Friday, October 03, 2008

I know summer is pretty much least in my neck of the woods, but how about one last memory of it to hold us over through the cold, cold winter to come....


The water was cool and green, pierced intermittently by golden shards of sunlight that dazzled like prisms . I sat, carefree, on the old wooden dock, haphazard slabs of wood like graying teeth in a straight, prim line, beneath my warmed legs and bottom. My toes swirled figure eights in the water; it enveloped my feet and ankles in its cool embrace, and I breathed in deep lungfuls of the pungent summer air; it tasted clean on my tongue.

A lone duck glided by on a gently bobbing wave, and the solemn animal glanced over curiously, cautiously, unsure of this human in her home. Beads of lake-water rolled smoothly down her feathered back like marbles and she lifted her lithe body up briefly, extending her wings. Was she trying to appear bigger, so that predators would not mess with her? Or was she simply stretching her weary limbs after a long day of endless swimming? Finally, she turned her dark brown eyes away, as if dismissing this human. I watched the beautiful bird dunk her smooth head into the water and pull out, then dunk it again and come up chewing. She made life look so easy, that duck.

"Perfect." I murmured to myself, pleased; nodding, heedless of whether anyone behind me could see my lips moving as I spoke to myself. "This is how life should be."

Diamond-glints sparkled atop the water, so many facets winking and blinking teasingly till I was almost blind. The water seemed to have a life all of its own, as it harbored so much incredible life, and I was grateful to watch and absorb it. A leaf bobbed close to my foot, then away, then closer still as the waves bore it towards my sun-browned ankle. I was amazed how that leaf looked--golden, veined and velvety like a butterfly’s wing--even as it swirled a few inches down beneath the mysterious green depth.I struggled to catch one last glimpse of it, though it was gone.

“Where are you going?” I wondered aloud. A deeper thought broke free through the beauty: “Where am I going?” I had no answer. I realized that at that moment in time, I didn't need an answer. I was perfectly content to see where life may lead me.

A nearby boat’s motor interrupted my solemn reverie; it whined and pleaded like that dog at the back door begging to be let out into the comforting warmth of the day. I closed my eyes and felt the wind tickling my sun-kissed skin, heard the whining buzz, as it filled my ears like cotton, and I sucked in fresh air so deeply that myself and the lake seemed to breath as one being, swelling in and then whooshing gently back out. Ebb and flow.

I wished life could always be like this--this simple, beautiful, wonderful, clean day at the lake--everyday.

NOTE: I'll be at a company retreat (by the ocean! let's pray it doesn't rain) all day today so I'm sorry I won't be around to comment on your blogs. I hope you all have a fan-tabu-lous weekend!


Melissa said...

I wish every day could be a great day at the lake...or hey, how about at the ocean?

Kel said...

Sounds would be great if everyday could be like that!

Have a great weekend!

Stephanie said... that is a wonderful day!

Hope you have a great weekend girly!

Jaina said...

Wow, that was beautiful. I hope you have a great retreat!

angie said...

Have a great weekend!

Robyn said...

Look at you getting all writery. I loved the post though. Here's to no rain.

Darrin said...

Yup... that can carry you through the winter! DANG! Where did the summer go?!?

Trannyhead said...

It's hard when summer gives up her fight - but I just LOVE those crisp fall days where it's not so cold that you need gloves and a hat but it's cool enough that you can wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt comfortably.

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great weekend at the lake. Sounds fun!

Cecily R said...

You have some writing chops my friend!!! And now I really, REALLY need a day like that on the beach!