Thursday, March 12, 2009

Well, it has begun.

Big D has begun working on the nursery!

It is going to be a long and painful process though. First and foremost, he wanted to take down wallpaper that had been painted over (when I moved into this house, the walls were painted a horrible blue color with black trim. I painted over that, but always noticed weird patterns on the walls of bumps and dips and lines. And being a novice painter at the time, I did not bother sanding the walls one iota). Big D was the one who pointed out to me that they must have have painted over wall paper.

Sure enough, one day we started peeling back the paint past my green color, past the previous owners blue, to a blue striped wallpaper underneath. Lovely.

So the other night, Daryl began the horrible and arduous process of trying to tear it down. In about 2 hours worth of blood, sweat and tears, he'd only managed to do a small section of wall AND I heard a foul word erupt from the nursery, followed by:

"These assholes wallpapered over MORE wallpaper!"

Finally we came to the conclusion together, that his best bet would be to rip the walls down completely and just re-sheet rock them. Start with a clean slate. I am really digging that idea! And it means less stress for Big D (and time wasted) without having to worry about tearing down two layers of wallpaper and doing a major sanding job on each wall. Blech.

While I would LOVE to share pictures of the very beginning of this process, I could not locate anywhere--in our mess of a kitchen (remember, we're still in the remodeling process there as well!)--the stinkin' cord to upload the photos from the camera. Boo. So you'll have to wait a bit for picture proof.

But, anyway, the other issue is that part of the hardwood flooring in the nursery had buckled due to a leaky a/c unit last year. We were unsure up until yesterday of how we were going to rectify it. But then Daryl's friend J pointed out that if ever was a time to refinish the floors (we have been dying to refinish the hardwood floors in both bedrooms but with a houseful of animals and two full time work schedules, it was something we were resigned to put off) that now would be a good time to refinish the floor in the nursery, at least. Hmmmm, very good point! The room will be empty (after we get a dresser out of it, and some other random "junk") and it would be convenient to do at that time. My only concern, of course, is even with the room closed off, I wonder if the smell will be too much for both ME and also our kitties and dogs. So, something to ponder and hopefully ask around about.

So, with all that said, we haven't gotten to the "fun part" yet of picking out paint chip colors.

To be honest, we haven't even figured out what bedding we want so I guess we need to get on that, then figure out what color(s) to paint.
The only thing we've looked at so far is cribs...and I have a roundabout idea of what style and color crib we like. What's nice is we both agree on the deeper, warmer darker tones of wood.

And we've been looking at the convertible cribs (that go from a crib, to a toddler bed and finally into a full size bed). We're not set in stone on this, but it's definitely something we both like.

But enough about cribs, back to the room! Basically, it's a mess right now. And there is lots and lots to do. I will do my best to get as much done as I can, but when it comes to dust, and paint fumes, and random particles floating around in the air--I will most likely be in my favorite spot. On the living room couch, with a book or magazine in hand, cheering on my hard-working man. (And ogling his muscles as he works--yah, baby. There is nothing hotter to me than a man who can do manual labor. Must. Go. Take. Cold. Shower. Now.)

Poor Big D has his work cut out for him!


RCRambling said...

Due to a glitch during the build of our home, our hardwood floors (kitchen & dining area) ended up with several deep scratches in the finish.

Since our general contractor is awesome, he of hauled the flooring guy back in, and let him know he would be refinishing the floors at no cost to us. We were advised to wait until the weather was cool, and we could keep the windows open - which ended up being when I was pregnant.

Per my doctor's orders, and after talking to the flooring guy, we were advised to be out of the house for 24 hours after the floors were done - cat included. Thankfully, my parents have an RV, which we borrowed, and lived in for the night, in our driveway.

This allowed us to keep the windows open on our house all night (didn't feel like we were leaving our house unattended and open), and we turned it into a bit of a camping experience. Have any friends with an RV? A pop-up camper? A tent? :-)

the cubicle's backporch said...

You're going to end up with a whole new house by the time the baby is born!!!

