Sunday, February 22, 2009

What a Saturday!!

It started off like any other day. I had lunch plans with the girls, and then Daryl and I had dinner plans with some friends. Since we were up early we figured we'd go to breakfast at a local diner and while there, Daryl said, "Let's go to Lowe's afterwards."

The beginning of the end. Heh heh. (I know this is going to be a long post but stick around! It will included video AND pictures!)

At Lowe's we purchased some 2x4's, plywood, various screws, nails, shims and a new door for the sun porch.

Have I told you our plans for the sun porch? If not, let me digress a moment. Our sun porch is off the side of the kitchen. Our house is super tiny, which means our KITCHEN is tiny. We've had the idea for quite some time to utilize the extra space by making the sun porch part of our kitchen. Daryl's friend and also his uncle, both carpenters, said it was great idea. This is something we've been wanting to do before we even got pregnant to make more space for baby and baby STUFF, but like most things in life, it got pushed off. Now that I'm four months pregnant, we thought,"Hmm...not a lot of time to get this project going!" The other change we'll be making which I'm even MORE excited about? Daryl's uncle, who has his own business as a custom-cabinet maker and d kitchens, was going to update and replace all our kitchen cabinets and counter tops. WOO HOO! We'll be also knocking out the wall in between the kitchen and sun porch so that the kitchen will have more space as well.

Basically, we'll have a brand-new kitchen!

Anyway, back to the story. Daryl's plan was to start on the sun porch himself, by replacing the two chintzy doors out there now (one facing the front of the house, the other facing the back yard) becuz they are not normal house doors. They are both small, sort of like screen doors, and once the sun porch is part of the kitchen, we need secure doors so that no one can break in!

As Big D begins the process, we realize something. There is rotted wood. A LOT of rotted wood. At first he thought it was termites (as you'll hear me lament in the video) but then comes to the realization that it is water damage. And the wall is totally shot. It literally crumbles away beneath his tools.

Not good.

This meant we were going to have to replace the ENTIRE wall, and not stick with our original plan which was to re-frame for a bigger door, and then sheet rock over the existing wall frame. So first I'll post the video before it starts to go bad. LOL

As you can see, this project was slowly starting to turn into WAY more work than it was originally intended to be! A little while later after I left Big D alone to do his work (cuz like I said, I don't do manual labor) I hear something kinda like, "Oh my god. That's not good." And next thing I know I see him on his cell phone speaking quickly with someone. He comes into the kitchen where I am and said, "Well, Uncle Rob is on his way. We have a problem." Since I'm totally not technical when it comes to home renovations, I'm just going to say, one side of the roof on the sun porch was starting to slowly fall. Daryl had it propped up with one lonely 2x4.

So Uncle Rob (and family) showed up and we made it a party. I ordered pizza and entertained the rest of the family while THIS went on:

I told Daryl he looks dead sexy with his mask on. This is after he and Uncle Rob took down two windows, a door, and the rest of the wall.
The guys worked diligently for HOURS.

Here is one of our new windows. One down, two more to go. And THEN a sliding glass door. I'm MOST excited about that!
So needless to say, we now have a wall and a new window. Which leaves two other walls to contend with (and who knows what condition they are in. I'm assuming if one is rotted, they most likely all are). Until Daryl's uncle comes back to lend a hand, Daryl will in the meantime put up some insulation on the completed wall and probably also started working on the heat for this room (both of which will be a snap for him). Needless to say, with the unexpected costs that have sprung up, my wish for central a/c this spring/summer is now on hold (Daryl was going to put it in himself so free labor, but parts would still be about $800).
But for a brand new kitchen? I'll forgo central a/c and live with my shitty window rattlin' units for now. SO here is where we are for now. Be prepared peeps, more renovation posts to come!! (INCLUDING the baby's room which will also be a lot of work. Oy! I'm tired already and I am not even the one doing it!)


Aimée said...

Sheesh! What an event that turned out to be! I can't wait to see what you do with the baby's room, that's always fun and exciting!

Big D said...

I cant wait to start the other walls, where's that noose???? I can say this thank god for family and that we all have different trades to help each other out with. I would have hated to pay some one for this project

Heidi Renée said...

My mom says that she always knows her day is shot when my step-dad says they're going to "the boy store."

Julie said...

WOW you were right holy moly!!

I wish Jim was handy like that, his best friend is so he is learning. This summer there will be lots of projects.....

I hope the other walls don't have the same issues!!

April in CT said...

There would have been hella cussing going on if that was my hubby. LOL

I'm excited to follow along with the progress so thanks for sharing!

Stephanie said...

Wow! All because of a simple trip to Lowes??? Haha! Your lucky your hubby is proactive with that type of thing. Mine? Not so handy with those projects. But he can install a mean sprinkler system :)

Robyn said...

Daryl we in web land wish we had a handy man like you to fix our house. Ugh, it sucks when you run into the unexpected. Been there.

Keri said...

Sheesh, what happens when you go to McD?? giggle.

remember moments said...

Yay - I'm glad to stopped by my blog because I didn't know you had one. Just added you to my Google Reader.

Can you send your hubs and Uncle Rob over to my place to get some work done on my house too? Wow!! They are super efficient. I'm jealous!

Oh and I didn't even know you were PG 'til I saw your FB icon CONGRATS!!

Morgan said...

I love's good to put a voice to your face :) said...

YIKES! Home improvements never go accordingly. I can't believe what a huge undertaking this will be. Good thing Daryl is handy!

Good luck and I can't wait to see the final room.