Monday, May 04, 2009

26 weeks: Our baby Hunter

We're almost out of the second more week until the third tri!!

Your Baby This Coming Week

Your baby weighs more than 2 lbs (1000g), measures 9.6 inches from crown to rump (24cm) and its total length is about 15.3 inches (34cm). If your baby were born now, he would have about an 85% chance of surviving. Nonetheless, your baby still needs another 13 weeks of in utero development to be considered full term. (Hearing the statistic of him having an 85% chance of surviving if born right now, I find SO comforting! Not that I WANT him to come yet, so keep on cooking in there, little man!)

Your baby's eyes, no longer fused shut, are now open. (I often wonder what the world looks like to a baby in utero!)

Your baby's skin still has a very wrinkled appearance, but it is protected and nourished by the covering of vernix, a waxy coating that keeps the skin supple.

Your baby looks almost like a full term baby, but is still much thinner and smaller than he will be at birth. (Yay! Happy growing, little string bean!!)

My weekend was pretty much a bust.

Between a cold I've been fighting off (which I now think may be the "symptoms" continue to come and go) and a MEAN stomach ache (think debilitating, bend over as sharp shooting gas pains pierce your belly...THAT kind of stomach ache. I get them too often now if I overeat. Which I can't quite figure that out...I mean I only had--ahem--(almost a whole box of) macaroni and cheese. Go figure.), we ended up canceling almost all of our plans.

I did end up getting a good portion of cleaning done when it was only the "cold" holding me back, but yesterday during my tummy ache? I spent all day on the couch. No shower. PJ's all day. Feeling so blah and tired and worn out that I could just cry. But thankfully I didn't, once my belly started to feel better (around 5pm), Daryl tickled the heck out of me till my frown turned into an unwilling, but much needed, smile!!

And now it's Monday. Gloomy. Blah again. *SIGH*


Kat said...

Baby weighs two pounds already! That is so exciting! And yes. VERY comforting with the 85% chance of survival right now. Let's just hope they keep cooking. ;)
If your nose is stuffy all the time it could be attributed to the pregnancy and not a cold or allergies at all. My nose is stuffy EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. I wear Breath Right strips to bed and it clears it right up. And the symptom always disappears when I'm not pregnant. ???
Hope you are feeling all better. :)

the cubicle's backporch said...

With as go-go-go as you've been, you deserved a good do-nothing weekend!

3 Peas in a Pod said...

Luckily the "joys" of pregnancy are worth it in the end!! I feel bad for you as I know how that feels. Hearing that little Hunter has an 85% chance of survival if being born now is great odds. You're almost there April. It won't be long now. He'll be the best present you ever get...but you know this already though, don't you!! :-)

Much love from NJ,

Mrs. Kitty said...

Sorry about the tummy ache. That's certainly no fun. And I agree with Jen-Backporch, you deserved a do nothing weekend.

Birdee said...

It's hard to do nothing sometimes, but it's good for us. I hope your feeling better.
I cant believe we're almost to our 3rd trimester. HOLY COW!

Tabitha said...

Wow ~ where is the time going ~ it is flying by!!
Loving these updates ~ so glad that all is going ok.
Love and big hugs Tab XXX

Jaina said...

Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. I hope you feel better soon! Hope your Monday is a happy one too ;)

ALF said...

Hope you're feeling better! When you feel blue do you ever go and look at all the cute baby stuff you have? That seems like it might work as a perfect pick-me-up.

Poltzie said...

Yes, you totally deserve some rest it's just too bad you wern't able to enjoy it!
And woohoo to almost being in the second tri. Baby Hunter is going to be here in no time!!

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

I'm so glad everything is going great for you with this baby!!

Steph said...

Wow the time is going fast!Before you know it little Hunter will be here