Friday, February 13, 2009


Having a crappy day.
Even though its Friday and almost the start of my 3-day long weekend WITH some fun stuff planned here and there.

I'm dealing with a personal issue that is really frustrating to me, and when I get frustrated I get upset. And cry. And it doesn't help that I'm fighting off a cold (or whatever it is). Granted, this cold kicked Daryl's ass for almost 2 weeks and here it's only been like 2 days for me and already I'm feeling better (so I should stop bitching right?)...but add in the stuffy head and nose and runny, red-rimmed eyes that accompanies crying all morning?

Yeah, let's just say it sucks!

But I just want to say that despite this issue I'm dealing with, going through crappy stuff just reinforces how happy I am to have some people in my life to help me deal.

My husband. The man may drive me absolutely bonkers some days, and I have to walk around the house cleaning up after him like a big child (hey, maybe he is preparing me? LOL) but when I'm down, he is the first one there to bring me back up. Whether it's a hug and a kiss, or comforting words over the phone. I'm reminded time and time again why I love this man so much.

My Mom. Another one who can sometimes make me want to bang my head on the wall and who doesn't hesitate to give me her opinion (which ALWAYS differs from my own) but yet when I need some information or guidance, she is right there for me. I may be an adult now and the dynamics of our relationship have changed somewhat, but there are days when I'm brought back in time and she is the Mom she was when I was a kid (which is not to say the Mom she is to me as an adult is bad, just different!).

My friends. I have a lot of friends. They are all important and special to me and each hold their own unique place in my heart. Every now and then when something comes up, I turn to a certain friend who may be better able to relate to what I'm going through/dealing with etc. Today that friend is Crystal. I've known Crystal since birth. Our mothers were friends since middle school. Becuz of this bond, we have often felt more like sisters than just mere friends. We've gone through our trials and tribulations and our friendship has DEFINITELY weathered some crazy storms, the worse being when we didn't speak and were mad at each other for a year and a half, but yet no matter what, like magnets, we attract back to each other. Today she was there for me, just to listen to me vent and release some much-needed emotion. And it felt like a release! I appreciated it so much! I appreciate her so much. I hope I am good enough at letting her know just how important her friendship is to me!

Anyway, my coworker is off to get pizza for lunch today...I haven't wanted pizza for WEEKS but today it just sounded right. So I'm going to enjoy my yummy lunch and then head into the weekend with a lighter heart.

P.S. It's nothing major going on, just some stuff I don't want to post about on my blog. Don't worry!!


Carsa said...

Enjoy your Pizza girl and hope your day gets better! Have a great weekend.

April in CT said...

Pizza is definitely a good lunch choice. It's great that even though you're going through something crappy you can see how much good you have around you. Positive attitude is the light at the end of the tunnel. Hope y'all have a wonderful long weekend! :)

Stephanie said...

Hope you get through your personal stuff ok...we are here for you in blogland!!
Sorry today is no fun, but hopefully your next 3 days will be!!
Enjoy your pizza!!

Kat said...

Ugh, I despise days like these. And then I go and make you cry at my blog too. Sorry 'bout that.

At least you were able to find the silver lining in your day. Hope your weekend is just what you need! :)

Krystyn said...

Oh, I hope your day got better.

The congestion thing sucks during pregnancy! Ick!

I hope you were able to enjoy your pizza. And, at least you get a three day weekend. said...

Glad you can see the positives in your life, even if your having a crappy day. Big Hugs!!!

Jaina said...