Tuesday, March 17, 2009

19 weeks: Our Baby Hunter

(I was actually 19 weeks exactly on Sunday...obviously I'm a little behind the times in posting this. I've been feeling pretty darn good lately other than my sleepiness after lunch in the afternoons lately, or my annoyances with people at work (wishing I could bitch-slap a couple people in particular who are giving 'tude).

And I LOVE feeling my little dude moving around more and more every day...I notice him the most after breakfast, late morning and after lunch. I was just sitting here enjoying his movements (bringing a smile to my face on an otherwise grouchy day) until some damn RLP decided to kick in and cause me some horribly uncomfortable pain instead. So I'll just crouch over into myself and hope no one notices the crazy lady sitting in a ball at her desk. Boo.

But other than that, I've been feeling awesome lately!!

Your Baby This Coming Week

Your baby weighs about 9 ounces (260g) and measures about 5.6 to 6.4 inches (14 to 16cm) from crown to rump.

Her skin is thickening and developing multiple layers- the epidermis and the dermis, the deeper layer where it will form fat. Your baby is now also developing a waxy protective coating for her skin called vernix caseosa. The vernix protects your baby's skin which is continuously submersed in amniotic fluid. Vernix, which is particularly thick around the eyebrows is held in place by tiny downy hairs called lanugo.

Your baby can now grip with her fists. Toenails and scalp hair are growing.

At this point, it may be possible to determine the baby's sex by ultrasound, if the baby cooperates, but the ultrasound technician will rarely guarantee the sex based on the ultrasound results as mistakes are sometimes made at an early ultrasound.

You can hear the baby's heartbeat with a Doppler ultrasound device or a stethoscope.


remember moments said...

You could probably totally get away with bitch-slapping people - you know, blame it on the pregnancy hormones!!

Keri said...

Go nutz ! It's the only time this 'womanly hormone' thing is totally excused.