Monday, March 30, 2009

21 weeks: Our baby Hunter
Your Baby This Coming Week

Your baby measures about 7.6 inches (19cm) from crown to rump and weighs about 12.25 ounces (350g).

Eyebrows have developed. (No wonder I was so tired this week...I was making eyebrows, people! LOL)

His digestive system now functions in a rudimentary manner. Undigested amniotic fluid passes into his bowel which he will eventually excrete after birth. Your baby can suck and swallow and may even suck his thumb.

Your baby's senses are developing, especially his sense of touch. He can feel his face and stroke his arms and legs.

And Daryl and I had a good, busy weekend. Friday night his father blew us off for dinner (totally expected) which was a blessing becuz I was exhausted, hadn't cleaned the house NOR did I feel like cooking. So we vegged out in front of the boob-tube, ordered in some Chinese (which I could barely eat...I get so full so quickly now!) and went to bed relatively early.

Saturday morning bright and early we were out and got coffee. It was gorgeous out! Timber had his scheduled walk in busy West Hartford center with Daryl and the trainer supervising. The puppy did AWESOME. I almost think that he realizes now, when his little red vest is on, that he is working! There were tons of stimulus (stimuli?) all around him: racing fire trucks, loud cars, exhaust, millions of people jogging the sidewalk beside us, dogs walking and barking, children rolling by in baby strollers...he sorta glanced and took it all in but otherwise remained very focus on Daryl who was directing him where to go. I was so proud! I brought the camera but in my intense focus on my need for a public restroom, and the stomach cramp in my low belly from walking (something I haven't done in QUITE some time), I completely forgot to take any photos (except for when we first arrived and saw one of Timber's littermates, his sister, finishing her walk, and then a couple silly ones in the car. Isn't he a big boy now?). Afterwards I spent some good quality time outside in our backyard with all three dogs, I sat at the picnic table just trying ot soak up some much-needed Vitamin D. The weather was just beautiful!

That night we had a 30th surprise party to go to and then Sunday we had Daryl's cousin's 5th birthday party. So, lot's of partying this weekend. After about three and a half hours on Sunday t the kids party, I was again, utterly beat, getting cranky and ready to go. We still had to do a quick grocery shopping afterwards and all I cold think about was getting home to the couch. The gloomy, rainy weather didn't help either.

And other than that, I'm feeling good. Still in great spirits, and not really uncomfortable yet. I am noticing the slight change in my belly that has taken place probably within the past week or so. It's gotten harder for sure in my upper belly, but I've also noticed that I can no longer easily reach over forward to shave my legs in the shower (I prop my leg up on the side of the tub when I shave). So now I sorta have to bend sideways to do it. It probably looks hilarious if anyone was watching!

I've also gotten hungrier (if that's possible?) so trying not to go overboard with what I'm eating has become a challenge. I do have more tired moments now than I did at the beginning of the second trimester, and I imagine that will only continue to get worse! Oh, and I can feel the baby moving ALL the time now. Usually I only felt him down low, but now I feel him (still only occasionally) up high as well (simultaneous upper and lower belly action? Awesome!), around my belly button. I wonder why that is--meaning, I wonder why I haven't felt his kicks as much as I feel his constant punches and elbows? Maybe his legs aren't as strong, yet, as his upper body yet?

*UPDATE* I typed this morning and OH MY GOD, it's like this little stinker is trying to prove me WRONG. I have been kicked ALL DAY up high, on the right side of my belly, a teeny ways below my breast. I think Hunter was mad at me for doubting his strength. ;-)


Kat said...

Your weekend sounds exhausting. It makes me tired just reading it. ;)

I love your weekly updates on babe because you are only a few days ahead of me. So fun! :)

Maybe Hunter is head down and you ARE feeling his legs by your belly button. ??

Poltzie said...

Wow, Timber is huge!

Laura B. said...

April, Timber is a gorgeous boy! I love German Shepherds and he's just positively beautiful.

Your weekend was packed for sure! Rest up Mama...that boy's growing eyebrows for Pete's sake! ;-)

Lemme tell you...the awkwardness only gets worse. I have a hard time bending over to pick things up and you should see me putting on pants. Too funny! Oh..and Parker's taking to having hiccups regularly now which is CRAZY WEIRD!!!

PixieDust said...

Lol on the eyebrow making! It must be hard work, there are so many hehe.

Your dog is sooo beautiful!

3 Peas in a Pod said...

Timber is so cute!!! What a sweetheart.

Eyebrows are so important. Whew! Glad that one's been developed and out of the way. :-) I used to love reading what was developing and happening during each week of my pregnancies. I used to get weekly e-mails from and I so looked forward to every single one of them.

Much love from NJ,

Stephanie said...

What a fun but exhausting weekend!!
Love the pics!!
(you never knew making eyebrows could be such hard work, did ya?!?!) lol

Morgan said...

Is that the top of a beer bottle in that last picture? *shakes finger at you* :)

Anonymous said...

Mine's a puncher. I mostly feel movement in my lower abdomen, but I'm going to make sure not say anything so Tiger doesn't pull a Hunter and start kicking me up high just to prove a point!

Good job Timber! He IS getting so big!

Heidi Renée said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE the puppy tongue action in that picture!

OHmommy said...

teehee,.... the power of persuasion. little hunter got the memo. enjoy the kicks, they are the best.

Robyn said...

I'm glad to hear Timber is doing so well!
I'm sure this won't be the last time Hunter will prove you wrong:)

Big D said...

beer bottle yes and it was mine

April said...

Morgan, LOL! Don't worry the beer wasn't mine! I moved it out of the way (so it wouldn't be in the was in front of Big D) and OBVIOUSLY I didn't move it far enough! LOL

Jaina said...

Hehe, I can't wait to "meet" little Hunter. :)

~**Dawn**~ said...

//No wonder I was so tired this week...I was making eyebrows, people!//

You totally crack me up April!