Monday, October 06, 2008

I came to work to relax.

My weekend was pretty darn busy.

Friday I had a company retreat so I had to drive to Madison (45 minutes) to the Mercy Center. It is right on the beach and we actually got some "me" time (what our facilitator called "mini-retreat time") where for 45 minutes we could do whatever/go wherever on the property that we wanted.

The catch? No talking, whatsoever. To anyone.

I strolled around the beach, naturally, kicking through the sand, picking up seashells, taking photos with my cell phone and trying not to get attacked by high tide (at one point when I wasn't paying attention, a wave came crashing in and soaked the very tips of my sneakers as I hopped up onto a rock to escape it).

The weather was slightly overcast, and it was cool and windy down by the water(I was damn chilly in my denim coat), but I appreciated every glorious peaceful minute of it by myself.

(Check out that crazy-hair picture...I TOLD YOU it was windy! LOL)
. All in all, it was a very relaxing day (and a day away from work, woo hoo!) and I was feeling quite refreshed afterwards. Friday night, Big D and I ordered dinner in and watched a movie.

Saturday we were up and out early and went to the school to get massages by the students. We both needed hip has been aching horribly lately so I was hoping this would give me some relief! Then afterwards we headed to Fidelco to sit in on our second class, before we get our foster puppy. I am getting more and more excited to dig in with our future foster puppy! We even went home and started some of the lessons with our own dogs, that we learned in Saturday's class. Hopefully in this whole process, we will come out of this with our own dogs better trained! Daryl bought a couple of dog-training books this weekend and he called me today all pumped up, while I am at work, to say how "wrong" we have been going about things with Daisy and her food/toy/possession aggression. So we are very excited to take into consideration the stuff we've read in this book (that the Fidelco employee had recommended) and put it into practice with our crazy little Daisy.

Anyway, after our busy morning, I had about an hour to rest up at home before I then had to jump in the shower and get ready for my cousin Jenn's bachelorette night. I got ready in record time (for me!) and hauled ass to the nearest package store to get a bottle of red wine, then hopped on the highway and started spacing out so that i ended up missing my damn exit. I had already been short on time at this point, and still had to run to the ATM, so I cursed out loud and got off the next (MUCH further away) exit, found the ATM, and then made it to the restaurant about 15 minute late! Thankfully, Iwasn't the latest to arrive, we still had two more coming and the damn restaurant wouldn't seat us till we had at least FIVE in our party so we ended up having a drink at the bar first. After some delicious rigatoni al la vodka and girl talk, we headed back to Jenn's house. I couldn't believe it but most of her girls all left. It was just me, Jenn and her MOH. I felt bad for her but she didnt' seem to mind. She had lined up her friend's hubby to come over and teach us to salsa dance (Jenn's future hubby is Puerto Rican) and I giggled and drank my wine, feeling silly about dancing in front of everyone but once it was my turn to dance with him, I concentrated on his feet and started shaking my hips, and I ended up being the best salsa dancer out of the three of us, if I do say so myself. Heh heh. I've got rhythm, baby.

Sunday, I got to sleep in till nine thirty (holy crap!) and I enjoyed every sleepy second of it. We went out to brekfast, filled up our "gas tanks" and set in for the long, grueling day of moving over our bedroom into the newly painted old computer room. What a pain in the ASS. My body was aching from all the stuff I carried and lifted all day. The house was a unbelievable MESS as we moved stuff. This went on for HOURS (and sweeping and dusting cuz damn the dog and cat hair was lurking in all kinds of places in each of the two bedrooms).

Then it was off to meet baby Aubrey Rose (who is now nine months). She is the daughter of Daryl's cousin, Liz (who was a BM in our wedding party).

She is just such a cute little chunker!! I wanted to give her many squeezes, however, she was a bit cranky due to a cold. So sadly I could not even get her to smile for even ONE picture. Next time. I refuse to give up!!


Stephanie said... have a long, filled weekend! Good for you...hope the room is coming along! (without hurting your hip more!)
Cant wait to see pics!

ALF said...

Sounds like a great weekend! said...

Whoa.... slow down girl. You had a busy busy weekend. Salsa dancing and massages=good times. Moving all your crap into a different room=bad times. Glad you had fun!

Kel said...

you weren't kidding about being, I'm exhausted just reading all that. :)

Glad you had a nice weekend though...the pics look great!

Jaina said...

That retreat sounds nice. I'm glad you had a good time with your cousin. And what a cutie!!! I hope she feels better soon!

Melissa said...

Holy cow, you need a weekend to recover from your weekend. Your photos are beautiful!

GoteeMan said...

Your pictures are GORGEOUS....

J/ (

Robyn said...

Busy, Busy girl. The beach looks nice even if it was windy and overcast. Aubrey is a cutie.

Poltzie said...

Oh April, you are going to be a killer mom. I wish babies were delivered to those who deserved them, you would have twenty by now. Sorry, I hope I'm not triggering you!
And the massage, I'd kill for one!

Kathryn said...

Busy, busy weekend! But it sounds like fun. :)

Stephanie said...

Sounds like a busy but very fun weekend. Especially the first part with the "me" time!

Melek said...

wow, that was a busy weekend! good thing it started with such a relaxing non-day at work. that shore was really pretty. where were you?

salsa dancing rocks! it's great exercise too. i remember the first time i ever did it i woke up the next morning with the sorest abs ever!

the cubicle's backporch said...

Those beach pictures remind me of a love-story novel where the person goes to these overcast beaches and thinks about love in the past or whatever. I wish we lived close to a beach.

I've been thinking about getting a massage lately. I wish we had a massage school around us. That would be sweet!

And I SO want to pinch those cheeks.

Julie said...

what a cutie!!!

You and Daryl are some pretty busy peeps. Glad you got some alone time!!

Morgan said...

ahhh what beautiful pictures!!

April said...

Thanks guys! The beach we were at is located in Madison, CT. It was so relaxing!