Monday, March 23, 2009

Helloooooo, Belly!

When the heck did that happen??

Actually, Daryl joked that my belly practically "exploded overnight". I was standing in the baby's nursery, watching him work and chatting with him (kinda standing sideways to him), when all of a sudden he exclaimed, "Holy crap! Your belly got BIG! Go get me the camera!"

After he took the pics and showed me I think my reaction was, "Oh my God! You weren't kidding!" And to think, it only gets bigger!

Speaking of the nursery, Daryl is making fantastic progress in there! He's an animal! I keep telling him to take breaks or to stop for a while but he just keeps plugging along. He finished all the insulation AND put up (but didn't tape, etc.) almost all the sheet rock. It's slowly starting to look like a room again, and not bare bones.

And speaking of being productive, we also ordered the crib this weekend! What do you think?We also finally (I was being picky) chose the bedding to add to the registry. The colors stand out much better in person (I LOVE the combination of the chocolate brown, bright green and golden-tan color. It will look so good with the crib). I was anxious to do this so that we could pull a couple of paint chips from Lowe's to get an idea of what colors we'll be painting. I'm so excited!

As we start to tick things off the list, I feel so much better. I know we've got time, but really, it will start feeling like it's speeding by if we left all this to the last minute! We still have to order the dresser/changing table, but I figure we'll do that next month or so (so we don't go broke all in the same month. Ha!).

Oh and the best news of all? I'm halfway through the pregnancy! I hit 20 weeks on Sunday. Not that I'm trying to rush it, but there is something so satisfying about knowing the journey is half-complete!


remember moments said...

Wow Daryl is flying thru getting that room put together. It looks great already. I love the crib - we did the same color. We also did baby safari, similar to what you've chosen. :) Have fun!

Congrats on 20 wks!!!

Carsa said...

You look great girl! Nice choices on the crib and bedding. Daryl is doing a good job! Miss you.

Laura B. said...

April, you look awesome!! I "burst" about your time frame too. One minute no belly...wake up the next morning to BELLY!!!!! ;-) The nursery is coming along awesomely...Big D is da man! I love your crib and your bedding...I think I've seen it at Babies R Us and loved it too.

Congrats on 20 just keeps getting more fun. Oh..have you read Jenny McCarthy's book "Belly Laughs"? It's awesome, I highly recommend it!


Old Mom New Baby said...

my DF did the same thing, only didnt grab a camera, just used me as show and tell and showing his friends and asking their opinion. It was funny.
I thought I was big at 12 weeks and hadn't grown much until I took my own pic and did the side by side (on FF belly pics)
You do look adorable, and it's so nice to see you pregnant and smiling.
20 weeks is an awesome milestone, congrats on that.

And WOW! Daryl has been a busy body, the baby room is coming along great, I cant believe the progress already. Nest thing you know - you'll be adding finishing touches in there.

Jen @ The Cubicle's Backporch said...

Wow!! Where DID that belly come from?! You look great though, you don't look big anywhere else, it just looks like you got a ball up your shirt!!

3 Peas in a Pod said...

April you look so cute!! I just love pregnant ladies especially when it isn't me!!! :-)

The crib and bedding are gorgeous. My cousin chose those identical items for her son, Luke. They look beautiful together. Great choice! The crib converts into a double bed, right? We have one like that for my oldest son and it was great!!

The room looks like it's coming along. I understand how you feel wanting to get the nursery done although you have time. We waited until I was about 6+ months to get started and I was dying to get it finished. Must have been that nesting instinct!

Much love from NJ,

bekah said...

you look so frickin cute!!! and the set you picked out! I love it!

Tabitha said...

Great photos ~ I love the belly shots!
I think that crib and the bedding are just perfect ~ I am so excited to see the finished nursery.
Pleased to hear that you are ok and that you are half way there!
Take care ~ love and hugs Tabitha XX

April in CT said...

You look GORGEOUS!

The progress on that room is amazing! Go Daryl!

The crib and bedding is just adorable. I'm so excited for you guys! :)

Cathy said...

Love the belly shots :)

The crib and bedding a beautiful. I can already tell that the nursrey is going to be gorgeous! Have fun finishin the room.... I mean hubby finishing the room!

Kat said...

Look at that baby belly! YAY!!! :)

I LOVE the crib and the bedding you picked out. So sweet! And way to go Big D! He is a fast worker!

Poltzie said...

Oh April, you are still so tiny (and so cute)! My belly popped out at 12 weeks haha!
I love the crib and the bedding. THe colours are great! Hunter is going to look so cute in there :)
Good work D, isn't it great to have a handy hubby!!

Melissa said...

It's all starting to come togther, huh? Looks like your going to have a big boy there, mom!

The crib and the bedding is adorable!

Sarah R said...

Aw, you look SO cute!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Wow you *did* pop! And you are positively glowing. You look so happy. =) I love the crib & bedding.

Stephanie said...

Oh..I love the belly,the bed, and the bedding!!!
How cute!
Big D is flying through that room! I cant wait to see the final product!
Happy 20 exciting!!!

Peeveme said...

Congrats on hitting to 20 week milestone. It's pretty awesome to thin we are half-way there.

Also, great work on the room. Wow, that's so much work!

Robyn said...

You did pop in the great baby belly way.

Flea said...

Hoorah! That room's looking great! So are you! You're so PREGGERS!

Sarah said...

Daaaaaamn! He is a monster! Things are coming along quickly. For both of you. ;)

You look great April!

Morgan said...

You look sooo cute April, look at you girl!!

Daryl is doing so good on the nursery and I LOVE the crib you's the EXACT same one as Mason's except we ordered his in the darkest wood.

Krystyn said...

Looking good all around...belly, room and crib and bedding.

Kel said...

Yes, the belly will sneak up on you, but you look great! :)

Trannyhead said...

What a cute crib set - I love it!

The Mama said...

Love the nursery theme.. and you look so cute pregnant. I love pregnant bellies :( I want another now, more and more.

Rachel said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bedding. Can't wait to see the nursery all finished!

Jaina said...

You look fabulous! I'm LOVING the nursery!! Can't wait to see the finished product. That bedding and crib are SOOOOOOOO cute!