Really, you're lucky to have friends with renovation experience who can make helpful suggestions!!

Kel said...

Oh I do not envy you...Good luck!

Heidi Renée said...

What a project! But it will be so worth it to have everything spruced up pre-baby.

Melissa said...

We have a crib like the third one...but in very light wood. I guess I need to get rid of it one of these days.

I can't believe how much you guys are's going to be like a whole new house when Big D is done!

Kat said...

I LOVE it when guys are doing hard, physical labor. I think it is so sexy. I can't tell you what it does to me when Todd is chopping wood up north at the cabin. Whew!

Anyway, my advice is this. When I was pregnant with baby number one (boy) I figured I would go with neutral colors so that we could use the baby bedding for the next child even if baby was a girl. Well, as you know, I have three boys. And I always kind of regreted not making the baby room really boyish. I have seen so many cute safari rooms and blue polka dot rooms that I wish I would have done something like that. I think I would have liked the room a lot more that way. Plus if you go from having a boy to having a girl you are gonna want to change up the nursery anyway. ;)

Laura B. said...

Oh my! I'm glad we only had to contend with a wallpaper border. You guys are going to have a beautiful house and nursery when you're done though!

We're getting ready to start re-doing our kitchen too. We have been talking about taking down the wallpaper in there and painting for a while and decided we need to do it before the baby comes.

Is this nesting??? ;-)

Stephanie said...

Wow..what a pain in the butt!! I cant wait to see the final product though..I'm sure its going to look awesome in the end!!
I love all the beds too!!

Krystyn said...

Your house is getting a pre-baby facelift, isn't it?

Fun times ahead!

Tabitha said...

I love those cribs ~ the dark wood is wonderful!
Looking forward to seeing the finished nursery.
Love and hugs Tabitha XXXX

Anonymous said...

Into the blue collar hunks, huh??? Your too funny. Good luck with all of that Big D! I don't envy you. But I can't wait to see what you pick out!

Anonymous said...

yeah, so everybody at the hospital keeps asking if I have things set up for the girls. Uh, I have a place for them to sleep. what else do I need? even if we were at home, we would have bought a crib. and I guess a real dresser, not the cardboard college ones we have. and perhaps a changing table. but paint and trim and such. . .more power to ya, girl!

Sarah said...

Ooofa, sounds like a lot of work. I love doing stuff like that! Especially the deconstruction part. Its a stress reliever. Where do you live again? I'll come help Big D. I may not know what I'm doing in some areas, but I'm strong, and I follow directions(usually!) lol

Cant wait to see before and after pics!

April said...

Ha ha, Sarah, we're in Meriden...he'd love the help! I feel like such a slacker cuz there is not much I can do to help right now...he keeps the door shut in there while he's working (windows open) cuz the dust starts flying! I feel bad he has to do all the work!

PixieDust said...

Good luck with the hard work, sounds hectic! Ooh.. love the cribs... :)

Morgan said...

Ok let me give you some advice..
Go for the convertible crib!! That's what we got Mason and it is going to save you so much money in the long run it's not even funny! Sure, they are little more on the expensive side...but in the long run you will save..and when you have a child saving is the key! LOL!

I love the dark wood cribs also, Mason's is dark cherry wood and I love it! I'm good at picking paint colors and all that so let us know when you pick out the bedding! If you email me with your email I can send you some cute ones!!

Jewels said...

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Jewels (empty nesting)

The Captain's Wife said...

We did Kira's floor while I was preg. T did it himself. He used water based sealent (sp?) instead of oil based. This was MUCH less on the fumes and was what the flooring place recommended because I was preggo.

We have a cat too. Both He and I remained in the home during renovations, but did keep the windows in the room open for several hours a day, along with a fan going.

We did our floors in Oct, so it was pretty chilly around here...I would think if you could put off the floors until late April, you should be good...

Flea said...

Big D's gonna have a great time. Speaking as one who attempted to remove two layers on ancient wallpaper, the new sheetrock idea's a good one. Have fun, D!