Tuesday, April 07, 2009

My little Ninja is definitely getting stronger every day.

Yesterday as I sat hunched over my desk, writing something down on a piece of paper, I felt a simultaneous (roundhouse kick? Maybe I have a future UFC fighter on my hands? LOL) kick to the upper belly and a punch to the lower belly that made me bolt upright in my chair and burst out with a surprised "Oh!!"

Then I couldn't help but laugh out loud. I think Hunter must not like when his Mommy is sitting all hunched over, cuz he always seems to smack me around till I straighten up! Silly boy.

And now I just have to brag a little bit about our Fidelco foster puppy, Timber! If you remember, he had a special walk in West Hartford a couple of weeks ago, where a trainer assessed him while Daryl and he walked. This was his first time being walked in such a busy area (for those of you who know West Hartford center, picture it on one of the most glorious spring days we've had so far! It was PACKED!).

I'm proud to say that Fidelco informed us that Timber did THE BEST out of his whole litter! He showed absolutely no fear whatsoever as joggers brushed by us, strollers wheeled bumpily along the sidewalk, little kids squealed and jumped, fire trucks raced by with sirens wailing as loud as can be and people walked all kinds of dogs, (very) large and small, some barking.

Timber was so focused on Daryl and his commands (and his treats, of course!) that he barely glanced around him at some of the people going by. I really think that when his red vest and his Gentle Leader go on, that Timber knows it's "time to work".

He's definitely still young and STILL an easily distracted puppy, but I can see his potential as a future guide dog and it makes me so happy!

I am impressed! As time goes by, I grow more and more attached to this dog (although I have to admit, Daryls' attachment waaaaaay surpasses mine...I think I have kept it in the back of my head since the very beginning that "he is not my dog. We will have to give him back after a year." and that has helped me not to bond with him as I normally would with my own puppy. But for Daryl? He was completely and 100% smitten from Day One). Now the thought of giving him back does bring tears to my eyes but at hte same time, I'm so excited about where he will be going in his life. The powerful change that this dog, who we will have raised for a year-ish by then, will have on the life of a blind person.

Timber will give someone his or her independence and possibly give them "their life back" and that gives me happy and pleased goosebumps. So despite all thefrustrated tears (just my own! LOL) and pee stains on the carpet and chewed up items in the house and smelly raw food diet that we have to feed him--I know it is all worth it in the end! :-)


Flea said...

So cool. And before you know it, a little Cashew will be filling your lives more than you can imagine.

PixieDust said...

Wow, I don't think I would be able to give the puppy back again! I am not allowed to have dogs at the moment, but I will do anything to have one. :)

MarciaBrady said...

Awww...sounds like your little guy is trying to boss you around right now! haha

Robyn said...

That is why I couldn't do it. Yay Timber for being great!

Emily Jean said...

Congrats on your little one on the way! I have a 2 month old and it's so wonderful!! Enjoy these pregnancy moments! I didn't realize how much I would miss them!!

the cubicle's backporch said...

You need a bumper sticker that says "My dog is better than your dog". hee hee.

You're awesome for being able to raise a dog and give him up. I really don't know if I could do it!!

Kel said...

I will admit, being pregnant is was not my most favorite time...but feeling the baby move is by far the best thing I've ever felt!

Stephanie said...

Enjoy those kicks. I didn't feel much of the punches and kicks, just lots of wiggling. I guess space was a little too tight with 2in there. :)

I think it is great that you and Daryl are traing a guide dog. It takes a very special family yo do what you have chosen to do. Will you be kept informed about how he does after he leaves you, or how his fianl placement goes? I'd so want to know!

Anonymous said...

Good for Timber! How exciting. :)

And like I said before... I want to get a shirt that reads "future black belt... just like mommy" due to the random kicks and punches. Its weird but kinda fun!