Monday, March 16, 2009

Daryl felt the baby move, for the first time!!!

So, I was right in my last post about thinking I was feeling baby Hunter doing his gymnastics in my belly. I continued to feel it on and off all week, mostly during work when I was sitting quietly either at my desk after lunch, or even out in my truck reading on my lunch break. While I still wasn't convinced it WAS the baby at that point, it was all confirmed last night!

Daryl and I went out and got Cold Stone Creamery (Oreo Overload...mmmmmm...) and after eating that, I laid down in bed, flat on my back and hands on my stomach, to watch television. Daryl came in to chat for a few minutes and without telling him about the action going on inside of me, I suddenly said to him, "Put your hand on my belly. Right here. I *think* I'm feeling Hunter on the outside, but I can't be certain." Daryl put his hand across my low belly and we quieted for a moment. Within seconds, I could feel the movement and Daryl's eyes widened.

"I feel that! He's moving all over! He moved from one side of my hand to the other!"

"I think the ice cream really woke up the baby!" I said with a silly smile on my face. I continued to lay still, smiling at the ceiling, feeling Daryl's warm hand on my belly as Hunter no doubt performed cart wheels and somersaults beneath his palm and my skin.

I can't explain the feeling that washed over me. It was beyond simple excitement...I was just so happy that Daryl could finally feel what I'd been feeling all week. I know he has been waiting so patiently for that moment. Not too soon after, no doubt having stage fright, Hunter quieted down. But the moment being so brief was worth the confirmation it provided us! (and of course after Daryl went back out to the living room to watch his own program, Hunter resumed his acrobatics in my belly. Little stinker!)

And speaking of Hunter, we did some serious work this weekend on the nursery! I say "we" but I really only made a brief appearance in the nursery (with mask on) and then after that it was off to the bedroom for me to clean out our closet. Daryl and I each had our own closets (his was in our room, and mine was in the spare room which will now be Hunter's) so I had the arduous task of slowly merging us into one closet. So the two of us worked for HOURS on our separate tasks (I also moved the bedroom around...don't worry, with Daryl's help, to make way for the extra dresser of mine that was also in that spare room).

And without further adieu, here are some pictures of Daryl's progress (starting from the work he did earlier in the week):

What a mess...paint over more paint, over wallpaper over MORE wallpaper=tear down sheet rock and start fresh!

It's a good sign...Daryl is STILL smiling...granted, this is only the beginning!

He unearthed old, thin, crappy insulation underneath, prompting him to replace the insulation with some that is thicker and better. Nothing but the best for little Hunter!

Keep at it, Big D! You're doing a great job!

Believe it or not, there IS hard wood floor underneath this mess!!!!

I made the mistake of trying to peek in, when Daryl had camera in hand. Damn him! LOLAnd THIS, ladies and gents, is MOLD that was growing underneath the walls (due to an a/c unit leak last year.) Thank GOODNESS we decided to tear the sheet rock down cuz otherwise we never would have known!!!

We have absolutely NO overhead lighting at all in this house--except for the kitchen. So my awesome, fabulous husband (who is NOT an electrician, mind you!) with a little over the phone help from an out of town friend/electrician, re-wired the entire room (which was NOT up to code, due to the house being built in the 1940's, when it wasn't required) AND put in an overhead light! AAAAAHHHHH...I swear I can hear a choir of angels singing right now!

And then Daryl was busily re-insulating the room. I can't wait till he starts sheet rocking so we will have WALLS! More to come as it gets done, I promise...


Laura B. said...

Aww...I can't wait for my Shooter to be able to feel the baby. Should be any day now. Your nursery is coming along! The fact that you found mold is just proof positive that tearing everything down was the way to go. I love the pics, keep them coming!

remember moments said...

Wow - that all looks so exciting. I can't wait to see it when it's complete!!

Yay on Daryl being able to feel Hunter moving around in there!!

Poltzie said...

I'm so happy for Daryl! I remember when Chicken kicked M in the face, he loved it!!
The nursery looks like such a task. Thankfully Big D is handy, and thankfully you caught the mold in time!!
It's good that you are staying active and still working. It will make your labour much easier!

Krystyn said...

Yay big D. When daddy feels the baby move, I think it REALLY connects them.

And, the room is looking good. I'm glad you decided to tear down the walls. Mold is super scary!

RC - Rambling Along... said...

Congrats - and yes, it is a great feeling to just be together, while the baby moves.

Glad the mold is found and being removed!

Julie said...

Looking good!!

I am so jealous- I wish my hubby was that handy. He is learning, his best friend is great at that stuff.

I can't wait to see the finished product!!

bekah said...

gosh Im so hormonal right now..your story has me crying. Im such a sucker when it comes to sweet couples and their babies!

Nursery progress is looking good! Thank God you found that mold before the baby was living in there! said...

Daryl is a superstar! Look at him go! Especially since he tackled the electrical work when he didn't know what he was doing, and did it successfully! Totally impressive.

And MOLD?!?! Gross. Glad you found that NOW.

And Daryl is now officially "in the know" now that he has been able to feel Hunter. Oooh, how exciting!

Melissa said...

Yeah, on the moving. I used to lay down and watch H do backflips. It was like having an alien in there.

Looks like Big D is doing a great job. Can't wait until we see pictures of the finished product.

Robyn said...

Wow, D is a go getter, can I borrow him?
Movement is so neat.

Stephanie said...

Congrats on feeling Hunter move. So cool! And the nursery is going to be awesome. It is a shame that you are having to basically rebuild your house, but I bet it will all be worth it. And I know what you mean about looking forward to the sheetrock. We just got pictures of our new place with sheetrock up. Somehow it just makes it seem more like a real room.

Tabitha said...

Wow ~ Big D has been busy ~ can't wait to see the finished nusery.
Love and hugs Tabitha XXXX