Thursday, November 06, 2008

Today is an incredibly special day.

It is? You ask.

It is a Thursday.

Yeah, and?

It is November 6th.

So, what?

It is mine and Daryl's 1-year anniversary.


You're probably asking yourself right now---Wait a gosh darn second, didn't you just get married May 17th, 2008?

I'm letting you guys in on a secret. A secret that only our Mom's, my brother, and a small handful of friends IRL have known. Legally, my Big D and I have been married since November 6, 2007. Yep. You read that correctly. A year.

Sneaky, eh?

We decided to do this for a very unromantic reason, I admit. My crappy health insurance at the time was jacking way up in cost....I was paying for just myself (and we're talking only basic medical, no dental or vision) more than double than what we could have been paying for both myself and Daryl under his awesome health care plan (which included medical, dental AND vision.). Let's just say, as someone who had not been to the dentist in four years, I found the idea very appealing. To some, it may not have seemed like a big deal. But to us, it was. We were trying to save and pay for a wedding all on our own, AND pay our mortgage and normal, everyday bills and yet put food on our dinner table. I was sweating it. Big time.

(Quick note!! This picture we took right after Daryl proposed to me in our living room, Christmas morning, with Daryl in his boxers and me in my totally sexy flannel nightgown. Ha! Blissfully happy. See that picture on the wall over my shoulder? That's my Dad! I never noticed this before, but doesn't it look like he is peering and smiling down on us, the newly engaged couple?)

I had mentioned to Big D one night how my aunt's cousin and his wife's wedding was coming up, yet they were already married. I joked that they were smart and why hadn't we thought of that. I didn't expect Daryl to seriously suggest that we do that. At first, I internally fought the idea. Our May 17th wedding was in the works and only about six months away. I wanted that day to be special. I was afraid being married already would take away from it. Daryl told me there was no way we would let that happen. No matter what, May 17th would still be "our day", the day we exchanged rings and our vows. The day we pledged our love in front of our friends and family. I worried about what people would say, about people judging us for our actions. Daryl reminded me that this was about US. Him and I. It didn't matter what anyone else thought, but if it would help, we'd mostly keep it to ourselves.

Then I started to get excited. The idea of being married to my Big D, six months earlier than planned and somewhat secretly, I found enthralling. It was our special secret together. We went to the town hall to get our marriage license. We giggled nervously at the counter like 12-year-olds as we each filled out our own sections. I smiled to myself as I listened to another man at the counter pay for his turkey hunting permit, while here we were getting our a marriage license. MARRIAGE LICENSE. In that crazy moment, it became real that we really and truly were getting married. Whether it be November '07 or May '08, I was ready to pledge my love and my life to this man. In that moment of heightened awareness for both of us, Daryl forgot his father's middle name, incorrectly wrote his mother's old last name (when she was married to her ex) instead of her new married name and I wrote that I was born December 12, 2007. Um, yeah. We giggled again while Daryl explained sheepishly to the lady, "Hey, it's not like we've ever done this before." We left the town hall, with the receipt clutched tightly in my trembling fingers.

"I love you." I told my future husband in the cool darkness of the truck as we smiled eagerly at each other.

"Love you too, honey."

So is technically our 1-year anniversary. Our wedding, May 17th, will always be a beautiful special day in my memory. A day we shared with all those we love and who love us. A day that will live on in my memories for years and years to come.

And November 6th was just like any other day. With one little exception. It was the day I became a wife and Daryl became my husband.

I love you, my husband.

When you're not in bed, I miss the warmth of your body beside me. When my hand feels empty, I unconciously seek out your fingers to twine among my own. When I cry or I am in pain, you are the only one--the only one--who can make me feel safe, physically, emotionally, mentally.

You are, by far, the best kisser. You have an incredibly sexy voice that can send my pulse racing, even as you talk about something as mundane as grocery shopping or changing the oil on the truck. Your sweet, homemade cards professing your love continue to tickle me each and every time you make one. You show your love for me every single day in the way your eyes follow me as I walk through a room, the simple way you selflessly prepare dinner when you know I've had an especially long and stressful day, the way you always cuddle up to me on the couch when we watch TV at night. You are my knight in shining armor, my prince on the white horse in the fairy tale, my rough and tumble--yet sensitive--manly man, my toasted marshmallow...all wrapped up in one fabulous husband.

And I look forward to loving you even more than I do today, which is way more than I loved you a year ago. My love will continue to grow for you, day by day, Beav...till death do us part.


Big D said...

happy anniversary beavis cashin thanks for the cool blog I love you. your the greatest.

~**Dawn**~ said...

You know what, April? I think it is *incredibly* romantic that you & Daryl get to celebrate your love for each other every six months! I hope you always recognize both special days.

