped over briefly, and then I read my book for the rest of the night. Aaaahhhhh....perfect! Hope your weekends were just as perfect!