Sunday, March 01, 2009

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17 weeks: Our baby Cashew

Your Baby This Coming Week

Your baby weighs about 5.25 ounces (150g) and now measures 5 to 5.6 inches (12.5 to 14cm) from crown to rump. He is practicing breathing by gulping amniotic fluid into its lungs. This helps the lung's development so they will function at birth. Your baby may also be sucking his thumb.
Meconium is present in your baby's bowels. There is hair present on your baby's scalp and sweat glands are developing.

Your baby is becoming more sensitive to the outside world and is moving around, kicking and punching. As there is still plenty of space in your uterus, your baby can move around a lot, sitting cross-legged, reclining or even turning somersaults!

He can probably hear by now as the ossicles (the bones that pass sound to the inner ear) have hardened and the portion of the brain that receives signals from the brain is under development. Your baby is getting used to the sound of your heartbeat and blood passing through the umbilical cord, but may be startled by loud noises. Your baby is aware of some things in the outside world, including sounds and light. If you let the sun shine on your belly, your baby may be able to perceive a warm red glow.


remember moments said...

Cool post! Where are you finding this info? While I read about my baby's development in utero, not sure it was so clear and consise. I love the part about the sunshine!!

Chele76 said...

I voted, I voted!

Sarah R said...

I need to see belly pics to guess!


nancy said...

(i never read these types of posts, ut I did guess you will be having a girl!)

Sarah said...

I voted. But I agree with Sarah R, I need a belly pic to be certain.

Poltzie said...

Yes, why is there such a lack of belly pics - people wanna see the mama belly :)))
One week until your US - sited?

April said...

I promise to post belly pics soon! I was waiting till there was actually something TO show you, other than my flab. LOL Last night when we went to a friend's for dinner everyone was talking about my belly starting to show so I guess now I'll post a shot this week!

Oh and I belong to a website called Fertility Friend (and now the version called Pregnancy Friend) and that's where I get these weekly updates. Love this site!

Morgan said...

I agree with everyone else...we want belly..we want belly..we want belly! :)

I voted BOY for sure!!

Stephanie said...

I voted for a GIRL! But I am ALWAYS wrong (you can always count on that - it's really like 99.6% times I've been wrong). So most likely it's a boy :)