Monday, December 01, 2008

I'm sorry I've been totally slacking on posts lately! Between my week off from work (and not having time to go on the computer much), intense baking/cooking in preparation for Thanksgiving, a new (hyper) puppy in the house and being totally exhausted and burnt out from it all, I just haven't had the mental mojo to write much at all.

I'm going to do a quick recap of some stuff, mostly with pictures. I hope you all had a fantastic Turkey Day, by the way!

The week before Thanksgiving, Big D and I went to dinner at a yummy German Restaurant called East Side with some cool people: 'Chele and her friend James, and Sarah and her husband Brian. The beers were gi-normous, and every time they brought them out, the owner of the restaurant dressed in traditional German garb (as were all the waitresses) came out shouting, "Ticki, Tocki, Ticki, Tocki, Hoy, Hoy, Hoy!" and we'd all chant along. Our waitress had a very authentic German accent which Big D found extremely hot. Heh. And later in the evening, after stuffing my fat face with German sausage, bratwurst, sauerkraut, potato pancakes, a bite of Sarah's yummy stuffed cabbage soup, and a slice of apple pie (with a birthday candle stuck in it for me...yes it was early, but I enjoyed it nonetheless!)...and after lots of silly banter, laughter and crazy pictures, we were ready to call it a night. And YES, I really did eat all of that. *Burp*

This week I was a busy, busy girl. I baked a freakin' crazy-delicious cheesecake (I promise to post the recipe one of these days on my recipe will LOVE it!), a homemade pumpkin pie, cookies, I made ahead of time (with help from Mom) the stuffing, also my broccoli cheddar casserole and then after Big D came home from work to take the puppy off of my hands, I would crash on the couch for the rest of the night (sometimes falling asleep) and leave all puppy-care up to him. Timber is doing well...he is a very feisty little guy though who is too smart for his own good! He is awesome in his crate, sleeps through the whole night with no potty breaks (sometimes he wakes us up at 5:00-ish to go pee but that's fine cuz I'm usually up peeing myself at that point.) BUT house-training him is making me crazy. He is smart enough to pick it up, but he's stubborn enough to still want to do what he wants...when he gets excited or preoccupied, he forgets to go to the backdoor to "tell us" it's time to go potty. We have had on average through Saturday (no accidents on Sunday) at least one accident indoors a day. Not terrible, not great. He's also VERY nippy but we are working on that. He's pretty good (maybe like 85%) with "sit", "down" and "come". We still need to work more on "Leave it/Take it" and targeting. But damn, he is a seriously cute little guy.Saturday, Big D and Timber and I went to the tree farm to pick out our Christmas tree. It went quick and easy this year cuz we found our favorite within minutes. And Timber enjoyed his first experience at a tree farm! (P.S. please ignore Daryl's extremely saggy jeans, the boy keeps losing weight! I'm going to have to buy him new jeans for Christmas!!)
And then afterwards we walked our neighborhood handing out fliers for a new neighborhood block watch we sort of spear-headed. Daryl had contacted the chief of police in our town who then gave him the number of the president of the block watch association. That gentleman made up fliers, and helped us to hand them out. It was amazing to hear the general consensus that no one in our neighborhood feels there is much of a police presence and when the police do come, they sort of juts try to placate people. Our first meeting is tonight and I'm simultaneously excited and nervous. We have a few items on the agenda to discuss with the police and town council members who will be there: namely more lighting (it's veeeery dark on our street, not enough street lights and the lights we do have do not come on early enough!), more stop signs for the losers that speed up our streets (the speed limit is like 35mph and most people, all of which who are heading to the low-income housing neighborhood, travel at least 50+ up the road. I can't tell you how many times we've almost been hit trying to back out of our driveway. Ugh!)

Yesterday we had some snow (I'm talking less than an inch!) so of course we ran outside with the dogs so they could attempt to play. Timber was not quite sure what to make of it at first...he just licked the accumulating snowflakes off the deck. Eventually he braved up to go run in it!
Anyway, I promise to post fully-decorated Christmas tree shots soon! I only just finished decorating yesterday!!


Tiaras and Tantrums said...

that puppy is too cute!!

Aimée said...

Sounds like you had an awesome and exhausting holiday weekend! The puppy sounds like he is doing pretty well with the potty training! I'm impressed (and look forward to the recipe for cheesecake!)

Chele76 said...

sounds like he is a typical stubbern German :)

Sarah said...

Ok...I need me one of those ginormous beers please, and thank you!

And that puppy is toooo freakin cute!

Julie said...

That puppy is adorable!!

Sounds like you've had a very eventful week!!

the cubicle's backporch said...

We go to a tree farm and pick out our own Christmas tree too!!! We ride on a wagon back to the trees and get to cut them down ourselves. Ahh. I love it!

So does this mean you're gonna work on picking up a German accent for Big D? hee hee. I'm sure Mrs. Kitty could give you some pointers on acting!!

Kat said...

Wow. You really have been busy! Sounds like you need a few days of slacking.

Your pup is so cute!!!

lovelylalo said...

How/When you find time to post is beyond me woman. The pup is adorable but not for me. I am not responsible enough for pets...JUST KIDS!?! ha ha

Great pictures, can't wait to see your tree.

Mega said...

Chele's "friend"?

:thinks: said...

That is a lot of german food my friend, and a very large beer! Good for Big D with the weight loss. Hope the cops really listen to you guys.

And I love the new pics of the puppy. Keep 'em coming!

angie said...

You've already decorated?

Looks like a great Thanksgiving week.

Can't wait to see the tree.

Stephanie said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! Those pictures are funny. Timber looks adorable! Hopefully he is sleeping through the night now?

I'd love that cheesecake recipe! Yum!

Kel said...

oh my - it sounds like a crazy fun week you had. Christmas tree 'hunting' looks like fun...can't wait to see pics!

Poltzie said...

Good God woman, you are busy! You better be putting your feet up soon :)
Speaking of which...?
I keep checking this blog everyday for some news!!

Jaina said...

Phew, you've been busy!! LOVE his name too :) I'm glad to hear about the neighborhood watch thing, I hope that goes well.