About ten years ago, the older brother of my ex-boyfriend's best friend (follow all that? LOL) was engaged. His fiancee was a member of the same church I went to. It was later revealed that they got married months before the actual ceremony, because during their pre-marriage counseling, they told the pastor honestly that they didn't think they could wait until marriage to have sex (though I am guessing they weren't TOTALLY honest about this because I'm betting they had already caved, heh) so they got their license early as well and had a quick private ceremony themselves--because it was something that was important to them, even if others might have frowned on it or laughed at their reasons. My point is that whatever their reasons or your reasons or anyone's reasons, they are important to the couple but MORE important is that you were willing to commit to one another at any moment, under any circumstances. That's all that really matters.

Happy November Anniversary, April & Big D!

Krystyn said...

Happy real anniversary!

Robyn said...

Happy Anniversary.

Stephanie said...

That's such a sweet story! Happy Anniversary!!

Kori said...

DUDE! No freakin way. Today is mine and Richard's 8th anniversary. Crazy madness huh?

You are awesome and Big D is very lucky to have you. I guess if I have to share my Anniversary date with someone. I'm just glad it's you.

Happy Anniversary!

April said...

Cut it out, Kori! Today is a DAMN good day then. :-)
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and Richard!!!

Heidi Renée said...

AWWWWW! Jason and I got legally married at court, too, a year and a half before our wedding. His insurance was better than mine, too!

April in CT said...

Awe, happy anniversary you two!!

My hubby and I did the same exact thing! LOL It just sort of hit me one day that wow, if we went ahead and got married on paper I could get my insurance started and being military we could get housing allowance. A friend of ours gave me the number to a justice of the peace friend of hers. He asked me over the phone if I minded a sort of 'odd' ceremony and I told him do whatever! It worked out great that he did a 'sole mate' (yeah, sole..not soul) ceremony where we put the soles of our feet together and our vows consisted of things like "going thru the two step of life together..eating soul food" etc. He really made it great for us and I'll never forget it. I refer to it each year as our paper anniversary.

Stephanie said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Big D!! What a beautiful post! I hope you have a WONDERFUL day together (and many many more!)
I think its great you get to celebrate twice a year!!

bekah said...

wow! well, happy anniversary!!!

Morgan said... 2 are the cutest couple eva!

April said...

April-that is HILARIOUS! A "sole mate"! Love it!

This morning Daryl woke me up with a kiss and a "Happy Secret Anniversary!" LOL I like that we now have a name for it. ;-)

Tara @ Living A Dream said...

Awwwww! I loved your story!! Happy Anniversary!! Hope you guys have a terrific day!

lovelylalo said...

Ahh, I want a Secret Anniversary, just not sure I want the real one?!? Just kidding. Whenever I read about you and Big D, I tear up. You too are so beautiful together. Very lucky and blessed.

Happy SECRET Anniversary!

Melissa said...

Happy Anniversary, guys!! It just kees getting better, huh?

Helmey said...


Tabitha said...

April ~ that is such a wonderful post ~ I loved every word!
As you said ~ who cares what anyone else thought ~ it was about you 2 ~ no one else!!
I love that you were like a pair of giggly school kids getting your wedding licence ~ so sweet!!
Happy 1st year anniversary you guys ~ may love and happiness follow you all the days of your lives!
Sending love and big hugs Today XXXX

PS ~ I totally love your wedding dress ~ the back is so gorgeous!! XXX

The Captain's Wife said...

Happy Day for you!

T and I got married for insurance too..of course we totally loved each other too, but marriage wasn't a plan we had.

When we went for our marriage license I totally F'ed up too. I said my Mom was born in Hartford, CT...although I knew damn well that she was born on an Indian reservation in Browning MT! Not sure why I drew a blank, but I did..oh well, does that mean we are not legally married?

Kat said...

That's a great story! I love it! :)

Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!! Funny.... my BIL and his wife did the EXACT same thing! They got married 6 months to the day, before their actual big wedding, and for the EXACT same reasons. So your not alone.

Kel said...

Happy Anniversary! How exciting to have such a special day - not once, but TWICE!! You two really are an adorable couple!

Poltzie said...

I was wondering when you would come out and I'm feeling so honored that you spilled the beans to me earlier!
Happy Anniversary!

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

That is perhaps one of the sweetest things I have ever hears! TWO Annivers!! NO FAIR!!!!!!

angie said...

Happy Anniversary. Thanks for letting us in on your little secret. What a wonderful letter to him, too!

the cubicle's backporch said...

You ARE sneaky!!

Mr. C's health insurance is 10x better than mine too, so I understand wanting to save money!

Chele76 said...





April said...


Steph said...

Very very sneaky woman! What a sweet and touching story.

Heather said...

that's great! i have known a few people to do the same thing for different reasons...i have always found it to be cool.

Trannyhead said...

Well happy anniversary, then!

I always wanted to elope with my hubby in Vegas and get married by Fat Elvis. Alas, it wasn't meant to be. So we're totally renewing our vows there one of these days.


Milo said...

I'm blog hopping and hopped onto yours, happy anniversary!

tricki_nicki said...

Happy anniversary sexy girl! Here's to at least 50 more!!!

Mega said...

What the?! I've been tricked! Lol

Happy Anniversary

Jaina said...

Congrats! I know someone who did that, it worked out well for them. Now you just get two anniversaries ;) Haha