Wednesday, April 01, 2009

How I spent my night between 6:45-11:00 p.m. last night:

1. Making dinner (as soon as I got home from work) for me, Big D and my mom who came over to watch a movie with us.

2. Cleaning up endless piles of watery, and sometimes foamy, dog puke/bile (how can one 20-lb dog have so much IN her?? I'm talking oceans of it, people!). I lost track of how many times I was down on my hands and knees with paper towels (went through a whole roll) and Nature's Miracle.

3. Cleaning up the dinner dishes. ( i.e. dumping all the dirty dishes into the already-full sink to deal with another day).

4. Chasing after a puppy who doesn't always listen, trying to get him in his crate, only to have him jump up on the couch where he is not allowed, and then proceed to excitedly pee on said couch.

5. Cleaning puppy pee stains off of the damn couch.

6. Swearing at Daryl, who got annoyed that I had an "attitude" (hmmm...go figure? LOL) and slammed himself into the bedroom to watch TV, alone.

6. Yelling to my mom (who had so graciously paused the movie during my many puke-cleaning-runs to the kitchen, where I had Daisy segregated) to "Just play the damn movie! I'm not going to be able to see it anyway, at this rate!". But what a good mom, she waited for me anyway.

7. Inhaling large quantities of salty, buttery popcorn after believing I was way too full from dinner to eat another bite. And getting the first damn kernel wedged uncomfortably deep within my tooth and gums.

8. Sobbing hysterically on the couch as we watched the end of Marley and Me, while black-mascara tear tracks zig-zagged down my face. (I cried just as much while reading the book, too!)

9. Crawling into bed, realizing I am not even tired and watching the stupidest shows ever known to man (i.e. Keeping up with the Kardashians...why??) while Hunter danced an insane tango in my belly at 11:00 p.m. at night. And wondering, "How the hell am I going to sleep through that?" but yet smiling to myself anyway.

10. Listening to the chain-saw sounds of Daryl snoring and trying to pry the blankets out from underneath his dead-sleepy weight. Finally saying, "F*ck it!" and waking his ass up to move off the blankets, so I wouldn't be cold during the night.

11. And despite all of that (or maybe becuz of!) actually getting a full night's sleep (minus only 2 pee breaks).

And it's only Wednesday....


Stephanie said...

Oh are getting a little taste of "life w/ a newborn"! lol
Hope you feel rested today and have a better night tonight!
I loved Marley and me...cried my eyes out at the theater!

3 Peas in a Pod said...

You had a busy night girl!! I'm so glad you got a good night's sleep in spite of it all.

I hope Daisy is feeling better. Poor thing. Poor Mommy too!!

Much love from NJ,

Flea said...

Whew! Make me tired already!

Tendrils said...

LOL this cracked me up! You're going to be an awesome mommy!

Morgan said...

Damn you wore me out just reading about your evening lastnight!! LOL! We rented Marley and Me and Seven Pounds lastnight, we are going to watch Marley and Me tonight but everyone keeps telling me it's a tear jerker! I just know the dog dies if everyone cries at the end...BOOOO!! :(

remember moments said...

That was a busy night, huh?

And, yes you wouldn't believe all the wierdos who have appeared on my blog now - a lot of rude comments to today's post of course, I rejected quite a few. People are idiots.

bekah said...

Ugh what a night! sheesh! At least you got some sleep!!

Krystyn said...

Here's to a better Thursday!

Jaina said...

Lol, I hope your weekend is good!

Anonymous said...

Me and your #3 have become really well acquainted as of late. Dishes suck.