Friday, March 06, 2009

Happy 33rd Birthday, honey!!

I love you!!

And I'm really, really, really sorry I didn't wish you a 'Happy Birthday' this early morning when you left for work.

In my defense, I was half asleep when you kissed my cheek and said you were leaving. I'll make it up to yo
u with a yummy birthday cheesecake this weekend!!

Hey Peeps! If you haven't already voted on my gender poll, cast your have until Monday when I post the results of our ultrasound!! I'm still thinking boy but hey, I've got a 50/50 chance of being wrong! LOL


Morgan said...

It is SOO going to be a boy! I know it is for sure!

I went over and wished Big D a Happy early Birthday yesterday!! You know you so have to give him "some" for his birthday even if you dont want too! lol!

Kat said...

Happy Birthday Big D!

I voted twice in your poll already. Are we supposed to vote more than once? ;)
I voted for a boy because I have three boys (and probably another on the way) and I always think everyone is having a boy. hehe

Robyn said...

Happy Birthday D!

bekah said...

Happy Birthday Big D!!!!

Dianna said...

You don't need to apologize to're prego girl...that excuse cancels out EVERYTHING!

I say girl because I have 2 and I want everyone to be as happy as I am ;)

ALF said...

The other day I couldn't get any of your blog posts to pop up on the screen. The quiz came up and I voted (I voted girl) but none of the posts would show. I was very sad. Now I'm happy that I can read up on how you've been!

Tabitha said...

Happy belated birthday to big D!!
Hope that he had a great time!
I am off to vote now ~ no idea ~ but I am saying girl!!
Just noticed that little cashew is now as big as an onion ~ wow ~ getting bigger all the time!
Love and hugs Tabitha XXXX

Poltzie said...

Happy Birthday to big D. And good luck tomorrow - post ASAP!!

Grandy said...